Sony’s Star Wars: Battlefront PS4 Marketing Deal Might Have Forced Microsoft to Hide its Trailer

Yesterday’s reveal trailer of Star Wars: Battlefront proved beyond reasonable doubt that Sony has a pretty solid marketing deal with Electronic Arts to promote Star Wars: Battlefront as PS4 title first and foremost. This seems to have heavily influenced the way Microsoft is allowed to promote the game.

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Abash858d ago

Microsoft may have not been expecting EA to side with PlayStation for Star Wars: Battlefront

SpaceRanger858d ago

It's not necessarily siding, but think they already knew way in advance. A lot of licensing stuff goes on in the background between companies in terms of preparation for trailers like these to place logos.

Which is why I think they touted that it would be available to play first on the Xbox one on twitter before the reveal.

chrismichaels04858d ago (Edited 858d ago )

EA partnering with Sony on the Star Wars Battlefront marketing deal is a very surprising announcement. Either way, the trailer looked awesome. I cant wait to see more at E3.

It will probably be a similar deal to what Sony did with Destiny. Star Wars Battlefront will no doubt now show up on Sonys E3 stage and maybe even announce exclusive PS4 DLC or an early advanced PS4 beta.

Meanwhile, xbox fans will get to play the game a few days early thanks to EA access. Its a win/win for all gamers.

Kal0psia858d ago


As a EA Access memember I would find it very unfair for another console to have exclusive DLC content. It doesn't make any sense for paying members to be left out. In my opinion.

OUROSMAG858d ago

You gotta remember how marketing jargon works, Early access may allow subscribers to play the game early, but it doesn't mean that the marketing deal can't allow PS4 users to play it even sooner.

HammadTheBeast858d ago

Definitely won't have exclusive DLC on PS4, at most they'll have an early beta or a week earlier DLC. Most likely taking up stage time on Playstation E3 as well, or possibly their own conference.

Bdub2000858d ago

I'm hoping for a sweet PS4 bundle. Drooling...

mikeslemonade858d ago

Star Wars is more synonymous with Sony and PlayStation! Duhhh!

ocelot07858d ago

@chrismichaels04 Agreed but I doubt the PS4 will get exclusive DLC. Possibly timed but not exclusive. Will most likely see a limited edition PS4 console or at least a PS4 Starwars bundle like they did with Battlefield Hardline.

Early alpha access like they did with Hardline is a possibility.

pixelsword858d ago

Hmm... They have Gungan shields, but no Gungans.

SonyWarrior858d ago

of course EA will side with PlayStation. PlayStation sells more games look at EA's new battlefield game like 3x more sold on Playstation.

MazzingerZ858d ago

I wonder if this was the real reason for SONY pushing the release of U4 to early 2016?

Mr Pumblechook858d ago (Edited 858d ago )

The promotional partnership with Sony would probably be exclusive. So I suspect that Xbox One trailer was made by Microsoft by adding their logo at the front to remind people that it is also coming to XBO. Greenberg tweeted it but it could only have been done under the authorisation of Phil Spencer.

You've got to remember that Microsoft have a history with not respecting exclusive promotions partnerships of PlayStation, remember the Destiny stinks campaign?!

The strange thing is that Microsoft has exclusive promotional rights with games like Call of Duty, Dragon Age, FIFA Football, Evolve, The Witcher etc and you don't see Nintendo and Sony try any spoiler tactics with games they don't have the rights to.

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RocketScienceLvlStuf858d ago (Edited 858d ago )

This just show's how much things are turning. EA were behind Microsoft 100% before the consoles where revealed. They essentially bet on a dead duck. They must be full of regrets.

I remember when there was talk saying Star Wars battlefront would be an xbox exclusive. Now look. EA are favouring the PS4 with the game. They know how superior the PS4 is and how it is crushing xbone in sales.

Now they want a piece of it.


You are a fool if you believe Destiny sold more on xbone. The physical retail numbers don't tell the full story.

