Rise of the Argonauts Preview: Coming for PS3, 360 & PC

Loosely based on the Greek mythological hero, Jason of Iolcus, Rise of the Argonauts resurrects one of the world's most famous parables. Rather than following the popular myth beat for beat, however, the creative team has taken several liberties to tell the story they want to tell. Instead of Jason pursuing the Golden Fleece because of a plot to kill him by his evil uncle Pelias, for example, Jason now seeks the Fleece to restore the life of his dead bride who was murdered on their wedding day (no word yet as to who the bride is; be it Jay's first spouse Medea, his second wife Glauce, or a completely fictional woman created for the videogame).

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MK_Red4191d ago

I thought this was an RTS back when it was announced and Liquid is a RTS maker. The new game looks kinda like a mix of GOW and Untold Legends:DK.