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Caspel3387d ago

Too Human isn't listed as the best RPG on the 360. It's listed on the upcoming schedule for RPGs. Only a select few journalists (who have their debug units) know if Too Human is officially a bust or winner. But if you can tell the future, feel free to let us know which games on every list is a must buy so it'll save people money.

AStupidXbot3387d ago

I'm A Stupid Xbot, I'm gonna miss the best SRPG, the superior versoin of Eternal Sonata, a great rpg - Valkyria Chronicles, and M$ bribed for Infinite Discovery and maybe Tales of Vesperia. You know, they could put Persona 4 for PS3.

PS360WII3387d ago

Atlus likes last gen better

AStupidXbot3387d ago

I meant that you could play Persona 4 on the PS3, Im playing Persona 3 on my PS3

PS360WII3386d ago

Oooh heh yeah I got ya ^.- Yes I'm playing all my PS2 games on my PS3 now as well

AStupidXbot3386d ago

Yeha, people should put ps2 games also for PS3 as well, but say like only compatible with models that were stated as 20gig,60gig, or 80gig.

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La Chance3386d ago

Valkyrie Profile Lenneth on PSP is extraordinary.

But I would have prefered playing it on my tv.I saw this cable to play your psp on the tv but its compatible with psp slim :(

Rock Bottom3386d ago

It even lists Dissidia: Final Fantasy for the DS!

PS360WII3387d ago

Handhelds are getting the better end of the stick in terms of RPGs lately. Slowly getting better for home consoles though

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