World vs Generations Ultimate: The Great Monster Hunter Debate

It is a great time to be a Monster Hunter fan with two games releasing in 2018. While many fans will grab both versions, it isn't stopping others from asking one question: Which one provides is the more definitive Monster Hunter experience?

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wonderfulmonkeyman210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

They both have their place.
World is for newcomers, and it has tons of QoL changes that ease up the experience and make it more fun to play.
It has some new movement options and the graphics are absolutely gorgeous, and each map is seamlessly integrated instead of divided into zones.

Generations Ultimate is more for the veterans, the players that don't mind the grind, appreciate higher difficulty, and want more monsters, maps, gear, and overall content to sink their teeth into.
The combat is also a high point; styles and hunter arts add a layer of depth that most other entries don't reach, and you can also get the option to wear armors over other armors for cosmetic effects, so you don't have to give up stats for style.

The best thing to do, if you haven't played before, is to start with World, and if you want more afterward, and don't mind giving up the QoL things for more content, dive into Generations Ultimate and start learning the ropes that all veterans went through before becoming really great at the series.

naruga209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

Generation Ultimate is a far inferior entry in all aspects was not created by the original Monster Hunter team (1-3) but from secondary Capcom teams and this is obvious in every feature of the game ....

..Very cheap art design and concept of monster , poor world, flashy colors and moves just to satisfy the young Japnese audience ...yes seems more faithfull to the old formula but this is not true ...with its new Arts that make the game to play by itself ...MH XX IS NOT for Veterans

In the other MonHUn World seems that is more accessible for newcomers BUT just only to get their hands on and give a chance to new players continue the game to its real core (high rank quests) where the game is as Hardcore as its previous entries....MH World also is a far more worked game ,far better monster art design and physiology , far better worlds and also far better movements that seems like a physical evolution of core Monster HUnter moves , not alienating a bit the veterans like myself (in contrast to the ridiculous ones of MonHunX -XX or 4G on 3DS systems )......its Git Good game in a very good fair way
if someone wants a Monster Hunter just go with blind eyes for MonstHun World (is the best entry along with MH1,MH2United on PSP, and MH3)

At the end dont defend MHGeneration Ultimate because is on Nintedno considered by many (real veterans the worst entry

wonderfulmonkeyman209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

Sorry, but no, not true at all.
And making fun of the secondary team as if they're somehow automatically destined to make an inferior product is just plain unfair to how great they've done in the past.

The art design in MH Gen U is wonderful. Monsters and their variants are all fun to fight against and the amount of gear you can make from them is astounding. [as well as being able to use gear cosmetically atop your stats gear, something which World lacks]
The combat is far deeper than Worlds thanks to both Styles and Arts; each add new mechanics to familiar weapons and World would be a much better game with them than without.

Saying that the new arts makes the game "play itself" is very much an indicator that you've never touched Generations, let alone double-cross, or that you've got some very fanboyish views towards World and hate the idea of it being inferior in any way simply because it's on Sony.

MHGen is considered by the majority of MH fans to be the version veterans should go for, if they want more Monsters, more gear, more quests, better online set-up [which is ironic considering the system], and far more challenge.

World is not a "git gud" game by any stretch. It's a short and sweet beginners entry designed to pull more players into the fanbase via its numerous and welcome QoL improvements, but there isn't a single soul that isn't a World fanboy who doesn't recognize where it falls flat in comparison to MHXX.

When World has G-rank, styles and arts, better cosmetic options, more refined online, and at least half as many monsters as Generations Ultimate, then we'll talk about World being superior, and I might actually agree since I love the QoL stuff that it has going on for it.

But until then, I'm going to just point out that even Capcom agrees with me, because they've said, quote, that MHXX is "a celebration of the franchise's best".

Neonridr209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

"At the end don't defend MHGeneration Ultimate because is on Nintedno"

says the guy who defends the Sony MH games.

naruga209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

@Neonridr ..i included MH 3 which is on Wii (and i consider it my 2nd best MH game) ....but generally yes MH3G-4-4g-X-XX which are on Nintendo consoles have shown a dose of dregadation in everything (the same goes for Portable 3rd though which is on PSP and i didnt liked that much)

MeteorPanda209d ago

wait they added tmogs to ultimate? Sometimes l wonder what the hells wrong with the team. mhw pushes you to mix and match, has a tmog samurai set...yeah tmogs in a gorgeous game. I don't get it.

