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R.I.P. Wii U

4h ago - While Nintendo hasn’t come out and admitted that it has given up on the Wii U, it’s actions this... | Wii U

Why Disney XD Is Driving ESports With Nintendo Mario Kart

7h ago - Disney XD is reteaming with Nintendo for its second original eSports TV show. “Clash of Karts: Ma... | Wii U

PS4 Games To Look Out For In November 2015

Now - With all the amazing titles still to come this year, thought it would do you a favor and make it a little bit easier to keep track of... | Promoted post

Opinion: Why the Nintendo Wii U is secretly winning this generation

1d 2h ago - A look into how, in hindsight, the Nintendo Wii U is actually winning this console generation in... | Wii U

The mythical Pokémon “Hoopa” North American release reminder, and how to guide

1d 6h ago - This week McDonald’s will be distributing the mythical Pokemon Hoopa starting on Friday, November... | Culture

Video Game Awards 2015 Nominations from Gamerheadquarters

1d 12h ago - Video Game Awards 2015 Nominations from Gamerheadquarters as is the tradition with the site on No... | PC

Nintendo’s biggest successes — and fumbles — from the era of the Super NES

2d ago - A lot happened during the 16-bit generation, and the emergence of real competition in the arena k... | Retro

Wii Stocking Stuffers

3d ago - Great games don't have to be expensive, look into these cheap but great games on the original Wii... | Wii

8 Reasons Why You Should Still Be Playing Pokémon As An Adult

3d ago - Being born in the 90’s I grew up alongside Pokémon, and it became a fundamental part of my childh... | Retro

Super Nintendo turns 25: Why it’s the best game console ever

3d ago - The Super Nintendo Entertainment System came out in its first territory, Japan (where it was know... | Retro

The Twilight Realm: On Remakes and Remasters, Redux

4d ago - But remasters are, as argued in my previous post on the topic, more than a proposition between co... | GameCube

New Game Old Console Part 2: Retro Resurgence

4d ago - In part 2 of this continuing series, Aggro Sky of Gaming Rebellion examines the retro gaming home... | Culture

Does “Nintendo” No Longer Assure Quality?

5d ago - "Nintendo fans have never really been assured consistent releases, nor have they been guaranteed... | Wii U

The Inevitable Rise of VR

5d ago - Joe from GamersFTW writes about how Virtual Reality is going work its way into our lives, and wha... | Industry

Wii U Year 3: A report card

5d ago - Three years into the console's lifespan, how is Nintendo's strangest console ever doing? | Wii U

Star Fox versus the future

5d ago - Can Nintendo’s delayed space game recapture the magic of two decades ago? | Wii U

The Nintendo Objective: Why I Love Nintendo Directs

7d ago - Michael Bowerman of Gaming Rebellion writes about why he personally loves Nintendo Direct so much... | Wii U

Why The Recent Nintendo Direct Made Me Feel Confident In The Future Of Nintendo

8d ago - ThisGenGaming says "Yes, it finally happened – we finally got a Nintendo Direct on Thursday. This... | Industry

Double Take: The Empire Strikes Back — Nintendo’s November 2015 Direct

10d ago - Akia from Nintendo Enthusiast writes: "Nintendo Directs are loved and craved by thousands of N... | Wii U

5 Other Games I'd Rather See Get a Wii U HD Version

12d ago - From Cinelinx: Nintendo kicked off their first post-Iwata Direct last night with the announce... | Wii U

Game Developer’s Sister Kidnapped By Yakuza To Stop Their Cooperation With Nintendo

13d ago - Every once and a while you see a story that stops you dead in your tracks — this is one of those... | Wii

Mad Max (PS4) Review

Now - Justin checks out Avalanche Studios latest creation. | Promoted post

Dan Diebold´s Nintendo Playstation prototype is the "real" deal, and it works too!

13d ago - It´s very rare that I (Robin Ek, The Gaming Ground) hope that I´m wrong about something. However,... | Culture

Nintendo Badge Arcade Announcement: My Thoughts

14d ago - In a world where useless gaming accessories are for purchase as opposed to actual games, Nintendo... | 3DS

The mythical Pokémon “Hoopa” is coming to Nintendo Zone hotspots, the ultimate “how to” guide

14d ago - The Mythical Pokemon Hoopa finally sees a North American distribution. From November 27rd to Dece... | Nintendo DS

European Nintendo eShop releases for 12th November 2015

16d ago - Rodea the Sky Soldier heads up this week's European Nintendo eShop releases. | Wii U

SNES PlayStation Prototype Gets Turned On, Opened Up

19d ago - Nintendo Life: Earlier this year, a prototype SNES PlayStation was discovered in the wild and... | Retro
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