No More New Content Updates For Star Wars Battlefront

EA Not Releasing Any New Content Updates For Star Wars BattlefrontIt appears EA and DICE are busy working hard on the Star Wars Battlefront sequel coming out later this year.

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kingjames18457d ago

Looking forward to a Battlefront 2 along the lines of their release of Battlefield 1 with a full storymode and everything. Make this game complete and it will be a day 1 purchase. Fuck up and make it bare with content being in DLC and you will see no money from me.

Derceto457d ago

So the game is finally complete. Nice. Only took what..... a year and a half after it went on sale? Love that modern gaming.

uth11457d ago

You realize this is done on purpose to keep the userbase engaged, right?

annoyedgamer457d ago

You realize decades old games still have a userbase because the game is actually fun to play right? This is a way to make more money and to be lazy with development.

just-joe457d ago

Yeah, that some engaged players base , jackass.

pumpactionpimp457d ago


Lmao bf4 has more players. That's funny.

sevilha82457d ago

You know what used to keep a user base engaged....a full,fun and functional game....back in the 80's ,90's and yearly 2000's.

Sciurus_vulgaris457d ago

No, Battlefront's content dropped in a manner that allowed the game to sell of off the hype of the new Star Wars films. A single-player campaign was cut, to allow the game to release near The Force Awakens.

uth11457d ago

Decades old games are not multiplayer. Multiplayer games need to drip content so the userbase doesn't move onto the next game within a month like Battleborn.

And Battlefront is still active on PS4 at least. I never have trouble finding games

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JackBNimble457d ago

Serious question
But was the season pass worth the money, was the Dlc of any quality?

OB1Biker457d ago

Not the season pass, no. But select dlc depending on your tastes were worth it. IMO

Rhythmattic457d ago

Depends.. I waited and got everything for $40... What its worth really.

psuedo457d ago

@annoyedgamer yea thats usually with PC games though. Which is why PC is better just on counterstrike source I could......

Gun game, surf, jailbreak, zombies, hidden object game, and much much more i cant remember. Miss it very much. Same for team fortress 2. Tons of USER CREATED modes that flourish. Sadly on consoles we dont get this. Not the community, or the user created it is more or less to keep the tards around longer.....

Artemidorus457d ago

Make the season pass free.

Will definitely consider the sequel even though I dislike EA. Nothing more great than being Vader choking millennials.

kamper457d ago

Like that will ever happen

jmc8888457d ago

You mean like they did for BF4 and Hardline?

boomtube1987457d ago

Great a reskinned BF game every year.

game4funz457d ago

If it makes them money you know.
I have yet to buy the first one of course and have no intention of buying the second either unless they up their game and its something like the original battlefronts.

boomtube1987457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

@game4funz yes if it makes EA and DICE money its fine but if its COD it aint.

game4funz456d ago

Huh?? Im not sure what youre trying to say... its quite confusing. What assumptions are you making?

kamper457d ago

Can't wait. Hope for more single player content though.

alfcrippinjr457d ago

that a shame as star-wars is good its a really good game to play
and the new engine there using to make it realistic scene is amazing.

there is one thing best EA did for us gamer and people asked for it
and they gave it to us

they release the updated patch to play offline

have to thank EA on this one

hopefully ubi-soft will do the same with there games releases.

i look forward to the new star-wars hopefully it has a campaign this time around
as that what we gamer need

Kallisti457d ago

Sadly none of the dlc that came with the season pass is playable offline like in split screen multiplayer and with this news that they're done working on the game i guess we'll never get a patch to fix that.

alfcrippinjr457d ago

so the other game like x-wing can not play offline
that sucks did not know that

thank you

Kallisti457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

Edit: I don't have VR so haven't tried it but that VR mode was free with the base game (you don't need the season pass to download it for free) and as far as I can tell it's single player content so you shouldn't need to be online to play it once you've already downloaded it as far as I can tell

Didn't read your comment properly before I posted that but there is a mode you can play with the X-Wings offline after the updates if you go to Skirmishes and then choose Fighter Squadron but you can only play the base content and nothing from the season pass is available offline

kamper457d ago

What UBI-Soft game are you refering to?

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