Nintendo throws shade at Sony, Microsoft while defending its E3 presence

GamesBeat writes that Nintendo's Miyamoto and Iwata took the time to defend the company's E3 Digital Event and show floor presence, but the publisher also had a bit of criticism for Sony and Microsoft for showing off so many far-off games in video form only.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Still Damage controlling I see. Just shut up!

Sony and MS had a better show than you, Nintendo. even if you had playable demos of games no one asked or no one wanted, Horizon Zero Dawn look more promising than some game with the Metroid name on it and the graphically-outdated-with-gimm icki-controls Star Fox. The only thing that may come close is Xenoblade, which is a game I'm anticipating. Everything else was crap.

And here's the thing. Both showed more promising titles for their console than Nintendo did for Wii U. Nintendo isn't really the one that should be talking about promises when they showed so little about Wii U and are starting to focus on NX, which is still years away

remixx1161261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

The Nintendo fan in me hates to say but you are 100% correct.

MS and Sony had the best conferences at E3....him toss a Lil Bethesda and squeenix in there too.

Nintendo's was just hard to watch....I mean damn.....the whole Muppets thing was a joke and just seemed like a distraction from the issue of their conference.

Not to mention the whole metroid thing has me pissed and all of my hype for star fox went out the window with that incredibly "meh" gameplay trailer, plus the lack of Zelda didn't help either.

My Wii U is starting to look like my 360 did.....except without the multiplats...

I'll take horizon zero dawn, halo 5, the last guardian, shenmue 3, street fighter V, gears 4, FF7 remake, dreams, nier, worlds of final fantasy and sea of thieves over anything at that Ninty conference....... Hell I had more fun watching the horizon gameplay trailer than I did the entire Nintendo stream.

Not to mention the bethesda, sqeenix, and ubi conferences don't even apply to Ninty....

_-EDMIX-_1261d ago

"I'll take horizon zero dawn, halo 5, the last guardian, shenmue 3, street fighter V, gears 4, FF7 remake, dreams, nier, worlds of final fantasy and sea of thieves over anything at that Ninty conference"

Agreed and thats the whole issue. They are not trying to convince those gamers to NOT play those new ideas and exciting games, but play their party games instead.

Its not just Sony and MS, its Square, EA, Ubisoft etc, when they release amazing new IPs, For Honor, Ghost Recon's new entry etc, its not just against PS and XB, its now against all the other companies making games.

Nintendo's revivals are not just those 2, its MOST of gaming. When you buy a Wii U, you are also making a choice to not buy MANY of those 3rd party games. (unless you own both clearly)

Every year, the choice will become harder and harder, spend 300 plus on a Wii U and a game vs like 5 games coming out that fall. (if you already own a PS4 or XONE anyway).

No Wii U game, to PC, PS4 or XONE owners is worth giving up 5 games during the fall JUST to have.

uptownsoul1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

"[Nintendo]had a bit of criticism for Sony and Microsoft for showing off so many far-off games" -- What? Xenoblade Chronicles X was first revealed at a Nintendo Direct in 2013 & it doesn't come out till end of 2015. And Zelda was revealed at Nintendo's E3 Treehouse thing in 2014 and that game won't come before 2016…So what were you saying about "far-off" Big N???

Kingthrash3601261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Nintendo, Nintendo, Nintendo .....
Didn't they show Zelda at the reveal of the wiiu??(spider battle) Where is it because it wasn't even at this e3. Yeah it was at last e3but it wasn't even the one that they showed off in the reveal....honestly I'd rather have that one. They want to defend their wakk e3 showing...and criticize Sony/ms haveing far off games.. I mean Zelda was shown a year before xboxone and ps4 and it still doesn't even have a release window for gods sake! Please Nintendo understand that when you want to talk about others be aware of what you have done...Zelda metroid hasn't even came out but you are already talking about a new console (nx) .
Smh I'm face palming so hard I can feel the back of my head right now.

GordonKnight1261d ago


Yes, MS & Sony did have better conference. It was like Nintendo didn't even take it seriously this year. It made me feel like they didn't want to give anyone a new reason to purchase a Wii U. With that said I'm still excited to own my Wii U.

Horizon Zero Dawn was best game at the show IMO, this game will change gaming. Also, I'm excited for the rest of the games you listed. halo 5, the last guardian, shenmue 3, street fighter V, gears 4, FF7 remake, dreams, nier.

I'm just glad my TV has enough HDMI inputs for my PS4, X1, & Wii U.

Crimzon1261d ago

Honestly, this is why Nintendo should stop making home consoles and become a third party developer that releases their games on PlayStation & Xbox.

I know people have scoffed at the idea for a long time but let's be real here, Nintendo simply does not have a regular enough output of games to support a home console, and as time passes more and more people are coming to realize this and lose faith in Nintendo hardware.

Does Nintendo make great games? Sure, but they're few and far between, and the issue only becomes worse when you take into account the lack of third party support on their consoles as well. It's going to be exactly the same with the NX because Nintendo refuses to hire more staff to speed up game development, and won't create new studios, so it will only get worse as new and more powerful hardware puts an even greater strain on their limited resources.

