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Gamebosh: Rise Of The Argonauts Review

1953d ago - Greek mythology has always been a great source of drama. There are tough heroes, wise kings, beau... | 1,2,12

Digital Battle: Rise of the Argonauts Review– Chatty But Still Some Fun

1983d ago - DB writes: "Greek mythology has always been a fertile source of inspiration for game designe... | 1,2,12

Thunderbolt: Rise of the Argonauts Review

1995d ago - It didn't have to be like this. The grand sweep of the Argonaut adventure reduced to lots of wand... | 1,2

XBox Gaming: Rise of the Argonauts Review

1999d ago - Xbox Gaming writes: "With the release of the movie 300 a while back it was proven that Greek... | 2

AATG: Rise Of The Argonauts Review

2009d ago - AATG: "Rise of the Argonauts For Sony PlayStation 3After playing Rise of the Argonauts... | 1

PCF: Rise of the Argonauts Review

2018d ago - PCF writes: "Forget the fleece, where's the bloody golden sheep? Greek myths are some o... | 12

EIE: Rise of the Argonauts Review

2019d ago - EIE: "This truly is the most boring game I have ever encountered; in the words of Homer... | 1,2

Evil Avatar: Rise of the Argonauts Review

2022d ago - Evil Avatar writes: "Alright, now that we've got that out of the way we can move along to th... | 1,2,12

x360a: Rise of the Argonauts Review

2025d ago - x360a writes: "Rise of the Argonauts walked a rocky road to its eventual release. After bein... | 2

GDN: Rise of the Argonauts Review

2026d ago - GDN writes: "In Rise of the Argonauts, you are placed into the shoes of Jason on his quest f... | 1,2,12

YARS Review: Rise of the Argonauts

2026d ago - These days, with lazy movie tie ins and sequels being the main stay for games, first impressions... | 1,2,12

Electronic Theatre In-depth Review: Rise of the Argonauts

2026d ago - Though gamers may be aware of the title, previous coverage has been somewhat misleading. Those im... | 1,2,12

GamersDigest: Rise of the Argonauts Review

2027d ago - GamersDigest writes; Thankfully, Rise of The Argonauts doesn't try to be "authentic&quo... | 1,2,12

XboxGameZone: Rise of the Argonauts Review

2029d ago - XboxGameZone writes: "Your sword glints in the sun as you approach the stone warriors before... | 2

Daily Joypad: Rise of the Argonauts Review

2031d ago - It is not often that Greek Mythology is used in games, but Daily Joypad can assure you that what... | 1,2,12

Tiscali: Rise of the Argonauts Review

2031d ago - ROTA tries very hard to try out new things, to combine the RPG and action genres, and it does a l... | 1,2,12

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PEOWW: Rise of the Argonauts Review

2031d ago - Rise of the Argonauts is a most enjoyable breath of fresh air for those that are open minded enou... | 1,2,12

PlayTM: Rise of the Argonauts Review

2036d ago - PlayTM writes: "The ancient Greece portrayed by mythology has to be one of the most natural... | 1,2,12

Nidzumi: Rise of the Argonauts Review: A Forgotten Opportunity

2037d ago - Nidzumi writes: "Rise of the Argonauts poses a bit of a quandary. It seems that it has a bit... | 1,2,12

BCGaming: Rise of the Argonauts Review

2037d ago - BCGaming writes: "This role playing/action game has strong combat and unique skill sets whil... | 1,2,12

Myth Games Review: Rise of The Argonauts

2038d ago - MG writes: "If you're a fan of long, deep RPGs of the Square Enix variety you'll probably be... | 1,2,12
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Rise of the Argonauts

Average Score 6.0 Reviews(117)
Release Dates
PC Release Dates
AU 2009
US 16 December 2008
EU Q1 2009
JP 06 February 2009
PS3 Release Dates
AU 15 December 2009
US 16 December 2008
JP 06 February 2009
EU 06 February 2009
Xbox 360 Release Dates
US 16 December 2008
AU 18 December 2008
EU 12 December 2008