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Nintendo Girls Club - A Hub of Fashion, Cuteness and Mixed Messages

15h ago - Nintendo is the family-friendly modern game company. Nearly everything it does matches that image... | Culture

Nintendo Could Win E3 If They Show Up

17h ago - Erica of discusses why Nintendo has a great opportunity to "win" E3 if they take th... | Wii U

A Mario Sports Primer – Golf and Tennis Edition

2d ago - There have been plenty of Mario sports games over the years - this article deals with Camelot's t... | GameCube

Sony Punked Nintendo: Nintendo Goes From Bully To Coward

3d ago - Why does it seem as if Nintendo has become a shell of their former selves? Why does it seem as if... | PS4

inFamous: Second Son (PS4) Review

Now - Ken abuses his powers in the latest entry in the inFamous series. | Promoted post

It's Time for Confidence

4d ago - Nintendo needs to change their ways, right? Maybe what they really need to change is their attit... | Wii U

The Future Of Console Gaming – Competition

5d ago - The Future of Video Games is a series that takes a look at the past of video games in order to ex... | Culture

The Score: Is The Wii U Going Through Another Game Drought?

6d ago - "Additionally, we ask your opinion on whether the Wii U is going through another game drought. Th... | Wii U

A Tale of Two Screens: Memories of the Nintendo DS

6d ago - Spurred on by a fit of nostalgia, this is a look back at the beginning of my love of handheld gam... | Nintendo DS

The Future Of Video Games: Joysticks

6d ago - The Future of Video Games is a series that takes a look at the past of video games in order to ex... | Culture

Super Smash Bros. Nostalgia: A Look Back at ‘Brawl’

6d ago - The Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct this week didn't just get me pumped for the upcoming games,... | Wii

How Microsoft can ensure the Xbox One is successful in Japan

7d ago - Japan is pretty big country for gaming, Sony and Nintendo get a huge portion of their profits fro... | Xbox One

Nintendo Going Third-Party Would Be A Great Idea... Said No One That Cares About the Company.

7d ago - Phil Stortzum writes, "Nintendo going third-party... For some, the thought of that is an insane c... | GameCube

Super Smash Bros. 3DS over Wii U: Did Nintendo Screw Themselves Over?

7d ago - Will Nintendo’s insane gamble work? I ask because there are a few factors to consider when the po... | Wii U

3 important things to know about Super Smash Bros.

7d ago - VGW's Will Harrison: Saying that Super Smash Bros. is a crucial release for Nintendo in 2014 may... | Wii U

3DS Turns Three: Why You Should Get One, and What’s Still Wrong With It

7d ago - Nintendo’s 3DS turned three a few weeks ago, and it seemed like the perfect time to mark the occa... | 3DS

Nintendo Wii U – Owning Less Than a Year: Report

7d ago - Kevin of Paranerds writes: "I have owned the Wii U for less than a year and although I am enjoyin... | Wii U

Top 10 Obscure Nintendo Games that Deserve a Reboot or Sequel: Part 2

9d ago - Let's see what classic titles third party companies can bring back to life on current Nintendo ha... | Nintendo DS

Feature: The Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Direct Round-Up

9d ago - Nintendo Life provides its summary of Super Smash Bros. Direct, including headline stories and th... | Wii U

Promotional Ideas For Mario Kart 8

10d ago - About a month ago, Nintendo teamed up with Pennzoil to host a cart race at SXSW 2014 to promote M... | Wii U

Editorial: Just passing by

10d ago - Bogged down with schoolwork, Marcus Mac Dhonnagáin hasn’t had much time for games, but the Ninten... | 3DS

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Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS Direct Predictions

11d ago - Tomorrow Nintendo will air the Super Smash Bros. Direct for the upcoming combat arena mash up! He... | Wii U

Casual Gamers: Dictating the Success and Failure of Nintendo

11d ago - Chris Hyde of Dealspwn writes: "The Casual Gamer. A now derogatory term used to pigeon-hole the v... | Wii

Nintendo's beautiful company guide to new employees

12d ago - BeforeMario: "Each year, the guide is not only brought up to date, but also completely redesigned... | Nintendo DS

Virtual Boy retrospective: Nintendo's disastrous foray into VR

12d ago - Virtual reality is about to hit the mainstream following Facebook's big-money acquisition of the... | Wii U

Pixelitis Picks: 2014 should be Nintendo’s Year of …

13d ago - "The Year of Luigi may have sadly come and gone like dust in the wind, but that only means that t... | Culture
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