Online petition asks Nintendo to change Link to a young black female in the next Zelda Wii U game

Stevivor -- "A new petition on is calling for Nintendo to change Link to a young black female in the upcoming Legend of Zelda game on Wii U."

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Septic1560d ago


That was funny.

"Nintendo went too far this time when they chose to make the new Link white and white only"

Wtf is this guy smoking? Yeah because past Links were not white?

I think this is just a troll or a desperate bid to seek attention.

blackbeld1560d ago

That guy have some awesome weet!

Mann that is grazy. That racist thing is gotta out of hand.

Eonjay1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

I see no problem with creating black and female characters as those two groups play more games that you realize and are very much misrepresented, but lets not change classic characters, lets make new ones.

This petition is trolling blacks and Nintendo at the same time.

RyuCloudStrife1560d ago

I signed the petition, YOBO!!

UltimateMaster1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

Yeah, no. I'd sign a petition to get the Link we've seen in E3 2011 instead of the one shown this year. He looked much better than the cel-shaded one of this E3.

AliTheSnake11560d ago

I'm pretty sure this is racist . And we wouldn't hear the end of it if they were asking to change a character to be white.

BattleN1560d ago

I clicked on this becouse I thought it was a petition to have a young kid link in the Zelda world of Skyrim. I was disappointed but yet surprised to see the rest lol

Why o why1560d ago

'This petition is trolling blacks and Nintendo at the same time.'

Over and Out

SonyWarrior1560d ago

if they want a black character then make a new game with a lead black female character and watch it flop along with your company's market shares

BattleN1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

Gerudo tribe are like the Egyptians of Zelda dont you think?

Conzul1560d ago

lol, think I'll sign this.

DragonKnight1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

If there wasn't a possibility that this is just a huge troll, I'd say that this is exactly what the Ubisoft B.S. has wrought.

These people who want inclusion just for the sake of it are going to ruin games and development for everyone. It's absolutely ridiculous to think that Link should be changed to a young black woman, or any character for that matter.

Seriously, why aren't people who want these things doing nothing more than complaining?

This does seem like one huge troll though. Serves the ones being mocked right.

randomass1711560d ago

Honestly DragonKnight I think it's far too dumb to be real. I think this is trolling in lieu of the mystery behind the new Link's gender and how that got people talking.

strifeblade1560d ago

HOW about "A Single White Female"

valanceer1560d ago

Maybe super smash bros should have the streets of compton as one of the levels

thorstein1560d ago

I'm making a counter petition to make Link an older, black, female LESBIAN!/sarcasm

choujij1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

I don't know why, but "Single Female Lawyer" from Futurama comes to mind.

Tiqila1560d ago

link should be able to change his gender and color randomly. The random computations should be thoroughly tested to make sure no color or gender is preferred over the other. Also sexual orientation should be in the game, a gay or a lesbian link would be awesome. Link could be cross dressing and one should surely be able to customize the haircut to accurately mimic an emo-link. Also link is a vegetarian right? If not, one should check that all the hearts he consumes are tofu-hearts.

Chrischi19881559d ago

Complaining, that in a game the person is white and not black, is actually racist. Racism is something, that goes in all directions, not only if we talk about africans.

That japanese people create a white character as their protagonist, is not racist at all.

Ares84HU1559d ago

We live in a world where political correctness has gone overboard and that usually means change white people out to some other race asap in anything you can and also make sure it's a female. Where a black person can call a white person anything and can discriminate against a white person and it's not racism but when a white man calls a black person even the word "black" it's automatically racist.

I hate this stupid "political correctness" movement that exists in our world today.

christian hour1559d ago

How about we make Link a Zygote that hasn't figured out what it's going to be yet. Nobody can argue with that!

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Metallox1560d ago

It's obviously a bad joke, something that Nintendo wouldn't accept even in 1000 years, it's even worse than not having the Twilight Princess style.

Conzul1560d ago

What's worse is that whoever started the petition is a rascist themselves, because Link is not White he's Hylian.

Do all hylians look alike or something? Sheeesh ppl

Gh05t1559d ago


Don't get me wrong im way against the idea but seriously people be smarter than the ones you are fighting against.

1) White is not a specific race it is a color and Hylian is not a color it is a race.

2) No one said that link couldn't do it because he is white they asked that it be changed to black and female.

Any *ism requires the discrimination based on the *ism. Asking for a change is not in and of itself racism. Bigoted maybe but definitely not racist by definition.

kayoss1560d ago

Why change a well established character? Its like, ok lets make the next Shaft movie with a chinese person.
I dont get his race thing.

nope1111560d ago

A chinese Shaft you say? I'm down with that.

zebramocha1560d ago

I don't see a problem with a Chinese shaft? Black folks like Bruce lee too and the wu tang clan are influence by Chinese martial arts movies.

Retroman1560d ago

long as he Bruce lee like Shaft im down with it.

rdgneoz31560d ago

"Its like, ok lets make the next Shaft movie with a chinese person."

Car chase scenes will be 30 minutes of him driving into parked cars he can't see...

lilbroRx1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

Most people don't understand this "race thing" as there is no proper education on the matters.

This has nothing to do with it though. This is just someone making a joke out of the recent stupid controversy about people jumping to claim the new Link is female and then getting upset when they find out he's not.

A lot of you seem to have missed the joke the though...

