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"Rest In Peace, Iwata San. "


Nintendo has already addressed the issue of Princess Zelda being a passive participant in Zelda games in SS. If you played SS you would know what Great importance Zelda is and that Zelda really is running everything. I am game for an all- Princess Zelda game BUT- -if they do this it has to be a spin-off. Plus, I would not want the game to play the same way so that it just becomes a different skin. If it is an incarnation of Zelda that goes Sheik (OoT), then I would want a more stealth and speed based game. If Zelda is the regal princess (Most Zelda's)- I would want a military strategy game. - maybe like Fire Emblem. If Zelda is a Pirate (WW)- Why not have complex Sea based battles like Assassin's Creed. (I like this idea the least). If Zelda is the Goddess (SS)- then I would want a spell/magic based game- mixed with a God-Sim. Anyway, This could happen- Luigi got his own game and own YEAR. And Tingle (from Zelda) has his own Zelda Spin-off).

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