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"Looking forward to getting my new gaming PC! And the Wii U is really picking up the pace!"


30 years old, soon to be 31. Started out with Atari and NES, kept to Nintendo until the PS2 era when I went multiconsole for the sake of expanding my experiences. Likes: Sweet things and sour things, romantic comedy scenarios, manga & anime, biking leisurely, swimming [hoping to someday own my own pool], the power and energy that music can inspire, and exploring new places. Dislikes: Bitter things, math in general, and complicated tasks with many small details that are impossible to keep track of all at once. Also smoking and drinking. Because I have video games; why would I need to put poison in my body just to have a good time/relax, when I've got my games?XD Dream: To create music for video games and make a good living off of that, so that I can support a family of my own with it. Anything more than this, you'll have to ask me directly, because N4G's profile system is being a pain and won't let me add much more than this.^^;; See ya!~

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