GamePro: The 10 best HUDs in gaming

Heads-Up Displays, or HUDs, are a critical part of any game. Unfortunately, not all developers give their HUD design the priority they should.

Many games either clutter the screen with unwanted information or have a such a clumsy layout it's hard to see even basic information...say, how much health you have left.

Despite the overwhelming amount of faulty HUDs, some games have perfected this crucial aspect. Whether showing weakened health through a character's on screen animation, displaying available ammo on the weapon itself, or revealing available items by placing them visibly on the characters body, some inventive developers are working to change the way we interact with games. GamePro lists the 10 best HUDs in all of gaming... and three of the worst.

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riqued3890d ago

I thing MGS HUD is pretty good too.

I never played a R&C game before and the first time I played it I took a good amount of time to figure out where my health is. I didn't like it.

gamesblow3890d ago

R&C has one of the best huds around... Uncharted has the absolute best. Nothing at all. "ha" Uncharted is amazing, amazing, amazing.

MaximusPrime_3890d ago

yea i agreed. Uncharted has the best HUD

Xi3890d ago

i love the visor effect, how it curves along the helmet, the way the reticle changes with different guns and gun combos. Even the way it starts up.

TheIneffableBob3890d ago

I like Crysis' HUD. They didn't go the cheap route and just use bitmaps. They employed high-quality middleware HUD tech to create a vector HUD that scales well with pretty much every resolution, ensuring a smooth look.

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The story is too old to be commented.