The Whole World Finally Cares About Monster Hunter

The franchise is getting the attention it deserves and that is very exciting.

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guywazeldatatt315d ago

I really really really want this game. It looks incredible.

Septic315d ago

Just got it. Let's see what the fuss is all about

RyanShutup315d ago

I did as well... NO idea what I'm doing but I'm having fun. I'm sure it'll start to click in time. It's a really well made game it's just got a lot of depth that I don't quite understand yet.

Zjet315d ago

It's great fun, so were the older games (old school Veteran here)

World is miles ahead in accessibility and quality of life though. far easier to get into, and less annoying grind to get through.

maybelovehate315d ago

Such an awesome game. I would definitely recommend it.

wonderfulmonkeyman315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

That's more than a little bit of a stretch, because we've cared for it for ages now.
Monster Hunter has had a very solid and very large fanbase for quite a long time.

That doesn't take away from how fantastic Worlds is doing, but it has to be clarified that MH has been a VERY successful series for many years prior.
Worlds is just another delectable strawberry on the icing of the franchise cake.

killswitch80315d ago

In Japan not outside of Japan. Yes they had a dedicated fan base outside of Japan but it was not large.

coffeemaster315d ago

Monster Hunter has always been a niche franchise in the states

wonderfulmonkeyman315d ago

Worlds hasn't really changed that in a way as drastic as this article is painting it to, though, and to be honest the past few entries in the MH franchise have changed its fortunes as well in small ways just like Worlds has.

MH has been a continually growing franchise, both in Japan and out of it.

I'd argue that the last few were what helped it popularize itself most, and World is just sealing the deal more firmly by making QoL changes that appeal to a western audience.

FinalFantasyFanatic315d ago

I just feel that Worlds has become a gateway entry by making it easier for new players to jump into the series, plus Nintendo consoles/handhelds have been it's home for such a long time, being on other consoles probably helps alot.

Jaypi03315d ago

@Wonderfulmonkeyman I see your point and I agree that it's been growing over time with each entry, but it's always still been niche outside of Japan, a little less niche each time, but still niche, with Monster Hunter World it finally has become a lot closer to mainstream than any other title outside of japan. It's doing what Persona 5 did for the Persona series in streamlining it enough to satisfy old fans and while introducing the series to a lot of new ones. I think being on consoles does a lot of good for it.

joab777315d ago

I've wanted to get into it for a long time but haven't had mobile devices or just haven't. Now I have and it's amazing! So amazing! The attention to detail is phenomenal.

TomatoDragon315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

It’s has, but not in the West, partially due to it being almost exclusively a handheld series.

KwietStorm315d ago

They're obviously talking about mass appeal, not with Monster Hunter fans. World has immediately made new fans of the series, and it has immediately garnered a lot of good word of mouth outside of the established audience. No other game in the franchise has gotten this kind of attention, certainly not this quickly or loudly.

UnHoly_One315d ago

They are talking about people like me, who barely knew what Monster Hunter was, and had never played one, and now I have this game and it's hard for me to imagine it not being my favorite game of the year.

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AspiringProGenji315d ago

That’s what happens when you bring a niche series to the best selling platform and/or current gen system. Waiting for the PC version to double dip. That is where the series will reach another height

FallenAngel1984315d ago

Not every niche series is guaranteed success on a best selling console

TheColbertinator315d ago (Edited 315d ago )


I would almost agree with you but Monster Hunter made it big and successful when it first launched on PS2 in Japan.

Niche in the west but a hit in the East.

fenome315d ago


I played and really liked the first one on PS2 but I've never had a DS or PSP for the other entries so i haven't really played one since. It's great having it back on traditional consoles again and with a PC release later this year on top of it I think this game is going to blow up the fan base.

I'm hooked on this game, there's a lot to it and it took me a little while to figure out some of the nuances but once it clicked I slipped right into my groove. I can see myself dumping a LOT of time into this one.

FinalFantasyFanatic315d ago

PS2 was where I first played the series, never really got into it, probably because I didn't have good enough internet for it and was too young to appreciate the series at the time.

Segata315d ago

Well if a niche games come to PS4 and become instant success then Assault Suit Leynos would be a million seller and Raiden V, Nex Machina and Matterfall but no they didn't sell to great.

bangoskank315d ago

So is this a biodiversity simulator or the opposite?

Magnetar315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

I’ve always wanted to care but handhelds have never been my thing until the switch came out. I tried the previous ones and my hands would cramp up on the DS

Xenophon_York315d ago

Handhelds. PSPs. GameBoys, you know. Look like sandwiches. Small screens.

FinalFantasyFanatic315d ago

I just never finish half my handheld games for some reason.

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