Capcom Lost and Found – Publisher Loses Money and Gets Westernitus

With the recent news that Capcom underperformed and has ended up cancelling numerous in-development titles, many have begun to wonder about the fate of the once-loved company. As Capcom tries to right their ship before it gets worse, the Daily Reaction crew of Seb and Dan discuss what they can do to get themselves out of the position they have put themselves in.

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doctorstrange1408d ago

Capcom should just start over.

Foolsjoker1408d ago

A reboot would be nice. Just bring back the games the way there were designed - Mega Man in 2D, and Resident Evil with zombies.

Nitrowolf21408d ago

Not sure how I would feel it Capcom Rebooted.

oof461408d ago

Kind of hard to do that when all the people who made those games have left the company.

rezzah1408d ago

They need to make new IPs.

Oh and new bring out Gold editions.

It's lame but their newest game Dragon's Dogma is about to have it's gold edition released too.

4221851408d ago

They should reboot every single franshise they have, Especially Resident Evil.

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miyamoto1408d ago

Capcom forgot what made them great and forgot who they are.

Ingram1407d ago

They also forgot who we are, same as Squeenix

dbjj120881408d ago

It's definitely a slippery slope. I hate how little Japanese identify shines through Capcom's games anymore. Way too main stream.

Mosquito1408d ago

Spoken like a true hipster!

horne2421408d ago

It's not hipsterism, it's pretty fair. If games can reflect their culture we get more variety. And no one can argue against variety.

TrendyGamers1408d ago

They need to bring Monster Hunter to the Vita.

Foolsjoker1408d ago

Would help sales, but the PS4 would be amazing.

NastyLeftHook01408d ago

come on cc get your stuf f together ffs

Myst1408d ago

For some reason I half expected to read: "You had one job!"

knifefight1408d ago

Megaman is rolling in his grave.

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The story is too old to be commented.