Square Enix: Current Console Generation Has Lasted "Way Too Long"

Square Enix's worldwide technology director has said that the length of the current console generation is "the biggest mistake [Sony and Microsoft] ever made".

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ArchangelMike2174d ago

..and still no Final Fantasy Versus XIII? You'd think, with all this time Sqenix would have had enough time to released a sequel. Hell they're now talking about Final Fantasy XIII-3 for goodness sake, and yet no FFvsXIII.

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Gamer19822174d ago

Does anybody else hear the irony in this statement? How can it be too long if its taking them almost the entire generation to make a game?

exsturminator012174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

See my below comment, but they're not releasing Versus 13 this gen, and THAT'S why he's angry its taking so long for them to release the next generation consoles. When XIII flopped (relative to past experience), they said, "okay, its too hard to develop on the 360 and PS3, and the graphics aren't perfect anyway. Let's wait a year or two and develop Versus on next-gen! It'll be easier and better than what we could do now anyway!" A year or two later, "huh...wonder what's taking them so long...well, we need money, so let's do a sequel of XIII. Some people liked it, and Versus 13 can wait a year or two more. Next gen must be just around the corner after all." A year or two later, "come on Microsoft/Sony! We're dying here! Alright, XIII-3, but we REALLY need that new hardware soon guys!" This article is kind of them being whiny about the whole situation. "We were forced to develop for iOS and browsers because you guys (MS/Sony) took too long! We might not even come back, jerks! yeah, you heard us, we'll just stick with phone games! How do you like that!"

I'm paraphrasing all of this, but it's the impression I got.

MRMagoo1232173d ago


I really think you are on to something there i agree

exsturminator012174d ago

Lol, that was my first thought too. So much time and so little accomplished.

This feels like both a subtle admission that SE knows they failed this gen and an affirmation that they fully intend to keep failing next. He talks about how "some developers" do badly one gen, then wait around for the next to start fresh. Since that next gen never showed up, "some developers" went looking elsewhere and helped develop iOS and web games, and now don't want to go back to consoles, presumably (imagine in a petulant voice) because they're hard. Hmmm, I wonder who "some developers" are?

He then goes on to discuss how important next gen technology is for (wait for it...) graphics! They're pushing the limits of the uncanny valley, but there aren't good enough physics! There isn't good enough facial animation to really make any good games! Oh woe is us, our games are failing because we haven't broken through the uncanny valley and need better graphics!

*Sigh* Fellow gamers, we aren't going to see VS13 on this generation of consoles. SE blames this gen for the failings of their current endeavors and are crossing their fingers the next gen arrives soon so they can start fresh with a hyped up title. They are going to announce and release FFXIII-3 in the hopes it'll keep them afloat financially a year or two more while they wait for the next generation consoles to arrive and presumably rescue them. VS13 will be a launch title on the next gen consoles in 2013/2014, but they'll be disappointed again when player complain about the story and reduced gameplay variety (a result of course of the sacrifices required of a team working with new technology); naturally their response will be to clam up once again, release sequels, and work harder towards rendering character hair as realistically as possible.

Cross your fingers I'm wrong, but the guy in the article implies I'm not.

ArchangelMike2173d ago

Bubbles up for you my man. I feel you nailed it spot on.

If squenix don't release FFvsXIII this gen, and exclusive for PS3 (but then again I'm not delusional) then I'm never buying another FF game.

How can a company consistently Fail so badly?

Skateboard2174d ago

Square shut the F up we have bills to pay and your shitty games to buy.

Godmars2902174d ago

...And you've done F*** all with it. Besides lose the respect of many a gamer.

Gamer19822174d ago

They backed 360 though that was there first mistake as most jrpg gamers went to ps3 at first.

Irishguy952174d ago

You really can't say **** S-E, YOU took to long. And you were ****

Yangus2174d ago

LoL...and where is Final Fantasy Versus XIII Square?6 years not too long?

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