An Impressive First Look At Star Wars: Battlefront | GameInformer

"The demo shows off the advancements of DICE's Frostbite engine, and clearly illustrates what players can expect when the game launches on November 17 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Here's what we saw."

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PANDAB1190d ago

A purchase this will be.

Snookies121190d ago

Any game that lets me play as Darth Vader... Well, that's awesome in my book. I played that opening mission of Force Unleashed quite a few times, lol.

supraking9511190d ago

That's why I bought Soul Calibur 4 lol Darth Vader!!

mikeslemonade1190d ago

I'm pretty much a Star Wars and Star Trek hater and I know George Lucas personally. However I am pleased by this trailer. Definitely will be GOTY year contender especially with the fan service.

Gantrfaxx1189d ago


GOTY for you. But not for everyone. :D

lipton1011189d ago

But this article though man, ugh. It's just a well written frame by frame description of the trailer... I want to see gameplay. And it's been a while since I've purchased a game at midnight, this might be the first in years. I cannot wait

crazychris41241190d ago

No space battles and 40 player max?? Is this a joke?

Neixus1190d ago

We get splitscreen, heroes and other highly requested stuff, but people still complain :/

crazychris41241190d ago

No space battles is like taking out conquest from battlefield. Its a key game mode and Dan favorite. But don't worry I'm sure it's going to be $15 dlc. 50% off premium edition for me.

TWB1190d ago

Is that true? At least that sounds awesome but no space battles is still kind of a bummer even though I didnt really play them that much.

Where did you hear that btw, I didnt have time to read the article.

Rare1190d ago

being that 64 player matches aren't even much fun, I'm guessing it's not a joke, and a welcome change.

32 and 44 player matches are much more competitive and fun in comparison to 64 player chaos.

I can only assume selfish map edging snipers or prepubescent kids will be disappointed with the more competitive player count?

TWB1190d ago

Agreed, I always played 32 players most of the time in BF4 (mostly for Rush and Obliteration) or sometimes 48 player conquest. There was like no maps that were really fun to play with 64 players.

The point of 64 players should not be to provide more action from every angle, it should enable more larger maps to be playable.

T2X1189d ago

I agree. Fewer is far more enjoyable. But, I was really looking forward to huge aerial dogfights in the stars! I hope they do release it as DLC I would buy every one. LOL!

iiorestesii1190d ago

No its not a joke. It's a scope.

SirBradders1190d ago

They have to start from somewhere it's a reboot they can't just bam in a load of stuff at once otherwise there is nothing to work towards just more to fix.

They know people want space battles i can almost be certain it will come.

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Artemidorus1190d ago

I'm all for the graphics looking great but lets be honest, consoles will get a downgrade in graphics and less features than the battlefields sub 1080p also.

I can also see this one being DLC all over with star wars as the theme.

Hope i'm proven wrong

Bytor1190d ago

That's the PS4 demo they are showing not PC.

Marked1190d ago

You have to be full of it. Those pics are clearly 4k or a very high level of anti-aliasing was applied.

You must have never seen the difference between PC and ps4.

Utalkin2me1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

No where has it said that the behind close doors demo was running on the PS4. I would be almost certain it would be a high end PC.

Highlife1190d ago

Who knows as this is ingame and not gameplay so things can be polished.

1nsomniac1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

Is everyone choosing to ignore the "In-Engine Footage" statement at the beginning of the trailer??

None of it is gameplay footage, PC or PS4, It's not going to look like this.

NiteX1190d ago


Hype blinds people to the truth.

starchild1190d ago


No, it won't look exactly that good, but you make it sound like it won't look anything like that at all, which is just nonsense.

The gameplay will have the same relationship to this in-engine trailer as we've seen in other games between their in-engine cinematics and gameplay. It's not going to look as polished or exciting as the trailer, but it won't look vastly different either.

Kleptic1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

The question remains on if its pre-rendered, or real time...

Frostbite, even in the past, has been fully capable of pre-rendering video using the in game assets (thats how they build the in game cutscenes for things like BF4, those aren't rendered in real time from the existing hardware...but they are rendered using the same assets the real time renderer uses, if that makes any sense)

pre-rendered or not, it does NOT make that big of a difference if they're forced to use the same in game assets...the only real benefit they get out of it is resolution and/or AA increases beyond what any existing platform could run at a stable frame-rate...that is assuming they're being completely transparent about what 'in game' means, and that there isn't some drastically more advanced lighting system, or particle effect system, in place for that video...

Take everything given so far...and consider who made it...and rest assured...DICE has a history of making incredible looking games...When they fumble, its not related to visuals...I have little doubt of the game creating multiple graphical benchmarks...i'm more worried about the rest of the game...

short answer: The game is going to look incredible, and not that far off that trailer...what we really should be worried about is what is being pieced together from the announcement page (only 4 'locations', no word on 'space battles', no word on single player, already talking about micro-transactions and early DLC access, albeit whats been announced so far is apparently free to all after a specific date...etc.)

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