Rise Of The Argonauts gets real boobs

CVG writes: When all other PR fails, bring out the boobies

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dachiefsman3727d ago

agreed. i like boobs, but what does this have to do with the game?

SullyDrake3727d ago

I don't want boobies, I want solid gameplay and story, replay, mythology, and Trophy support.

Gamekilla3727d ago

and boobies...

Nintendo Rep3727d ago

Come on guys re read what you just typed and tell me in a straight demeanor that you are straight. PLEASE.

SullyDrake3727d ago

I'm straight as a steel ruler, but I prefer the real thing thank you.

AAACE53726d ago

Anytime something involving sex is mentioned, people have to show how morally inclined they are!

It's just sex...

Did you ever think that they make games with boobies in them because gamers have a reputation of being anti-social, and unable to know how to act around women when they are sexually aroused?

They say that videogames are a training method in some ways for people to experience situations. So that when they run into the real thing, they don't freak out, because they have experienced something similar.

Same thing here! Except it is more a form of art than anything! I'm sure you have looked in a magazine and saw a sexy chick and said you would love to get with her... Right? Well, alot of times, they are altered using "Pixels" to make them look that way!

You know what... this is pointless to explain! Go ahead and believe what you want to believe.

dachiefsman3726d ago

I am straight. If I want gaming news, I come to this site. If I want pron, I will go to those site.

Nintendo Rep3726d ago

There's nothing really wrong with both.


Real or not or digital I still love how women are put together.

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Serjikal_Strike3727d ago

But adding boobs to games does not make it better..they're only good when you have them in your face!:-)

zornik3727d ago

I agree......this is a poor way to sell a game.Rise Of The Argonauts is in my opinion a bad investment and they releasing the game now???
Let the killer games of 2008 on the shelves en release ROTA in the spring of 2009.Use the time to refine the game...we know it's going to be a rusht product.

Harry1903727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

Rushed project? Are you even aware that it's been delayed until November to polish it? Why do people feel the need to trash a game they have no clue about and just act like ignorants?

Ever heard of the concept of advertisibng or marketing? You know, the one where you buy Halo edition mountain dew, Dead or Alive figurines or whatever, nude posters? No.....

SL1M DADDY3726d ago

Then you know the game sucks. Sorry, but if I wanted boobs, I would visit a porn site or go to bed with my wife. I want real game play and an in depth story to keep me busy while I am gaming. This stuff is truly a sign that the game is bunk.

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