I can see gen u giving me about 2k hours of fun before l put the switch down XD

Movefasta1993209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

The Hunter style crap made the game cheap and easy ,I have the Japanese demo on switch. I'm sure there will be tough g rank quests but it's still off putting. And stop saying veterans LMAO the games were at there most hard-core back in the unite and 3u days when you coukdnt mount creatures , and there were barely any armour skills ,I can tell you've never or were never good at the old games

wonderfulmonkeyman209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

You can tell nothing; I've soloed my way into the middle of G-rank back on the Wii and Wii U entries, well before any of that stuff, with SnS, and have worked my way to end-game on Generations almost entirely solo as well.

The hunter style stuff does not make the game cheap or easy.
The demo does nothing to prove that since all of the demo's monsters don't come close to comparing to mid-game challenges, let alone late-game challenges.
Also, here's a little something that you don't know; some of the moves in World take direct inspiration from the arts and styles of Generations and XX.
Specifically the back-hop-to-lunge, hop-to-aerial, and downward shield bash from said aerial that the SnS can do in World. Charging back hop to lunging slash is a standard move of the SnS, the aerial hop is ripped almost straight out of the Aerial style, and the shield slam is the latter part of a level 3 Shoryugeki Hunter Art.

Even the World team knows that styles and arts are good. They wouldn't take notes and use them in this beginners entry themselves, otherwise, so insulting the hunter arts and styles as "cheap and easy" only reinforces my point about World, if we go by your logic.
So either you're right and World is cheap and easy, or you're wrong and the hunter arts and styles would benefit World if they were added.
You lose out either way you spin it.XD

Most veterans agree that Gen is exactly as Capcom describes it; a celebration of the best of the franchise.
You not liking or agreeing with that doesn't make it any less true.

World is easy mode compared to gen and has far less content.
It serves its purpose in bringing new blood to the series and improving upon several QoL areas that held the gameplay back from being smoother, but it is not the definitive entry of the franchise by any stretch, much less the one that most experienced hunters turn to when they want more content.

Gameseeker_Frampt208d ago


"You can tell nothing; I've soloed my way into the middle of G-rank back on the Wii and Wii U entries, well before any of that stuff"

How exactly did you manage to solo into the middle of G-rank on the Wii when there was no G-rank in Monster Hunter Tri?

wonderfulmonkeyman208d ago (Edited 208d ago )

I meant to put down the Wii U version, but then remembered the time I spent on Tri and added that by mistake.
Didn't get back to it in time to edit.

Gameseeker_Frampt208d ago

I see. Just remember that Monster Hunter Tri didn't have G-rank, Monster Hunter 4 didn't have G-rank, and Monster Hunter Generations didn't have G-rank. G-rank is added to the game in the 1 year anniversary edition of the game and judging by the way that you keep attacking MHW for not having G-rank at launch it seems that you do not know this - or are deliberately leaving this fact out.

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covcha209d ago

Monster Hunter World is much better.

AspiringProGenji209d ago

World is definitely the best MH game to date and is a huge improvement. Generations has G rank and more content obviously because it came after so many MH games while MHW was made from the ground up.

MeteorPanda209d ago

both are good. l wanted a more generations game from mhw but l'll be happy with the main series being on switch. It should sell very f'ing well now on it

Kaiou209d ago

Honstly once you go World you can't go back.

DJK1NG_Gaming209d ago

Yeah of course you guys won't go back.
Because you guys probably haven't played Monster Hunter since PSP or started with World.
World = Easy Route.

Kaiou208d ago

Kid , I still have my PS2 Monster Hunter 1 disk . And played every game in the series except for generations. World is just too good.

wonderfulmonkeyman208d ago

I talk to plenty of Hunters, on a daily basis, that are quite willing to go back to having large amounts of higher ranked gear, better combat, and far more monsters.

World isn't the end-all that fanboys want to paint it as, despite how wonderful its QoL changes are and how many new players it has pulled into the series.

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