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Super Smash Bros. U: Preview - [TheGameHeadz]

135d ago - Prepare for a new era of Kirby hammer smashing, Starfox dashing, and even yoga. Nintendo is partn... | Wii U

Super Mario 3D World Preview - Scratch and Claw to Victory - Gameranx

168d ago - Nintendo previews Super Mario 3D World and its new Double Cherry power-up. | Wii U

A look at Nintendo's 2DS | Game Guys

187d ago - On Saturday, October 12, a new Nintendo handheld is set to release. Known as the Nintendo 2DS,... | 3DS

Eurogamer Expo Preview: Bayonetta 2

192d ago - Like a lot of people I love strong, witty and kick-ass heroines in the gaming world and one of my... | Wii U

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Nintendo's Fall Lineup Hands-On Preview | Twinfinite

193d ago - Earlier this week, Terrence from Twinfinite had the pleasure of meeting with some lovely folks fr... | Wii U

Nintendo 2DS: Hands-on impressions | ONM

230d ago - Nintendo is known as a company that's constantly reviewing its hardware; whether that's tinkering... | Nintendo DS

First Impressions: Pikmin 3 | Spawnfirst

265d ago - This past weekend we got a chance to play an exclusive demo of Nintendo’s much anticipated Pikmin... | Wii U

Nintendo Hands-On Video Impressions

279d ago - Yamilia from writes, "...hear Andy and I banter and go on about our time at the Ni... | Wii U

CGM Visits the Nintendo Summer Preview

281d ago - Not that long ago video game journalists from around the world met up at the sacred grounds of E3... | Wii U

Hands-On Preview: Nintendo Of Canada E3 2013 Demo Preview Event | WGTC

283d ago - Recently, Nintendo of Canada invited We Got This Covered to demo its upcoming 3DS and Wii U games... | Wii U

Hands-On: Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze - Gaming Boulevard

284d ago - Nintendo’s surprise game of the E3 this year wasn’t a new entry in the Star Fox or Metroid saga b... | Wii U

Hands On: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze | TheSixthAxis

289d ago - "Donkey Kong Country Returns on the Wii, and more recently the 3DS, was a fantastic and truly unf... | Wii U

E3 2013: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Hands-On Impressions

300d ago - 8bitfix writes: Last Tuesday, Nintendo displayed more of their spiritual sequel to The Legend of... | 3DS

Checking Out Nintendo’s E3 2013 Booth | Geek Revolt

301d ago - GR's DeShaun Zollicoffer writes: Nintendo didn’t hold an E3 2013 press conference and honestly... | Wii U

Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS Impressions

306d ago - Wimke7 "This E3 week the world has witnessed the very first footage of Super Smash... | Wii U

First Hands-On - Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move

356d ago - VideoGamer Portugal have already played this puzzle game. | 3DS

First Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Hands-On

360d ago - Following an invitation sent by Nintendo, company's showroom in Lisbon where we put our hands on... | 3DS

GamesBeat: Breaking down what’s old and new in the 3DS’s upcoming lineup

362d ago - GB: What do Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, Mario & Luigi, and Animal Crossing have in common?... | 3DS

Zelda: A Link To The Past 2 - Back to the future? | VideoGamer

363d ago - VideoGamer: "Is Nintendo's unexpected sequel too familiar for its own good? ... Nintendo knows wh... | 3DS

Xenoblade 2 will be the Wii U's Final Fantasy VII

372d ago - Playeressence's Furious Francis discusses how Monolith Soft is the new Square Soft. And why Xenob... | Wii U

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Coming next week – All about Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers

373d ago - takes a closer look at the soon-to-be released Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: S... | Mobile

Luigi's Mansion 2 preview - the funniest game on 3DS

408d ago - ONM: ''Is Luigi's Mansion 2 Nintendo's first foray into torture porn? If it weren't for the comed... | 3DS

2013's Most Anticipated: Pikmin 3 | OnlySP

455d ago - Continuing on the heels of Dead Space 3, Only Single Player continues it’s coverage of the most a... | Wii U
160°'s Exclusive First Look At The Wii Mini

498d ago - brings an exclusive look at the upcoming Wii hardware revision: The Wii Mini. | Wii

Wii U Take-Home Impressions: The GamePad Works Like a Dream

513d ago - GenGAME: "By and large, the GamePad manages to work pretty dawn well as a TV-connected tablet...... | Wii U
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