Learn Why Capcom Never Pursued Monster Hunter On Xbox 360 Or PlayStation 3

Monster Hunter is a hugely popular series outside of America (though it is gaining in popularity), and Did You Know Gaming recently took a look at some of the game's more obscure factoids.

The video below details why the game is structured the way it is, and how a street-cook cat is Chinese in a subtle way.

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Spurg1160d ago

The real reason is because they're bunch of c**ts....Pretending they were interested to the capabilities of the 3DS....what about the Vita doesn't it have similar capabilities.

An example of their c**tass decisions is Breath of fire 6...a perfect example of how out of touch Capcom has become with gamers.

breakpad1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

BS!! Crapcom just moved to Nintendo system because it was easier to develop (still MHou graphics engine is pre-previous gen PS2 era) and they bored to develop new engine for PS3 (they targeted easy maney with old engine on a new system as the game would sold for syre) .. Nintendo played their role moneybagging Capcom and literally stealing MHou 3 as exclusive...also the they never moved on Xbox as the console sells nothing to japan and the popularity of MH hardcore gaming never appealed to COD-fan infested audience of Xbox...they have achance to redeem themselves by releasing MouHou 5 on it is sad to see the best Handheld in the market without a proper MonHun game

Zeref1159d ago

I didn't watch the video cuz whatever "reason" they came up with is not a valid reason.

FarEastOrient1159d ago

Simple, Capcom doesn't like money

glennhkboy1159d ago

Capcom has made too much money because of this game.

Transistor1159d ago

Capcom actually has a lot of interesting stuff in the pipe line. Them and Square seem to be more focused on what people want from them lately, more than last gen in my opinion.

trickman8881159d ago

A current gen Monster hunter that takes full advantage of the PS4's capabilities?

Nah, probably never gonna happen. cuz crapcom and moooney on 3ds

yuukiliu1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

Monster Hunter Stories for 3DS.

Vegamyster1159d ago

If it was made for current gen consoles it would probably look similar to the PC version in China.

jsslifelike1159d ago


There's just something about that screenshot that seems too realistic for Monster Hunter. Something is off.

3-4-51159d ago

Capabilities include dual screen, which allows you to clear up a lot of space and have things like a map or items on the bottom at all times.

Not just graphical capabilities.

SirBradders1159d ago

My 42' and touch pad have more capabilities tbh. I see what your saying though.

ThunderPulse1159d ago

The PlayStation is where MH belongs not on kidtendo systems with no player base.

wonderfulmonkeyman1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

Want some fries for all that salt?
Wait wait wait, better idea...start up a kickstarter for donations to get yourself a 3DS so you can play instead of complaining it's not on Vita.
If a guy can make a kickstarter for potato salad that actually gets supported (yes, that was an actual thing. ), then your chances aren't non-existent.XD

thehobbyist1159d ago

The whole potato salad debacle actually caused Kekstarter to update their policies. They don't allow "Buy me thing" fundraisers anymore.

Blues Cowboy1159d ago

Or they saw the huge 3DS audience and did a deal, knowing that the more powerful Vita is sadly struggling for a target audience here in the West (even though it's brilliant). Capcom wanted to make this the first true Western smash hit for the franchise, and it's likely that they wanted to make it exclusive so that Nintendo would do the bulk of the marketing for them.

So I'm not sure if I agree or disagree with you, actually! At least I've got a 3DS, PS Vita and PSP, so I can play MH4U and Freedom Unite whenever.

Gamer19821159d ago

LOL the real reason is they release it on whatever system has sold the msot units they went from wii to 3ds. The only reason wiiu got a release is because of conenctivity. PS2 was the biggest seller back in the day so that got the sales. This is clearly the reason and CAPCOM speak a load of crap when they talk anything else. They really have lost touch with the market and have only money in their thoughts rather than games these days which is a shame as they sued to be one of the biggest around now they are just around.

MasterCornholio1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

For some reason I kept hearing the word cats when I read your comment.



Hmmmm I like that word. I think I'm going to steal it from you.

N4g_null1157d ago

You too! I also imagined him have his shirt off and old pizza droppings on his chest with tons of dirty clothes in the background...

But yeah they don't want to take a chance on these adult gamers because they just want fps and stories with gamer realism and edgeness?

Devastus1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

They put MH games on other consoles in Japan exclusively. Even the vita has Monster Hunter frontier in Japan.

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MasterCornholio1159d ago

Would you kindly do what I tell you to do.



OmegaShen1160d ago

Capcom is dumb with their games and they wonder why they aren't making alot of money.

DoctorXpro1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

Capcom/Konami nowhere close from what they use to be, Onimusha was an amazing game all fans wanted but brainless twats dont want money, plus they destroyed Devil may cry and konami is following the same steps.

If I was running konami and Capcom I Would made millions just delivering exactly what gamers want.

But developers think they know best take a look all the shity Resident evil games. Lame.

blackblades1159d ago

It's not the company it's the people that runs it, get them out the problem might end.

sinspirit1159d ago

Of course. People make up the company.

If they would stop rehashing ideas and make actual sequels that would save them. But, nope. Breath of Fire 6 was a huge chance for them to rediscover the JRPG market. Look at what they made it into..

shloobmm31159d ago

It's because they are bad at business.

Gamer19821159d ago

Indeed thinking the keys to high sales is putting it on whatever system has sold the most rather than where your target audience is. Really stupid as nobody wants to really play monster hunter on the move. Don't get me wrong there is an audience for it, Just there's that much action going on its hard to keep up on the 3ds screen.