Nintendo already made a big deal about how difficult it was developing HD games for the Wii U, and now they expect people to throw down money on their next console? Any customers would be lucky to get a single game from Nintendo every two or three years at this rate.

lunatic00011261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

i agree that nintendo had the weakest press conference but what i give credit is that they had alot of their fist party games playable while tomb raider and halo 5 were no where to be seen at the ms booth not to mention uncharted and the last guardian should have been playable as well but nope..just videos of someone playing least i got cool shirts and pins but these games are coming out end of year or next year which means they have been in development for a excuse for them to not be playable especially last wasnt even a video of someone actually playing was literally a pre recorded video...but agree ms and sony did get me hyped of games that are ways off

donthate1261d ago

I give Nintendo credit for trying, but I don't they should be talking about other people's show.

I hope there is still chance Nintendo will make a comeback with Wii U or NX. ;D

ShinMaster1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

They keep saying that it's OUR fault that we "don't understand" the Wii U and its appeal.

Are you kidding me, Nintendo.

bouzebbal1261d ago

i love Nintendo but they disappointed me so much at this e3. I think they are showing a very arrogant face lately and i don't think it will play in their favor.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )


Holy shit EDMIX, I didn't understand you at all.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

For real EDMIX, I have no idea what you wrote, I mean it seems you're saying bad things about Nintendo and good things about the other guys.

That's about all I understood.

BillytheBarbarian1260d ago

Nintendo caters to 10 year olds. Pushing Japanese sesame street down our throats is going to eventually push them into being a 3rd party publisher which wouldn't be a bad thing.

guitarded771257d ago


Any gaming fan should be critical when it's needed. That's what keeps the industry evolving. Nintendo have a lot of work to do.

I think being a fan of a company is not the same as being a fan of gaming. Sometimes companies do things right, and sometimes they do things wrong. They're all guilty.

Nintendo is hiding behind the "They show too many far off games" statement because either they don't have anything to show. They probably have half of their development teams working on their next gen launch games.

I wouldn't be surprised if Zelda was a no show because they're working on getting it dual-get like Twilight Princess. I could be wrong of course, but it just really has me scratching my head as to why they're not gonna show their most anticipated game.

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gedden71261d ago

Im a hardcore Nintendo fan I agree with you!!! Nintendo E3 SUCKED!!!!!

Kingdomcome2471261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Yeah, I'm very surprised that they continue to make backhanded remarks regarding Microsoft and Sony. It feels as though they're more concerned with pointing out what they perceive to be flaws in Microsoft's and Sony's strategies than they are with rectifying their own shortcomings. This is a new look for Nintendo as far as their posturing is concerned, and I've got to say, it's not a good look. I have a lot of respect for Ninty, but I've got to say that they are the only one out of the big three this year that were seemingly unable to muster up the humility or the class to congratulate the competition on their press conferences. I don't think that either Iwata or Reggie are what Nintendo needs going forward, as they look to transition to the NX over the next few years. I truly hope that I'm wrong, though.

OhMyGandhi1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

I don't understand the whole "We only show games that we plan to release soon, and get into the customers' hands" mentality. I don't care WHEN the game comes out if it appeals to me. It's the IDEA of the game, the promise of a fun time, and it allows the fans to acknowledge that something they like may be on the horizon. If I knew, or there was even the faintest hint of a beautifully rendered 3d Metroid title in the works, or a 3d, open world Pokemon game along the lines of Monster Hunter, I don't care if it comes out next year or two years after that. It's called having a long term plan, Nintendo, and if you fear for one second that you can't substantiate long term prospects within your own gaming ecosystem, then that creates a huge wave of doubt to both present and future Nintendo customers.

By the way, wasn't it Miyamoto that stated, "“A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever"? Just because these games are a long time in the making, and a still a ways away from release doesn't mean that the company isn't every bit as competent as one that likes to release something "right away".

Trekster_Gamer1261d ago

Nintendo at E3 was laughable.

They are the LAST who should dinegrate or try to give advice to. They would be better off getting out of the hardware business and just make games for the superior consoles.

3-4-51261d ago

* Nintendo is my favorite video game company, but I can't stand to see them do this to themselves.

* They need to be grown men & women and admit to their faults, mistakes, and then move forward with the NX.

* I wouldn't make a single new game for the Wii U

* Keep all the games for NX, so when it releases, there are like 20-30 games day one.

Games sell consoles. If NX ships with a huge library of actual good games people want to play, then Nintendo will gain back respect and fans.

* Nintendo I love you.....but just stop talking for a bit and go make some really awesome games for the NX.

Kingdomcome2471261d ago

I agree that they need a stellar launch lineup, but I don't think that they want the backlash that comes with completely abandoning the WiiU only 3 years in, and effectively shafting the core fan base that rode it out with them during the WiiU's rocky life cycle. It's a tough situation, no doubt. You don't neccessarily want a bunch of cross gen games either as you lose a lot of the incentive to upgrade, and also have to navigate fully taking advantage of new hardware without being hampered by the old hardware. They have some tough decisions ahead, and I don't envy the position that they're in. I hope that they knock it out of the park, though.

