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How can Fallout 4 prove that player choice takes the back seat in today's AAA RPG titles.

13h ago - "Because most RPGs, however grand, however sweeping, however beautifully constructed their worlds... | PC

Asian gamer culture on display in Singapore

23h ago - Asian gaming culture threw off conservative convention in Singapore last week when more than 17,0... | PC

HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at You will regret it... | Promoted post

R.I.P. Wii U

1d 11h ago - While Nintendo hasn’t come out and admitted that it has given up on the Wii U, it’s actions this... | Wii U

Unprecedented Social Problems We Expect on PSVR

1d 20h ago - We have described and compiled a short list of Anti-Social "problems" that maybe associated with... | PS4

Virtual Reality – Maturity Beyond Games - Brainwashed Politics

2d ago - Can VR brainwash us? Can it influence politics and make us change the way we think? Can VR be use... | Tech

Pachter Discusses What Happens IF NX Bombs, Chances Of Success

4d ago - On episode 4 of his show Pachter Factor, video game and electronics research analyst with Wedbush... | Wii U

Rachael Messer Voice Actress - Gamingwithdad

8d ago - Rachael Messer is a voice actress that has done over 20 video games, which includes Comba from Wa... | PS4

Final Fantasy XV devs reveal more combat details

8d ago - The Final Fantasy XV development team have replied to questions on the fan forums, revealing more... | PS4

Nintendo NX “doomed before it launches” without key third-party support

9d ago - Games industry analyst Michael Pachter has said that third-party support is vital to the success... | Industry

[Public Unboxing] Steam Link + Controller

10d ago - The next episode in the uniquely awkward/hilarious Public Unboxing series is here! Carson was so... | PC

Xbox and PlayStation: virtual war reality

10d ago - Do you think that when the VR console comes out, the Xbox will die out? What if everyone goes cra... | PS4

Nintendo NX Theory Video – Nintendo Infinite, Price, Controller and More

10d ago - "This is an interesting theory video on the Nintendo NX which touches on the potential price, con... | Next-Gen

Michael Pachter Predicts The Nintendo NX's Price

11d ago - On episode 3 of his new show Pachter Factor, which is viewable on, video game and elect... | Next-Gen

PlayStation VR Tennis Racket Controller

12d ago - New Tennis racket developed by Sony uses, 5 sensors, pressure, motion, biometric, kinetic and cli... | PS4

Blizzcon 2015

13d ago - