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This Week in Gaming History: Do the Mario

4h ago - This week we "celebrate" the anniversary debut of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, the first pos... | Culture

Nintendo has started to pick on Gamers on Youtube again - ProJared gets slammed

15h ago - Once again, Nintendo has started to spit out Copyright strikes and claims against "Let´s players"... | Wii U

Check What PC Games are Coming Out in August

Now - At you can check release dates for PC games. Visit now and start tracking the games you plan to buy. | Promoted post

15 Nintendo Properties That Need to be Turned Into Movies Immediately

17h ago - Daniel Kurland, GIZORAMA - "Nintendo doesn’t have the best track record with turning its games in... | Culture

Nintendo Continues to Shift Its Third-Party Focus to Nindies

1d 8h ago - Nintendo Life It's fallen to Nintendo and its partners, for the most part, to pick up the slac... | Wii U

No Console is an Island

3d ago - Is Nintendo making a console that dominates its generation in every way possible or even desirabl... | Wii

Top Nintendo Missteps & Blunders

4d ago - Nintendo fans, love Nintendo but hate their strange decision making? Check out the Top Nintendo M... | Culture

5 easy sewing projects fit for the Nintendo fabrics that hit Jo-Ann's

4d ago - There are 20 new fabric choices that Jo-Ann has added to their online stock, all from the brand o... | Culture

Nintendo and Market Niche

5d ago - Derik Moore of Gaming Rebellion aims to use Nintendo's place in the console market to illustrate... | Wii U

Opinion: Nintendo NX is a software platform, hardware irrelevant | Eggplante

6d ago - While the rest of the world seems to be analyzing every minuscule detail about the patent and wha... | Next-Gen

16 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About Nintendo

6d ago - WC From a trading card company in Japan through a stratospheric rise to dominate both arcades... | Culture

This Week in Gaming History: Karts, Ness and Burgers

7d ago - Earthbound, Super Mario Kart and BurgerTime all celebrate birthdays this week. Take a look back... | Arcade

The State Of Play: Nintendo 3DS

7d ago - Des at Otakugamers looks into the current State of Play for the Nintendo 3DS - a console with a r... | 3DS

Nintendon't Know What It's Doing

7d ago - In 2011, Nintendo posted their first ever net loss of $530 million and had continued a streak unt... | Wii U

Nintendo NX’s Lack of Optical Drive: A Layman’s Recap

7d ago - TTZ: Nintendo NX will not feature an optical drive according to a recent patent filing. What does... | PSP

UK Nintendo eShop releases for 27th August 2015

8d ago - Devil's Third leads the Nintendo eShop Releases for 27th August 2015. | Wii U

The NX's Lack of a Disc Drive Might Be Beneficial

8d ago - A NeoGaf user posted a thread that not everyone is too happy about. Why? Because the diagram does... | Tech

The Sheep Mindset and Gaming Conventions

9d ago - Are gaming conventions like E3 overrated and cause us, as video gamers, to get too surrounded by... | PS4

Wii U: What's In A Name?

10d ago - After a Nintendo localiser defended the naming of the console, James Pettegrow discusses why the... | Wii

I Still Can't Get Into Splatoon, And I Don't Think I Ever Will

10d ago - rustyshell: I know I'm in the minority, but after approaching the game many times, I still can't... | Wii U

Super Mario Maker, Nintendo, and Winning Strategies

10d ago - Super Mario Maker hits the Wii U in less than a month -- as will an infinite number of levels des... | Wii U


Now - Legends of Gaming Live will take over the whole of Alexandra Palace, from the 4th - 6th September 2015. Packed with exhibitors showcasing the lates... | Promoted post

Long live last gen: 10 3DS games we can’t wait for

12d ago - Nintendo’s about to jump to mobile, but it’s not done with its dedicated handheld yet. | 3DS

Retro Review: Nintendo's Popeye punched up an arcade classic

14d ago - A look back at Nintendo's non-gorilla, non-plumber based arcade classic | Culture

Is the Joypad Putting off Casual Gamers?

14d ago - To regular gamers, technology has moved from a stick to seemingly 11,000 buttons on a joypad. But... | Wii

Nintendo's Dismissal of Chris Pranger Highlights Issues With Company Culture

14d ago - Nintendo Life If I were fired from making games at Nintendo, I would feel cataclysmically hear... | Industry

The Nintendo Objective: More JRPGs, Please

17d ago - Michael Bowerman of Gaming Rebellion details why he believes that more JRPG titles would alleviat... | Wii U
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