NintendoSonyfan1258d ago

Wii U released with about 30 games and it did not help. I agree you need a good lineup of games, but quality is better than quantity. PS1 had a handful of games at launch but they were mostly awesome games.

JCOLE131951261d ago

Absolutely agree. Nintendo needs to wise up.

Get_A_Job_Foxtrot1261d ago

If Iwata and Reggie are still defensive and refuse to see how badly their E3 was done, as well as the bad management of Wii U, then why the hell should I expect things to change when the NX is released?

Nintendo (under Iwata) has been doing terribly enough; while Playstation has been around long enough, for me to say that (for me) PlayStation is the new Nintendo. When Iwata and Reggie go, then I'll care again about Nintendo.

frostypants1261d ago

Is it weird that I've kind of forgotten that Nintendo even has a system anymore?

Loadedklip1261d ago

"Everything else was crap" ....

Super Mario Maker
Zelda Triforce
Fire Emblem Fates
Fatal Frame

Look ... I agree they are doing damage control when they should actually be apologizing. But they did in fact have a handful of great games outside of Xenoblade.

It's just unfortunate that not enough are for the Wii U and we knew about most of these before.

Sounds fair?

RedTriangle531260d ago

All the games you listed are gimmicks made to milk a franchise(except fatal frame maybe, haven't heard of it). They look incredibly uninteresting, could just as well have been a crappy painting game with pokemon stickers in it.

killacal131260d ago

Ok, the only thing that is going to happen is that they will completely stop supporting the Wii U, that is until people forget about it, and then when things are calm they will fully unveil the Nx, in that moment, which will probably be in about a year or two they will anounce a release date, as soon as it releases,Sony and Microsoft will obviously out perform Nintendo's platform, and the cycle continues.

Blueraven3161260d ago

Kidtendo is jealous. Maybe if they'd stop rehashing the same games and make a system 3rd parties like. They wouldn't be in this situation

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Hoffmann1261d ago

Eh..its time that these two oldtimers slowly dissapear from the Nintendo headquaters and make place for people that are more in touch with the time and also their possible audience.

Spyroo1261d ago

Especially Reggie. Can't stand that dude, he's just a damage controlling PR machine and very Hypocriticial many times.

fallacious1261d ago

His body will never be ready again.

Sugreev20011260d ago

I think all three Nintendo execs - Saturo Iwata, Shigeru Miyamoto & Reggie Fils-Aime - are some of the most arrogant people working in the industry. They just don't listen to fan criticism and carry on like nothing has happened. Nintendo desperately needs new IPs to counteract the loss of 3rd Party games. The Zelda, Mario, Metroid etc machinery can continue, but it's despicable for Nintendo fans to wait 6 months for just 1 decent game worth buying.

OzzY-waZZy1261d ago

These guys are at the point of doing more harm than good. No more pay cuts, just resign and make room for a new generation.

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SmokingMonkey1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Teasing new games that are set out to come out this generation, on this gen of systems is a good thing IMO. Big AAA titles need longer times to produce Hype/Preorders.

Teasing your NeXt console in the middle of your current gen a terrible idea.

Why couldn't they just show Zelda for one second! One Second! It is almost a sure thing for this next Zelda to repeat what Twilight Princess did. It will be on the Wiiu and will be a launch title for the NX.

"WE know everyone is eagerly anticipating the Next Zelda, and we appreciate your patience. Here is a quick video to show our progress on one of the most Iconic video game characters Ever! Thank You and Enjoy!"

Roll 5 second video of Link doing a spin move.

Nintendo's 2015 E3 is instantly more digestible, and they avoid all these apologies.

How hard was that?!

I hope the NX blows me away...wont hold my breath.

_-EDMIX-_1261d ago

I love how they make it seem like as if stating it won't be revealed next year some how means something LMFAO!

The fact that its being revealed at all next year is enough to make someone not buy a Wii U right now.

Sony pretty much won E3 this year and 2015 might as well be the place holder for best event held by a company until they are topped lol.

Though MS event had a lot of less, they still had games that I would still play, ReCore, Ion, Sea Of Thieves, Cuphead, Gears Ultimate etc but 4 out of 5 of that list I can just get on PC, but I'm still paying MS money when I'm getting them on PC (Gears and Sea Of Thieves anyway).

Nintendo showed nothing at E3 that would make me want a Wii U and none of their 3DS games wowed me. (I own a 3DS and won't get any of the games shown).

Instead....they throw out some party games.

gangsta_red1261d ago

"The fact that its being revealed at all next year is enough to make someone not buy a Wii U right now."

Exactly, the fact is the WiiU is on its way out. Doesn't matter when, we all know that in the next two years the WiiU will be obsolete.

Sony and MS showed upcoming titles that will be released next year, this year and beyond. Nintendo showed a party game and Tennis...I hardly call that a strong showing and any reason to run out and buy a WiiU.

We know that Zelda is coming, but what happens after that?