RUMOR: New Monster Hunter game now in development for Switch

Last week, Monster Hunter fans on Nintendo Switch were disappointed by news of Monster Hunter XX not getting localized in the west. However, there’s a new glimmer of hope for hunters on Switch.

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naruga343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

unfortunatley this will be named Monster Hunter 5 and will be for the purists be honest i wanted this game and not MHWorld which destined for west audience (we re so pussie and vocal cry babies when the game is challenging that force the dev to undermine its own game) ..

..however is left to see what game will have the best production values as the MonHunXX is terrible wiht ridiculous Mech Monsters (i know there is acrab inside it) and Turbine Dragons (really Capcom who the f designed these lame concepts)

wonderfulmonkeyman343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

MHXX is the furthest thing from terrible.XD
The only honestly terrible thing is how long localizing it is gonna take, assuming they change their minds, though if we're forced to settle for a new MH for Switch stateside instead then I'll at least be open-minded towards it, so long as it's built from the ground up for the Switch and is not a dual-system deal with the 3DS.

AdonisIsBeast342d ago

Monster Hunter World is a main title

notachance342d ago

there's an interview where the devs said the code name for MHW is '5', and the reason why they're not straight up naming it MH5 is because they don't want to alienate potential new fans.

_-EDMIX-_342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

Monster Hunter world has already been confirmed to actually be Monster Hunter 5.

It is the monster hunter that is being done by the main Monster Hunter team. I don't know anything about the latest Monster Hunter being terrible especially considering the millions of units it just moved doesn't really sound like the core fans are angry at the game.

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Summons75342d ago

Knew this was coming as soon as they said XX was coming to the Switch. Awesome news though. Been an awesome couple weeks for MH and MH fans with XX, Worlds, and now this.

Sirk7x342d ago

Agreed man! More Monster Hunter titles for everyone. It's in no way not a great thing.

_-EDMIX-_342d ago

News? This is still a rumor nothing is actually been confirmed.

Just speculating but who exactly would even be developing it if you consider the main Monster Hunter team is actually now making Monster Hunter world?

Summons75342d ago

Because they aren't allowed to have multiple teams at all...

_-EDMIX-_342d ago

@summ-I'm not ignoring that multiple teams isn't a possibility I'm actually simply specifically saying who would actually develop it?

Like I said before isn't this a rumor or has it been confirmed?

Nucler100342d ago

Monster Hunter Town LMFAO


Munnkyman342d ago

I laughed and then I was like wait better not happen

Elronza342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

Monster Hunter World is what I personally want to see on the Nintendo Switch. I already have a modded custom firmware New 3DS XL that has Monster Hunter XX and all of the others. I love the Monster Hunter series since the PS2. I'm ​34 and wish more people would give this engaging series a try.

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The story is too old to be commented.