From Naughty Dog to BioWare, Here’s How Prominent Developers Reacted to Star Wars: Battlefront

Today Star Wars: Battlefront was finally unveiled, causing the usual storm of discussion among fans, but what about those that actually make the games you play? Are they impressed or underwhelmed?

Here are their reactions.

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Relientk77859d ago

The developers seem pretty happy with it

mikeslemonade859d ago

ND and BioW are the top two developers in gaming industry currently

JoySticksFTW858d ago

I'd say ND and From, but I get what you're saying.

starchild859d ago

This game is going to look fantastic, mark my words.

This game is using an enhanced version of the Frostbite engine with physically based rendering and photogrametry, and is not being held back by last gen consoles.

The visuals in the trailer are definitely not pre-rendered CGI. As amazing as the graphics are, they are certainly achievable on current hardware. Not the cinematic camera angles and animations, of course, but certainly the general quality of the assets.. lighting, effects, etc. can be present during gameplay.

midnight_23859d ago

I hope so. pc players with super powered PCs are going to get the closest to what we saw in that in-engine footage. I would be astonished if battlefront on Xbox one or ps4 looked close to that good. It looks very photo-realistic in that trailer, and that photo realism just isn't something that video gaming graphics in general has achieved yet. Getting close though.

NuggetsOfGod859d ago (Edited 859d ago )

It's being held back by current gen consoles though lol

99.8% of console games are 30fps just have next gen graphics no?

I know all lies!

Console like optimization + HBM + open platform is the future.

Wonder if ps4 will run frostbite at 1080p on tge 3rd attempt.

Good luck.

Swiftfox859d ago

A child could tell this game is going to look the part of a AAA game. The real concerns rest in the stagnant creativity of the developer and the sheer greed of the publisher. The identity of the franchise has been stripped clean to make way for the washed out, over done formula of the modern FPS. The game will be Battlefield 4 painted Star Wars--it will be bare-bones featureless, potentially riddled with bugs, and contain an extensive DLC system which pollutes and segregates the player base.

This is EA doing what it does best: Cashing in on a movie franchise with a licensed tie-in product without passion or remorse.

As a graphical engineer I might give fair praise for visuals. As a game designer and person of creative integrity--I pity it. I pity it and every person of talent forced to participate in its creation.

krypt1983859d ago

@Swiftfox dice are great developers some of the best when it comes to fps online, keep trolling and say bf4 didn't work online like people say when truth is that game has worked since day one yea there was some issues but the game has always been playable, i guarantee you bf4 has more active concurrent members then anything you like hence the reason battlefront will be amazing period....

Utalkin2me859d ago


Ummmmmm, BF4 still doesn't work properly to this date.

subtenko859d ago

Why not the camera angles and animations? Can anyone explain this?

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It's beautiful, no doubt, but its gonna be buggy as hell. Full of flies and roaches......its dice we're talkin about here folks!

T2X859d ago

I don't know what you guys are whining about. The game has always run well for me. Hey, Utalkintome, It actually does work just fine, and Swiftfox sounds like an Ubernerd witha complex. Relax it's just a game.

frostypants858d ago

Don't worry. Based on their track record, Battlefront will be bug-free by 2019.

Sir_Simba859d ago

I really wish Naughtydog would make a star wars game.

opoikl859d ago

I really wish Naughty Dog would make a mature space-themed game à la Moon or Interstellar, with audio that could challenge Gravity. Make it happen!

Dirtnapstor859d ago

Savage Starlight! Cross your fingers!

MonsterChef859d ago

Seeing that comic in the last of us have me hope that naught dog would be up for a challenge if making an epic sci fi opra of a game

_-EDMIX-_859d ago

I'm not really sure that will happen, I don't see Sony winning the bid for the Star Wars license in the next few years and I don't see Disney handing it to a developer for a single platform, but who knows. They may the next time around have some clauses that let them open some deals to other publishers.

For right now for some unknown years, EA is running that license.

krypt1983859d ago

naughty dog are great developers but they are not gods like you guys praise them, look at tlou orignal reveal video then compare it to the finished product, tlou was a amazing game but had glaring ai problems, uncharted 2 was amazing 3 was trash and 1 was good and the multiplayer was shit on all uncharted but actually decent on tlou until they added dlc weapons, you guys want to bitch about dlc go bitch about tlou cause there dlc is pathetic you have to pay for new executions and taunts lol...

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Abriael859d ago

well, we're KINDA getting one :D Amy Hennig is doing it. It's not Naughty Dog, but it's a fair bit of ucnharted going into that game.

_-EDMIX-_859d ago

She's doing the Star Wars game at Visceral (the one we all wished was 1313 until it was revealed it would take place during the new Star Wars era)

frostypants858d ago (Edited 858d ago )

Her work on Uncharted 3 was pretty bad. It's no coincidence that TLOU was a return to form for Naughty Dog, and was made without her.

SpinalRemains138859d ago

Omg the other pubs would pay them to never do it again because it would be too kickass to ever compete with.

Dude, that would quite possibly kick every other SW game to the curb.

Rookie_Monster859d ago (Edited 859d ago )

And have Uncharted 4 delay even further due to shifting resources to another game? No thanks.
They need to concentrate all their effort in making sure uncharted 4 is perfect.

annoyedgamer859d ago

It wont happen EA owns the rights to Star Wars games.

Sir_Simba859d ago (Edited 859d ago )

R u serious?
No other naughty dog game is coming before Uncharted 4.

-Foxtrot859d ago

Well they could always make a game inspired by Star Wars

Uncharted was inspired by Indiana Jones

The Last of Us by the Road, 28 Days, I Am Legend etc

So why not a game inspired by Star Wars

I'm waiting for them to do one based on James Bond though.

_-EDMIX-_859d ago

"Could" who is to say they are not currently doing that now? Its been confirmed that several EA studios are making Star Wars games.

extermin8or859d ago

see sony own film rights to bond and give out the game rights, dunno why they don't give them to naughty dog, i mean playing uncharted you can just feel they'd make an excellent bond game....

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Mithan859d ago

Haha what do they know! Game looks like ass too. It will be the biggest suck of the decade!

The_Infected859d ago

What are you referring to?

sander9702859d ago

"It will be the biggest suck of the decade!"

Dudebro90859d ago

They are excited about a skin of battlefield?

I expected a lot more from dice, but oh well.