Monolith Soft shows off art for their action project

Monolith Soft doesn't even have Xenoblade Chronicles 2 out the door and they're already showing off art for their new project.

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wonderfulmonkeyman328d ago

Damn, those look gorgeous. The character styles look really good, too.

porkChop327d ago

That's some gorgeous art. Can't wait to see what direction they're taking, gameplay-wise.

Neonridr327d ago

Good news is if they are already looking ahead to their next project then there's a solid chance we could see XC2 this year still..

TekoIie326d ago

I believe artists move on to the next project ahead of the rest of the dev team.

So it's likely early days but still good to see that they're moving onto something new.

Neonridr326d ago

yeah, fair enough. But many speculated that there was no way Monolith Soft could hit a fall/holiday 2017 release. Here's hoping they come through.

_-EDMIX-_326d ago


It is a very popular misconception when people see either concept art or hear someone is writing a new project that somehow the team is either already finished with the game or the team is not focusing on the game or anything like that.

For the most part they are completely disconnected from each other and the people that do pre-production like the writing art Direction character art and things like that for games are actually finished doing a lot of that before we ever really see the game for the first time anyway.

_-EDMIX-_326d ago

Well technically speaking it could be another part of their team.

You would also have to consider that the part of the team that does pre-production does this years in advance of a project.

That means that the team that originally did the pre-production for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 finished doing its pre-production probably a year ago anyway.

I mean you have to consider if this game is coming out in less than 6 months why would any artist be working on the game? I mean why would anyone even be writing it? Most of that stuff is a finished years before you even see the game for the first time. (Unless there's some sort of massive rewrite)

I don't think them working on this game has any real impact on Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The core team is likely working on XC2.

I wonder if it's a Xenoblade x 2?

Neonridr326d ago

I hope they do something new to be honest. XCX wasn't a fantastic game (compared to XC) so I would rather they venture into some new territory.

_-EDMIX-_326d ago

@Neo- I guess. I liked the mech concept, but if it didn't work for them, a new IP is welcome

Big_Game_Hunters326d ago

I thought these were just promotional imges on their recruitment page? Altough i wouldn't mind if their nxt title drifted from Fantasy Sci fi to high fantasy.

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