'Persona 4' tops new RPG offerings I spent hundreds of hours this year immersed in role-playing games like "Fallout 3," "Fable II" and "Lost Odyssey." The genre is special to those of us who like our small-screen adventures to have a widescreen feel. I've saved the world from total annihilation too many times to count, and I'm always ready to rally another motley band of fighters and take on another megalomaniacal supervillain.

But what if you took the trappings of an RPG and applied them to a smaller-scale drama? That's the experiment Atlus has pursued with its ambitious, bizarre "Persona" series - and the results have earned the devotion of one of the most dedicated fan bases in gaming.

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rucky3638d ago

Clocked in 96 hours on my first play-through and playing it the second time. That's how sick this game is.

Gambit073638d ago

They should add Trophies to PS2 games :)

peedie163638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

I don't think its possible to add trophies to PS2 games

but I do wish sony would give these guys the funding to take Persona to the Nest Gen

Asurastrike3638d ago

I'm 17 hours in so far. Persona 4 is my GOTY '08.

Johnny Rotten3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

The story sounds cool, does it play on the PS3/60gb?

@Asurastrike below, that's cool for some reason I thought some of the new Ps2 games won't play. thanks!

Asurastrike3638d ago

Every PS2 game plays on the 60GB.

creeping judas3638d ago

I thought they took that feature out? I have a newer 40gb model, and I don't know if that is BC?

NaiNaiNai3638d ago

i went out and bought a ps2 last week cause i havent found any good RPGS out yet on current gen, so i picked up persona 3, and i have to say, i cant wait till i beat it so i can pick up 4. also i had a question, is xenosaga worth getting, and same for Shin Megami tensei: Devil summoner, and magna carta. cause im looking for some more RPGS.

wanderofys3637d ago

Xenosaga is good, but you're really going to have to get all 3 of them to enjoy the whole story. Also, the 2nd one has a pretty terrible battle system.

I played Devil Summoner to completion, but honestly, towards the end it started feeling like a chore. Also, it's short. The story is great, though.

Magna Carta is hailed by many, but personally I didn't enjoy it. Pacing was VERY slow, and the characters were hard to get into.