And if you seriously think that xbones game sales are as much as the PS4 you need to do a little more research. Even call of duty sold twice as much worldwide on PS4

n4rc858d ago

wow... ok there buddy.... i really hope you are trolling and not being serious..

sony paid for the marketing rights... just like other titles and just like microsoft has done...

EA didnt pick sony, sony bought the marketing rights to the game.

N0TaB0T858d ago

You're trying way too hard.

jrshankill858d ago

idiotic post of the day goes to you.

See "EA Access" then come back with something relevant.

God.. I hate fanboys

fanboysmackdown858d ago

And what about EA Access? This could really blow up in your fanboy face when this ends up on X1 before the PS4.

AsheXII858d ago

Eh no, EA was behind Sony with Battlefield 4 too. They toggle between franchises.

rainslacker858d ago

No one with common sense thought this game would be exclusive to Xbox...or any system for that matter. Disney, or anyone who picked up the IP, would have allowed that to happen. It's like expecting Madden to become an exclusive title. I would doubt that the contracts involved explicitly prohibit console exclusivity on the game or content. The IP is just too big to cut it off from any audience.

StrayaKNT858d ago

Awkward moment when no matter how much sony has payed them, xbox players get to play it a week earlier lmaooooooo wow
your post is something a 12 year old would right.

mozzie858d ago

the thing is, companies like EA are not fanboys. they don't choose sony or ms because they like one console better than the other. it's business, as simple as that. they also don't care about ps4 sales because everybody knows that games on xbox sell just as much, if not more in most cases. destiny sends it's regards.

marlinfan10858d ago

I can't believe this guy got marked as well said lol.

You're reading way too much into it. All you need to realize is money talks.

rocketpanda858d ago


You mean where MS had a promotion where you could choose a free game with purchase of the console, and that free game counted as a sale, where PS4 had bundled copies of Destiny and doesn't count as sales towards the game's sales. That was back in September.

As of now Destiny has about 4.6 million global sales on the ps4, and 2.5 million on the Xbox One. It only outsold on the 360 over the ps3 with 1.5 million and 1.3 million respectively.

So yeah, Destiny sends its regards.

OrangePowerz858d ago


The copies from the Destiny bundle are not counted by NPD and a huge amount of people bought the PS4 Destiny bundle. So yeah it didn't sell more on the X1 and not nearly as many either.

sAVAge_bEaST858d ago (Edited 858d ago )

BF (I know they are different, but it's DICE,and Not CoD) games have ALWAYS been more Popular on PS consoles..

It only makes Logical Sense, to go this route.

BallsEye858d ago

Dude, it's all about money, nothing else. Sony paid tons of money for that logo in the trailer that wasn't even ps4 footage (stated by the end of the trailer, ms had same trailer but without PLAYSTATION). You guys gotta stop digging for deeper meaning. It's just money, that's it.

redwin858d ago

Yeah yeah, MS is evil and Sony is a saint. But despite all the marketing I'm buying it for my Xbox like destiny. I bought the ps4 for the exclusives and The Order so far has made me regret that decision. So, greatness still awaits ( dam dangling carrot). bloodborn, I hear is good, but the 1886 stinger still there. But to be honest, between battlefront and the division I think I'll get the ladder.

DDOS-DelDaemonicOSes857d ago

Ever heard the story of the ugly duckling? Also, what do you think of the recent comment of the SWB\Frostbite technical dev wanting DX12 to be required for holiday 2016 games? I think devs all devoted to using DX12 means Sony may be a sitting duck that tastes great served with a side of that secret sauce.

OrangePowerz857d ago (Edited 857d ago )


I find it funny how much people overestimate the the impact of DX12 for consoles. It will have a big impact for PCs, but the impact on consoles will be minimal.

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3-4-5858d ago

* Disney & Lucas Films are involved with this game and also are in the movie industry.

* Microsoft is not in the movie industry.

* Sony is in the movie industry & games industry.

This is a business decision via connections from within the movie industry.

Anybody else see this ?

fr0sty858d ago

So, you're suggesting that Disney and Lucasfilm sided with a competitor in the film industry over someone who poses no threat to their films?