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UNIQLO teams up with Monster Hunter for some 10th Anniversary T-shirts

28d ago - Monster Hunter is currently celebrating the 10th anniversary of the release of its original game... | Culture

Maki Goto, Nogizaka46, and Golden Bomber Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Monster Hunter

52d ago - Japanese popstar Maki Goto made a surprise appearance joining the girls of Nogizaka46 and Jun Uta... | PS2

[Opinion] Capcom should learn from Monster Hunter competitors

150d ago - "To this day, I regard the Monster Hunter series as the norm when it comes to action role playing... | Wii U

Famitsu asks four top Japan devs their picks for top-3 of all time

266d ago - Kadoman Otsuka, assistant editor-in-chief for Japan's Famitsu magazine, has a weekly column page... | Arcade

Filmwatch June Contests

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10 Social Life-Killing Games

291d ago - The recent debut of Grand Theft Auto 5 resulted in numerous people calling out of work and homewo... | Culture

Top 10 Monster Hunter battle themes

298d ago - "The Monster Hunter series has no shortage of wonderful and varying battle themes. While every... | Wii

How Monster Hunter Made Me Better At Every Other Game

347d ago - Vauche - First off, I'll level with you. I've played games since before my second birthday (T&C S... | Culture

The state of Handheld Gaming in the current market. Order A Game Podcast 7

351d ago - The state of Handheld Gaming in the current market. Order A Game Podcast 7 Are dedicated Handh... | Nintendo DS

The Perfect Game

404d ago - For those that have played any of the games in the "Souls" series, especially the latest entry, "... | Nintendo DS

Why We Love: Monster Hunter

409d ago - If I was limited to answering this question with just a few words I would go with Content, Cooper... | Wii U

Soul Sacrifice on PSVita review Gamepinion

435d ago - Sometimes the task of reviewing certain games falls into a difficult space. Objectivity is key an... | PS Vita

Capcom Lost and Found – Publisher Loses Money and Gets Westernitus

447d ago - With the recent news that Capcom underperformed and has ended up cancelling numerous in-developme... | Wii

Something About Japan: the Monster Hunter phenomenon

473d ago - EDGE: "Finally the Western media seems to have understood Japan’s favourite game. Despite countle... | Culture

Monster Hunter Beginner’s Guide

474d ago - "Greetings fellow monster hunters! It’s always nice to see new faces around the guild hall! So yo... | Culture

Former Popstar Now Plays Video Games Up to 30 Hours Straight (Apparently)

514d ago - Once upon a time, Maki Goto was a huge mainstream popstar in Japan. She was also a huge gamer and... | Wii

Why Monster Hunter Is So Popular In Japan (And Struggles Everywhere Else)

525d ago - Kotaku: The Monster Hunter series wasn't always the "monster" (heh heh) hit it is currently. Orig... | PS2

Something About Japan: DmC wows critics as Monster Hunter hits the mainstream

529d ago - EDGE - Our man in Japan takes a look at the critical response to the Devil May Cry reboot, the Mo... | Culture

Oprainfall Review: Monster Hunter Beginner’s Guide

550d ago - Oprainfall writes: "Roy Blakely and Sarah O’Donnell are huge Monster Hunter fans in the West, sta... | Culture

7 things that don't make sense to American gamers (but have good explanations)

605d ago - GR writes: One of the things we love most about games is their ability to appeal to people of... | PSP

Dragon's Dogma or: How I suck at the game I've wanted since I was 6.

623d ago - When Shadow of the Colossus came out it opened games up to a realistic fight system that has been... | Xbox 360

Looking for Pokémon XY News and Info?

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Monster Hunters: Still No Love For The Current HD Consoles

635d ago - WreckedPixel: "In September of 2004, Capcom games released one of the best multiplayer title that... | PSP

Capcom Planning Dead Rising, Capcom All-Stars And More for GREE

672d ago - The first game from this partnership will be Minna to Houkago Soul Hunters, or "With Everyone: Af... | PC

Is this Monster Hunter for PS Vita?

713d ago - Mysterious images pop up on Chinese message board. | PS Vita

New Capcom community specialist teases incoming Monster Hunter news

715d ago - Capcom has a new community specialist. Yuri Araujo appears to have taken over for Seth Killian, w... | 3DS

The Essential 100, No. 84: Monster Hunter

720d ago - 1up - Nothing says winning like turning your prey into an accessory. | PSP
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