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Rise of the Argonauts: '300' Composer Tyler Bates Scores Game

From XboxOZ360:

"Codemasters today announced that the acclaimed film and TV composer, Tyler Bates, has signed on to score Rise of the Argonauts, an epic action/RPG in development by Liquid Entertainment and set to release Spring 2008. With more than forty film and television scores under his belt, Bates' most recent credits include the epic film '300' and Showtime's dark comedy 'Californication'. Rise of the Argonauts will the first video game to release with Bates' composition."

For more details and a link to listen to the score, hit read more: (PS2, PS3, Rise of the Argonauts, Wii, Xbox 360)
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power of Green  +   2547d ago
I missed the release of this game, Dam! ;)
power of Green  +   2547d ago
I didn't miss the release?.

My comment was PUN calm down.
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XboxOZ360  +   2547d ago
The more of I see of this game, the more I'm beginning to like it, and it's not released until Spring '08 mate, not exact date has been set . .so you still have time to walk around the floor waiting for it.
Lucreto  +   2547d ago
They delayed it.

I wanted this for Christmas:(
XboxOZ360  +   2547d ago
I'd rather any game be delayed if it means them working longer at it to make sure it's better.

God, we have a huge range of games to choose from already between now and the new year, any more and it's just overkill.

Meaning that any decent game will only get a short play period as ppl dump each one and run to the next, play that, dump it, run to th enext . . . personally I dislike how the current title release push is going. They need to be much more staggered and "controlled" with AAA titles especially.

Nt everyone has an expendable income the size of a Zurich Bank.
gaminoz  +   2547d ago
Yeah the Wheelman got delayed too, but I think that'll be good for it. I wish ALone in the Dark had been delayed again so they could sort some of it out!! Now I hear the PS3 version will have more work done to it because it is a later version.....they should have done it for the 360 version too!
FCOLitsjustagame  +   2547d ago
So is this just a really old article or did they just start scoring it and mean its to be released in Spring 2009?
XboxOZ360  +   2547d ago
Seeing that they on;ly released the information on Friday/Saturday, I'd say that it's new news mate. And I've had the Atari release schedule each week, and it's always had an undisclosed release date, just a "season" marked in the Xcel sheet.
mistajeff  +   2547d ago
NICE!! 300 has one of the best electronic/orchestral scores ever. As a musician, obviously I love it when games put a lot of effort into the score. MGS4 had an incredible score and I look forward to this as well.
gaminoz  +   2547d ago
The best part of ALone in the Dark was the soundtrack! Seriously, sound is very important for immersion and I'm glad game-makers are making the effort.
Superfragilistic  +   2547d ago
I'm really keen on this title. It takes the Mass Effect dialogue tree and expands on it, whilst also adding some far more realistic combat. eg. if you get speared in the chest, no stat HP loss, you're simply dead. :)

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