Star Wars: Battlefront – Release Date Already Pushed Back?

According to some very recent rumors, it now looks like a more likely release time-frame for the much awaited title is late 2015/early 2016

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christian hour1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

This is good news (if true), the last thing I want to happen to this title is for EA to push it out the door unfinished in typical EA fashion

bmf73641625d ago

Well the reasoning behind it really is that EA wants it to release around Ep.VII's opening day so more buzz is stirred for the game. Really, it's Harrison Ford's injury that would've delayed Battlefront.

Perjoss1625d ago

Watch your mouth kid or you'll find yourself floating home.

Randostar1625d ago

Good job kid, but don't get penisy.

guitarded771625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )


NO, NO, NO, NO... We've waited SOOOO LONG. I was one of the faithful from the LA forums that followed every rumor, every leak, every disappointment. I F#@KING NEED BATTLEFRONT ASAP!!! This is more than a game for me (and of course it's all about me).

The game is said to center around the original trilogy, so releasing with the movie shouldn't matter. Just give me my SWBF before I grow any older :/

bmf73641624d ago

@guitarded Haven't you seen the E3 2014 Preview? They are still in the early concept stages...

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KnightRobby1625d ago

I am a bit confused. The article mentions rumors only by stated "According to some very recent rumors" but I do not see their source or them quoting the actual rumor.

Anyone find the source of the rumor, because I can't. The only way this would be credible is if Episode VII was delayed, which they have stated recently it is still on track (even with Harrison Ford's broken leg).

If Episode VII comes out December 18th 2015, that will be the same time frame for Battlefront, which is already late 2015.

CyrusLemont1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

I'm so worried about this being some micro-transaction fest with 20 different editions, a stormtrooper premium sub where you get all the maps that should be there originally. As well as different guns only available to certain editions.

F**k EA if they do any of that.

T2X1625d ago

Oh they certainly will do ALL of that and most likely then some! LOL!

Gamer19821625d ago

how can you push back a release date that hasnt actually been set?? Stupid phishing for hits article..

IcedOmega131625d ago

possibly referring to internal finish dates, they have those ya know.

abstractel1625d ago

Tired of this "delays are good news" angle. It gets developer's off the hook for not planning a proper schedule. Once in a while, fine, but it's so regular these days that I don't give other developers a free pass anymore.

In this case there's no release date announced so technically it can't be delayed but please stop with the "I'm glad it's delayed" bs.

showtimefolks1625d ago

if you want the game around when movie comes out it won't be very good. WE have to remember that EA just got the License not that long ago

I rather wait for a game even if its fall 2016 to be great, than release it in 2015 in a okay stage.

Take your time and do it right

TBONEJF1625d ago

I blame DISNEY for buying the STAR WARS franchise most games are either cancelled or push back

Joey_Leone1624d ago

S0 yuo wuld rather wate? LOL

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LOL_WUT1626d ago

I hope it releases next year at the latest if not they would've been better off not showing anything. ;)

OpieWinston1626d ago

No they wouldn't have.

They're better off releasing the game in 2016 alongside Star Wars Episode 7.

Maninja1625d ago

Episode 7 comes out on December 18, 2015.

Perjoss1625d ago

I think there will be plenty of hype flying around when the first Episode VII trailer or teaser lands, I think that would be a great time to launch Battlefront. Damn I remember how totally obsessed when the first episode I teaser dropped, granted the film was garbage but nobody can deny that the trailer itself was brilliant.

millerj27401625d ago

What did they show really? A couple conceptual rendered stills... was I the only one extremely disappointed by the lack of substance surrounding this game at e3?

Manubiggs1624d ago

Based on that I seriously doubt it's a 2015 game. They are still at the concept art stage.

iamnsuperman1626d ago

Well this might be a really good thing. What I don't want is:

1. a broken game
2. A battlefield game in a star wars skin (this is extremely important and Hardline hasn't giving my much confidence)

christian hour1626d ago

These are my exact two worries, I still remember the day I heard pandemic studios closed down and some of the companys former employees leaked a bunch of videos of inhouse builds of Battlefront 3, was a sad day for all gamers, and after years of thinking i'd never see another title in the series, I don't think I'm ready to fully get my hopes up yet that DICE will deliver.

The recent behind the scenes video did restore soem faith, but I'm still not ready to hold my breath yet.

dcj05241625d ago

DICE is like the one of the best developers when OT comes to open warfare. The only blunders they've made is battlefield 4 launch and some balancing issues in battlefield 3. Their pinball and racing games are good and BFV-BC2 Were near perfect. People give em a bad wrap.

iamnsuperman1625d ago


Battlefield 3 was a mess on consoles even months down the line. It is the main reason I didn't go for battlefield 4 and by the sounds of it I was right not to. Dice has lost that "best developer" credibility because their as two games have not only been poor but filled with bugs that don't get fixed

christian hour1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )


I probably should have clarrified, I have full faith in DICE as a developer, I just don't have faith in EA as a publisher to not push a broken game out to stores. In fact I think I remember DICE devs themselves tweeting about bf4, something along the lines of "we're sorry it has so many problems, EA forced our hand to launch" or something like that.

T2X1625d ago

I have faith that they will probably do an incredible job on this. Tech has advanced a long way since the last SWBF game. It looks amazing even at this stage in the development. I can't wait. If it is as good as I hope, I will even shell out for the expensive collectors edition.

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60FramesPerSecond1626d ago

I thought they would push it back to release the game around the time of the movie, which may be delayed.

HollowedSoul141625d ago

the potential for this game to be epic is huge....Cant wait to play this game on pc and ps4...

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