Xenoblade Chronicles X Sold 70% Of Initial Shipment

As we saw in the latest Media Create charts from Japan, Xenoblade Chronicles X isn’t exactly coming out on top in sales, but that doesn’t mean it’s not doing well.
In fact, it’s doing pretty good!
It sold 85,586 copies in its first week, beating the original game for the Wii, which sold 83,000 in the first week, and the New Nintendo 3DS version which sold 56,923 copies. Not only that, but the game has sold through 70% of its initial shipment, which is pretty good news.
So don’t let the charts deceive you, Xenoblade Chronicles X is doing just fine.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1287d ago

Just a little side note: not all bundle sales are included in those numbers, and digital is not accounted for at all in them.
On top of that, it released while competing against Dragon Quest, a very popular series in Japan, and a puzzle RPG title called Puzzles & Dragons Z, with a Mario themed mode.

So it not only sold through that 70% in just a week, it did so with other games that it had to fight for attention against.
Without Digital accounted, which seems to be the preferred method thanks to better load times being standard in the digital version.( physical has free data packs you can download to do the same thing)

Concertoine1287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

Dragon's Quest i guess i can see but Puzzles and Dragons is not a direct competitor at all. That's a very casual game on a totally different platform. You can't honestly say there were people debating between those two games.

Xenoblade did good, probably beyond expectations. There's no need to point out all these little factors that apply to every game on the charts.

wonderfulmonkeyman1287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

I pointed it out because it placed above Xeno on the same sales chart, and others have tried, before now, to use that as a reason to say Xeno X was flopping in Japan. (when it isn't)
Your point is well taken, but I did have a reason.
Anyways, sometimes it's the little details that help to frame the big picture.
It doesn't hurt to be informed, right?

Gemmol1286d ago

its a big game in japan on a console that everyone prefer, so people would put their money towards it, you may not want to acknowledge it, but the sales chart do and best part of the game, you get 2 games for the price of one, both the dragon and mario puzzle game have their own story, when this come over here people may go crazy too, 2 games for the price of 1

Benjaminkno1286d ago

It's only been 5 hours...

I mean...

Allow me..

Umm.. WiiU sucks, those aren't that good of sales. Give it a few weeks and ps4 will be back on top again. The game would've looked better on my console because I'm a graphics whor3. Splatoon is a joke because I'm a mindless call of duty freak.
Haha, I can play Witcher 3 on my inferior to PC console.

Hardcore porn, I mean, gamers rule.
Nintendo is suck..

Soooo.. How was that?