We've Seen 7 Minutes of Star Wars: Battlefront Gameplay | IGN

After making do with concept art and snippets of 'in-engine' gameplay for the last couple of years, we've finally seen what DICE has done with Battlefront. And based on seven minutes of PS4 gameplay, it's clear what the mission has been: make the most faithful video game adaptation of the original trilogy to date.

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kiz26941065d ago

When is the trailer coming out? I dont wanna reaad I wanna see!

--Onilink--1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

10:30am PT is when the panel starts (in an hour basically)

kiz26941065d ago

Awesome thanks, u have a link for the panel if its being streamed? Cheers

venom061064d ago

The trailer was awesome... CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS GAME..

mikeslemonade1064d ago

Nice.. and EA decided not to double dip in last gen hardware(WiiU, PS3, 360, mobile).

Must buy!

sinjonezp1064d ago

Watched the trailer and must say I am Impressed if the visuals hold up on ps4 and xb1. My real concern is content . Been reading that it will only be four planets to start with and others will be released later. Will we see significant amounts of dlc? If we spend 60 dollars on a full priced video gamers... Should we not feel we should get a full priced experience? I can honestly start to see a trend of gamers playing the waiting game for buying games. Game devs release games and then we have a plethora of dlc but if u wait long enough they will release a game of the year, gold, etc edition of the game at a lower price. I see articles about mkX where some are saying just wait. Or wait for a used version. I think companies do milk Us dry and it sucks. It makes us change our spending habits. I just hope for my 60 dollars we get a awesome experienced worth the price of admission.

R6ex1064d ago

Until I see the actual gameplay (not in-engine trailer) will I decide to Pre-Order.

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Crazyglues1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

@ kiz2694

oh ok Rute already hooked you up... just follow that link...

TAURUS-5551064d ago

FPV, TPV....they blew my mind with this.

and we can also fight as jedis ?...oh my god this is gonna be the best shooter ever

hiredhelp1064d ago

Yoda sais The force is strong with Sony..

King-u-mad1064d ago

i really hope they keep 3rd person. if it's purely a fps it will be a total let down for me.

kraenk121064d ago

it was already stated both options are possible.

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Nekroo911065d ago

PS4 gameplay?! That's surprising usually Dice shows pc footage when they show a game to public for the first time.

OUROSMAG1065d ago

They've also claimed it looks the same across all platforms, and The rumor this morning is Sony has the marketing rights, similar to what they did with Destiny.

LonDonE1065d ago

LMAO thats too funny, so sony paid for marketing rights to star wars battlefront, yet the place where you will get to play the game first is xbox one via ea access? lol too funny

What an epic fail!!!
If i was sony i would demand it gets held back from ea access till launch!
Either way i am chuffed, i will download and play it first on my xbox one via ea access and then if i like it buy it on my ps4.

Highlife1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

Makes sense that Sony will be marketing this. Microsoft will be all over halo

MasterCornholio1064d ago

"yet the place where you will get to play the game first is xbox one via ea access?"

Unless the PS4 gets an exclusive beta or something similar.

SkippyPaccino1064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

Maybe this was part of the Sony Disney deal to bring Spider-Man back to the Avengers.

Just some left field speculation. Lol

its_JEFF1064d ago

Seems like a smart move and money well spent... attach one of the biggest names to your platform. All the ads leading up to the game will read as a PS4 game. Because of this deal Xbox might not even be allowed to advertise that you'll be able to play it first on EA Access, but who knows.

_-EDMIX-_1064d ago

"They've also claimed it looks the same across all platforms" Nope...what was said was the trailer released looks the same across all platforms, not that the whole game under all settings will look that way on all platforms.

That is not only nit picking, its taking what one is saying to some literal extreme. What ever the minimum GPU on PC is for this game is likely the level of detail for the console versions.

He likely was stating that is the minimum for ALL the versions.

Of course on PC it can look better with a better GPU, settings etc.

LonDonE1064d ago

Agreed, its most likely that there will be a beta for star wars battlefront and it will be on PS4 first or only on ps4.
Still i know if i paid for the sony ea deal for SWB i would not want the game first playable in complete code, meaning finished on my rivals platform.

I still think sony was dumb to say no to ea access, and should of given us the gamers the choice.
I dont see playstation now being a valid reason since ea access only offers current gen games and playstation now does not offer current gen games.

Man if ea added all the PS3/360 back catalogue of ea games then ea access would become a monstrous deal, i already feel its good value for money.
IF they added the PS3 and 360 catalogue then that would further hurt used games sales which would be better for the industry.

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NeverHeavyMan1065d ago

It may have to do with, and this is just a rumor, the fact that Sony has the marketing rights for it. In that case, it makes sense.

Thatguy-3101065d ago

Like everyone above me says this means Sony has the marketing rights. Kudos for them! Now bring a limited edition sku for holiday and this will have a stronger force than Destiny did last year. This generation Sony has been partnering with the right multiplatform games to widen their sale gap.

playstation4epic1065d ago

Marketing rights for Sony. So will probably sell a million consoles for Sony again like Destiny

DigitalRaptor1064d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

Yeah,,,, if Destiny sold a million (it would be more by now) consoles for Sony, I'd be very curious to know how a juggernaut franchise like Star Wars from the Battlefield devs will fare for their success this holiday season.

Marketing rights to a Star Wars game is a HUGE get, and I'm surprised Microsoft didn't put down the dollar for it. They have the Star Wars name, and pseudo-marketing in the words "BATTLEfront" and "DICE" on the box. Sony were smart to spend on this one.

Edit: I'm bewildered by all these disagrees, when only a couple of months ago, I was getting more agrees than disagrees for posting facts and logic. Nothing has changed on my part. It's absolutely utterly senseless.

The dude who I replied to said nothing any less or more antagonistic or fanboyish or less true or false than I did, yet I get more disagrees than agrees. Something's going on.

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Elit3Nick1065d ago

Stop torturing us like this, we want some damn gameplay NAOW!!!

JRobes1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

the entitlement and impatience is strong with this one

Elit3Nick1065d ago

Entitlement, no, impatience, very

Rute1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

Impatience leads to anger, anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering... Impatience is the path to the dark side, young padawan Elit3Nick.

Dabigsiebowski1065d ago

Quit with the horrible Yoda talk, you are ruining our memory of him.

garrettbobbyferguson1065d ago

"I want to see gameplay footage so I can give you money!"

"God, stop being so entitled!"

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Rute1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

The trailer releases in 45 minutes...

Enyxodin1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

In the article they mention four locations: Endor, hoth, tatooine and sullust...does this mean it will only be 4 maps at launch??😕 and they also mention up to 40 players...wasnt it going to be up to 64 players in a server?

--Onilink--1065d ago

i doubt it will be just 4 maps. Probably 2+ maps per planet. I dont recall they ever mentioned player count before. I dont mind if its 40, just adding more players doesnt necessarily make it better, its all in the balance.

garrettbobbyferguson1065d ago

As long as they allow custom servers/matches on PC. A lot of us still play in massive 100+ battles.

isa_scout1065d ago

As much as I love BF4 I'm so happy to see that it's nothing like a Battlefield game. I know people are complaining about certain aspects, but honestly did any of us play Battlefront for the campaign? As far as the four locations thing I don't think that will be a problem. They'll probably treat it the same as BF and have a few huge maps with a bunch of smaller maps based on the same four locations. All I need to know is will there be bots? Twenty players with say 10 in various vehicles on each team seems kinda barren if the maps are half the size of a BF4 conquest map.... There NEEDS to be bots.