Microsoft thought they owned Donkey Kong

According to former Rare employee and “Conker’s Bad Fur Day” director, Chris Seavor, Microsoft mistakenly thought they owned the Donkey Kong franchise after they bought Rare.

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gamer421991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

This makes me appreciate the fact that we're getting another donkey kong country from Retro even more. Because if microsft did end up owning DK, we wouldn't be seeing much of him.

UNGR1991d ago

You know that how exactly? DK is a huge franchise, Microsoft would milk it if anything.

Jagsrock1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

He knows because Banjo-Kazooie.

gamer421991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Banjo-Kazooie was a big franchise as well, but we don't see much of them now do we? Except for a game that left a majority of fans disappointed, Microsoft hasn't taken advantage of any of Rare's major Ips. Killer Instinct is a step in the right direction, but whether it's good or not is yet to be known.

FlyingFoxy1991d ago

Well they milked Halo, which wasn't even special in the first place.. already has more sequels than Half Life or Doom.

husomc1991d ago

They'd make a Donkey Kong & Master Chief save the world game

SilentNegotiator1991d ago

Darn, I was really hoping to see "Donkey Kong: Forced XBL and Kinect Features, and Bolts"


Thank God Nintendo retained that IP.

blacktiger1991d ago

He knows because Killer Instinct. My favourite game of all time became my graveyard. Or at least forgotten :(

abzdine1990d ago

Soon they will think that they own Zelda.


slaton241990d ago

ok look how long for killer instinct it took missing a whole generation just to finally do a game...I think donkey kong would have been shelved because so many gamers on 360 were mostly into shooters I may be wrong but its my opinion.

southernbanana1990d ago

@Flying fox. That is the most ridiculous comment I have read on here in a while..

karl1990d ago

im sorry but the only one who can make a donkey kong game is nintendo..

it needs certain magic that only nintendo has...

Shane Kim1990d ago


To be honest though, every DK game worth playing and wich became popular has been made by rareware. The 80's Nintedo DK games are pretty mediocre,.

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LackTrue4K1991d ago

im not even a fan of Donkey Kong, but im glad they did not get them.....what a bunch of morons! lol...

thebigman1990d ago

Rare isn't even developing KI, it's being outsourced to another company. Rare will never be the company they were

Dj7FairyTail1990d ago

Miyamoto created not Rare.

Smashbro291990d ago

Miyamoto made up a generic gorilla but the DK we know today that fights crocodiles for bananas and wears a tie was made by Rare.

thecurseddevil1990d ago

they would have made a kinect donkey kong.

Syntax-Error1990d ago

How many Kinect games did you see @ E3?

Blachek1990d ago

That Wii Bongo version of Donkey Kong was a ton of fun

itBourne1990d ago

Microsoft isnt even letting Rare do the Killer Instinct game either. Lol poor rare, altough Im sure at this point rare is just a name, I cant imagine most of the original employees have stayed there.

BDSE1990d ago

None of them are there.

Syntax-Error1990d ago

Seriously? No one from the original Rare is there. They gave it to a new team that was ambitious and hungry. Rare had a shot and look what they did to Perfect Dark Zero. They just didnt have what it took to be what they were. Some developers regress and Rare was one of them. Killer Instinct took a long time because of legal issues, it wasn't because of MS. When MS was granted the IP the first thing they did was secure the domain name.

Veneno1990d ago

As ridiculous as that is, my xbot buddy thinks you can download mario games from xbox live and he believes Microsoft own EA. I try my hardest to educate him but I think he likes deluding himself.

jeffgoldwin1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

Maybe he's thinking all of his Ron Jeremy videos are Mario irl.

It's a me MARIO:

HonestDragon1990d ago

Can't say you don't try. He isn't the only Xbox owner to think Mario is available on the 360.

wastedcells1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

They must of over paid for rare then if they thought DK was part of the deal lol. I joke. Did they think they got golden eye too.

