Official Secret of Mana Twitter account shows teaser clip of Seiken Densetsu 3 running on Switch

"This certainly looks like a tease for a Square-Enix project, or at the very least, a tease of Virtual Console plans."

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wonderfulmonkeyman368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

I pray there's more to this than a mere tease.
What I wouldn't give to have that game to play wherever I want... especially if there's an English version coming.
And multiplayer right from the get-go thanks to Joycons makes that an even sweeter dream...

DarkZane367d ago

An english version definitely won't happen, it was never released in the west. Unless they use the fan translation (which is definitely never gonna happen), it's not gonna happen.

wonderfulmonkeyman367d ago

Nintendo could spring for a localization effort if they really wanted to. It's not impossible.

RosweeSon367d ago

Yeah translators are extinct these days ;)

WPX367d ago


Make it happen SquareEnix. You know you can do it.