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  Interview with Modern Dream’s Ollie Clark - LA Cops

Imagine for a moment that Hotline Miami and Syndicate were getting busy with Starsky and Hutch on the television across the room and the Beastie Bo...

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Nintendo Spent Millions Protecting Masahiro Sakurai From Assassination Attempts by Pro Smash Players

0m ago - It was a huge risk letting Kirby and Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai fly to Los Angeles for... | Culture

Pre-concert talk taking place before Zelda-inspired Symphonic Legends London

7h ago - Nintendo Insider writes: While the 2014 FIFA World Cup final rages in Brazil this Sunday, the... | Culture

Multi-platform Miiverse Update, Adds Multiple Lines To Comments & Additional Profile Information

18h ago - Nintendo have today release a new Miiverse update which applies to all platforms the service is a... | Wii U

Tengami on Wii U is finished, moving on to certification

21h ago - Tengami is now finished for the Wii U and awaits Nintendo's certification. | Wii U

Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Rumour: Large Virtual Console/Cross-Buy Announcement Looming

1d 2h ago - Since E3, a rumor that Nintendo is planning a large announcement regarding the Virtual Console an... | Wii U

The Next-Gen Slump and AAA Titles

1d 5h ago - The PS4 and the Xbox One were released last year in November with the Wii U coming out in the U.S... | PS4

Five Things You Didn't Know About Nintendo Power

1d 5h ago - For many, Nintendo Power was the gateway drug to harder video game magazines. With its eye-catchi... | Retro

Xenoblade Chronicles X – E3 2014 Analysis – New Combat Abilities, Class Systems, and Story Details

1d 6h ago - Playeressence breaks down the massive gameplay demo the Nintendo Treehouse team showed off at E3... | Wii U

Competition is Good for Everyone, But a ‘Console War’ is Bad for Gamers

1d 9h ago - Gamnesia writes: Take a look at any article on a large gaming site or gaming-related video on You... | Nintendo DS

The Wii U Can't Be Saved, But it's Good For Gamers

1d 13h ago - First it was it was Pikmin 3, then it was Super Mario 3D World, now it’s Mario Kart 8 and soon it... | Wii U

Extra Punctuation If You Are Going to Hate on a Game Company, Do It For the Right Reasons

1d 13h ago - Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw: I like to offer a bit of a Devil's Advocate view sometimes, but I can't... | Industry

Nintendo Amiibo: How Will They Work?

1d 22h ago - We discuss how Nintendo will use amiibo, their toys-to-life acessories for the Wii U and 3DS. Fr... | Wii U

Be a Blackphone, Nintendo: Stay in the Hardware Game

1d 23h ago - Many people think that Nintendo should give up on the hardware game, focus on software developmen... | Industry

Remember when Nintendo was king of the shooter?

2d ago - Nintendo’s taking on the shooter genre with both guns blazing with the upcoming Splatoon – but do... | Wii U

Devil’s Third: Multiplayer Modes and Fun Times

2d ago - SheAttack: Obviously this isn’t your typical Nintendo game. I’m not sure, but Devil’s Third is a... | Wii U

The Nintendo Balancing Act: Can They Do It?

3d ago - Sean Halliday of Pixel Gate writes: ''Nintendo is seemingly on the road to recovery–at least i... | Wii U

Nintendo Download list: 10th July 2014 (Europe)

3d ago - Nintendo Insider writes: It’s a shorter Nintendo Download list for Europe this week, only hera... | Wii U

Behind the scenes at Nintendo, Sega in ‘Console Wars’

3d ago - TBN: "Blake J. Harris wrote “Console Wars” for me. More to the point, he wrote this book for all... | Culture

Nintendo Can Win the Console War with One Move

3d ago - Nintendo needs a Pokemon MMO, now. It is poised for the comeback of the century with Mario Kart 8... | Wii U

What Do You Want To See In Nintendo’s Next Console

4d ago - Nintendo247 Author writes - I know it’s a little early to speculate on what Nintendo might be bre... | Wii U

Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Here's How Nintendo Plans To Fix The Wii U ‘Dry Spell’

4d ago - Reggie Fils-Aime said Nintendo is working with third parties like Ubisoft, Warner Bros and a numb... | Wii U

Top Five Unannounced Games I Want to See on Wii U

4d ago - Gamnesia writes: Nintendo guru Shigeru Miyamoto recently polled fans about what games they want... | Wii U

Bizarre Nintendo 64 controller art

5d ago - A piece of bizarre Nintendo 64 controller art being auctioned off on eBay. | Retro

Bayonetta 2 Enemies have 3.5x the Number of Reactions as Those in the Original

5d ago - Bayonetta 2 lead motion designer Takaaki Yamaguchi has revealed new information on the enemy reac... | Wii U

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited For Splatoon

5d ago - Splatoon was a surprising reveal from Nintendo during their E3 showing. A squad based shooter tha... | Wii U
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