Yo Mama1560d ago

@ Nope111

Not sure it'd be worth it. I hear Chinese shafts are already too hard to see.

Bada Bing. I'll be here all week...or until I'm banned:)

Ashunderfire861560d ago

# zebramocha

"the wu tang clan are influence by Chinese martial arts movies."

Did you know that it was a black man who created martial arts? There is a good reason why Wu-Tang Clan have Chinese martial art influence. There is also a reason why their is a game called Afro Samurai! Here check this out:


zebramocha1560d ago

@ashun thanks for the info but I was talking about a style a not the origin.

Eyeco1560d ago

It's funny you say that, Shaft was originally a white guy, but yeah i agree (black guy here) the petition is silly.

Cursinguser1560d ago

I love that Shaft is the single defining black film we are referencing as a counter-argument/Super Sarcasm

iSuperSaiyanGod1559d ago

Only if he's played by Jackie chan !

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bigfish1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

what about making link a transsexual?

Conzul1560d ago

Like he didn't look like one already.

Tony-Red-Grave1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

There's a petition for this but not one for a fully grown link game? what madness!

on that note OoT link is probably the oldest dead and TP is the oldest alive links and I love their designs.With that in mind rather then change links design drastically i'd love the ability to customize it so that we could link in actual armor rather then the standard light armor he wears.

I can see it now... Full Grown link with a heavy armor set with his sword and shield.... Too bad nintendo probably won't do it >.<

edit: by customizable i mean his outer appearance not anything plot changing. Strictly gameplay changing customizing.

ATi_Elite1560d ago

yes and while we are at it lets make Mario Russian.

I'm all for adding more diverse characters to video games but I am NOT for changing iconic characters.

seems this was done as a joke.

ITPython1560d ago

Why not just go all the way?

Link should be a black homosexual transgender hermaphrodite who is also Muslim.

I think that about covers all the bases.

NexGen1560d ago

You are not repping the Asians.

thehobbyist1560d ago

No, you forgot about how he has natural multiplicity and prefers to be addressed as "they" or "them"

ITPython1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

@NexGen - Hmm, you are right. How about we make Link half Asian/half black? If Obama gets credit for being half black, then so should our strange little self-procreating genderless bi-sexual friend who practices Sharia law.

user56695101560d ago

What is this dumb bullshit. People think some of the dumbest things.

HonestDragon1560d ago

When I first read that title, that was my reaction only slightly more vulgar. After seeing the petition that has only a goal of 200 signatures, I think it's pretty much safe to say it's nothing more than a lame joke. I mean, even the description on the petition is ridiculously stupid.

randomass1711560d ago

Pretty much, yeah. I don't expect to see much Link customization outside of clothes and hairstyles and at the slimmest of chances and option of gender. Either way it's not a huge deal and probably won't even impact the game very much either.

3-4-51560d ago

* So people want to take what somebody else worked hard for, and TAKE it for their own? just because ?


How about these people who started this petition just go create their own game. Nobody is stopping them.

* Such an ignorant mentality.

* " I feel _________ Therefore I grant my self authority to make you have to do what I say, other wise your a racist" ..

Just not a smart way to run a country.

Keyser1556d ago

Country? We're talking about a petition. Someone is reaching here.

The petition is stupid by the way. Make a new game where Link has a Black friend or something...or a new game altogether.

Edsword1560d ago

If they make Link into Beyoncé and Zelda into Jay-z I would never buy another Nintendo game. What would be next, Mario as Elton John? How about we just keep the characters we have and save the black female characters for new games? Maybe the next tomb raider can have a black female co op buddy.

showtimefolks1560d ago

seriously a game is far away from being released. we just saw something so little yet the complaints already started. First we want Nintendo to show zelda when they do now we want to force our way into the development side

I want to play the Zelda that the developers envisioned.

but not surprising gamers now a days complain so much more than actual playing of games

shinrock1560d ago

Im a black man and i started cracking up!

BullyMangler1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

ha haa seriously though, there really is no blacks in Zelda games huh . . there mite be

or is it time ?

ha haa should i even be talking like this ? lol

avengers19781559d ago

Wouldn't that be a completely different character.

Rainbowcookie1559d ago

My dog just started a petition since link is not doglike enough. He says his rights are violated and then he bit of the plug of the toaster since an insider told him it doesn't run at 1080p and 60 fps. He is super excited for the new starfox though.He is glad that Last Guardian isn't canceled ,but since 1 year to him is like 9 he is looking for the developers e-mail to tell them to hurry the hell up. Does anybody know of a good therapist.(for the dog):)

Edsword1559d ago

He turned into a wolf in TP, isn't that good enough? And are you insinuating there is a similarity between a black female and your dog? What kind of racist bigot are you? /s

Magicite1559d ago

and this is...important?

TAURUS-5551559d ago

i want lynk to be gay and from jupiter.

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XiSasukeUchiha1560d ago

Nintendo, just have a really customize Link in the next Zelda

LOGICWINS1560d ago

I'm black and I would never support changing the race (or any other standout characteristics) of an iconic character. People are taking this race thing too far.

When I played as Mario, Axel from Streets of Rage, Megaman, Hawk from Fighting Force, or Leon from Resident Evil, not ONCE did I say to myself "Man, this game would be so much better if the dude I was playing looked like me"

Its just not rational to have that way of thinking.