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DarkBlood1991d ago

HA lol

As the terminator said in the gunshop "Wrong"

Enemy1991d ago

Well, they do own Killer Instinct, which for some reason "adapted" the same exact art style from Street Fighter 4.

sAVAge_bEaST1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

yea, but donkey kong is a totally different beast.
born in the arcade by nintendo, -gave birth to mario, and the princess.
This is Nintendo[s baby, and how M$ thought they could just buy it ,, is hilarious,.
(rare developed KI)

Gamerchik871991d ago

Your hilarious lol are u on this site all day?? Are u getting paid by sony to rag on M.S all day? U have something negative to say on just about every subject that has to do with M.S or u will find a way to involve M.S into your comments lol CRAZY!!

InTheLab1991d ago


Until MS earns back the respect of gamers, that deserve every bit of static they receive. They have accomplished nothing in this industry with third and last place finishes for a few console gens but are somehow arrogant enough to try and screw over loyal customers. The last few months has shown the world that MS is a s$$$ company that throws piles of cash at problems instead of fixing them and is willing to inconvenience consumers at every turn.

After the xbone, ALL MS hate is justified.

As for the topic, MS did what they always do. Drop a huge chunk of cash and hope for the best.All they got in return is Conker and a depleted Rare that's really in name only.

Imalwaysright1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Donkey Kong was the 1st platformer ever made and it is without any doubt one of the most influential and revolutionary games ever made. Donkey Kong's legacy is much bigger than just Mario or Peach. Donkey Kong is the "father" of every platforming game ever made.

sAVAge_bEaST1991d ago

w0e , calm down there REP.manager. , I'm just keeping it real,,
not my fault. M$ makes daily mistakes.

b3ast1990d ago

gamerchik is there anything good to say about MS? and WTF has DK to do with Sony, you must feel threaten you silly fangirl!

glennco1990d ago

One exec!?! Surely not even a rabid fanboy can delude themselves into thinking one naive exec equals an entire company. You are delusional like any other fanboy. This site is getting unbearable.

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Darrius Cole1990d ago

Donkey Kong is the first appearance of Mario. Anyone who thought that Microsoft could possibly have bought it should not be working in the Xbox division of Microsoft.

Syntax-Error1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

What does Donkey Kong have to do with Mario? Just because Mario was in the original game has nothing to do with the character Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong can be sold without Mario you dummy. If Rare bought the Donkey Kong IP and MS bought it from them then DK would be owned by MS. Learn something. Did you see Mario in Donkey Kong Country? No, so why would one have anything to do with the other? How old are you? It wasn't MS that thought they owned DK, it was some idiot thinking they did because of Rare's name on the DKC poster. Same can be said when morons in here make dumb assumptions

callahan091990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )


His point wasn't that Nintendo couldn't sell the Donkey Kong IP without selling Mario, it was that they WOULDN'T! Donkey Kong was Nintendo's first major successful release in the video game industry and it is one of the most iconic games and IPs of all time. Anybody who thought Nintendo would sell that IP without doing a complete firesale of the entir company's assets was being delusional.

Syntax-Error1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

Now you're over-thinking the comment. NOWHERE in his comment did it say what you said. He said "DK is the first appearance of Mario.." He didnt mention anything about DK being Nintendo's first major hit. Stop thinking for someone else and worry about why you're sounding like a fanboy trying to sugarcoat his ignorance. Also, you don't know what they would do concerning an IP. Miyamoto wasn't part of DKC and Rare made the game NOT Nintendo, so don't think Nintendo is exclusive with its IP's

PositiveEmotions1991d ago

How can that even be a mistake?

yewles11991d ago

This has got to be a joke...

PeaSFor1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

after all, the douche majornelson also said that MGS5 was XBONE exclusive...... so yeah....

that guy is something special....really easy to detest as you can see

christian hour1990d ago

PeaSFor thank you so much for that video :)

PeaSFor1990d ago

@christian hour

hate to do publicity, but subscribe if you like it and you wont be disapointed by FarFromSubtle channel.

badboy7761991d ago

yewles1 I'm just glad they don't!!!!