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Will Fatal Frame Come in the States Again?

1h ago - As you may know another Fatal Frame is out for release but this time it's for the Wii U. Seeing h... | Wii

Nintendo to Use Wii U’s NFC Capability for Easy Payments, but Only in Japan

17h ago - One of the GamePads forgotten features finally gets some use. | Wii U

Nintendo Should Scrap the Wii U

21h ago - It's pretty much a given these days that every Nintendo earnings announcement will be accompanied... | Wii U

Top Five Nintendo Games

1d ago - So today, Sinck threw together a terribly made and edited video on his favorite Nintendo games. T... | Nintendo DS

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Guess what Eiji Aonuna wants The Legend of Zelda to become? Yes, an Open-World Game

1d 3h ago - SegmentNext - "In the latest edition of the Japanese feature Nintendo News, the producer of ‘The... | Wii U

If You Could Revive Any Nintendo Game, Which Would It Be?

1d 5h ago - Nintendo247 Author writes - In the last 30 years we have seen many amazing Nintendo games come an... | Wii U

What should Nintendo do with some of its less prominent characters?

2d ago - I won’t leave you guessing. I’ll state the names right off the bat: Daisy, Wario, Waluigi, and mo... | Nintendo DS

Microsoft and Sony need a recognizable face.

3d ago - If you ask any gamer, casual, hardcore, or otherwise, who the face of Nintendo is, they won’t hes... | Xbox 360

Following in the footsteps of Thor: Which iconic game characters are ripe for a genderswap?

3d ago - In the spirit of Thor, here are five male video game characters that would benefit from a change... | PS4

Hurray for the 2014 Club Nintendo Elite Status Rewards

3d ago - CCC Says: "I love Club Nintendo. I applaud Nintendo for offering actual physical and digital than... | Wii U

Sakurai Explains Why Chrom Wasn't Playable in Smash Bros. 4

4d ago - If you’re into Japanese Gaming Culture, chances are you’ve come across popular magazine, Famitsu.... | Wii U

Fixed that for you: 10 ways to make the 3DS king

4d ago - Sure, Nintendo's console is king of handhelds already, but that doesn't mean it couldn't be bette... | 3DS

Opinion – Sony and Microsoft Don’t Understand Themselves

4d ago - MP1st - If this year’s E3 was proof of anything, it’s that most of the major players in the gamin... | PC

Indian Mario Singh - Can We Say Nintendo Copyright Infringement?

4d ago - In the latest game spin-off, does Indian Mario Singh go too far? | Mobile

What if Sega Were Still Rivalling Nintendo?

4d ago - Kotaku: I'm no nostalgist when it comes to gaming. I believe that what we're playing now, and wha... | Industry

Will This Be The Last Generation Dominated By The Games Console?

4d ago - IM PLAYIN asks if this is the last generation dominated by the games console, and if the new tech... | PC

Nintendo Media Day with David Young

5d ago - "Fresh off from E3 our good friend David Young spends some quality time with us to fill in the ga... | Wii U

You Can Now Buy and Gift Nintendo eShop Cards With PayPal in Europe (Germany Too)

5d ago - Nintendo UK announced a brand new option for those living in Europe, including Germany and any ot... | Wii U

Game of The Week-You're Holding the DS Wrong (Not Really)

5d ago - Kotaku TAY blogger WingZero351 shares his thoughts and feelings about DS cult favorite Hotel Dusk... | Nintendo DS

Top 5 Dream Club Nintendo Elite Rewards

5d ago - It seems that Nintendo of America needs some help choosing items to offer as Platinum and Gold re... | Wii U

ORIGIN PC - High Performance Gaming PCS

Now - Get 6 games for FREE when you purchase a gaming desktop with two identical AMD Radeon™ HD 7900 Series Graphics Cards in Crossfire! | Promoted post

Club Nintendo North American Platinum and Gold Rewards Announced

6d ago - Nintendo of America has revealed the new Platinum and Gold rewards for Club Nintendo 2014. Unlike... | Wii U

Zero1gaming: Mario Kart 8 Review

6d ago - JBH reviews the latest title in Nintendo's venerable racing series, Mario Kart 8. | Wii U

Nintendo is moving closer to gender equality than most major publishers

6d ago - The topic of women in gaming is usually an easy one to discuss, mainly thanks to how diverse the... | Wii

The gaming watch is back: Remember these classics?

6d ago - As the video game on your wrist returns, a new article takes a look back at some classic console... | Culture

New Hyrule Warriors Trailer Showcases Fi

6d ago - Pixel Dynamo discuss the new Hyrule Warrior trailer showcasing Fi and her fighting style. | Wii U
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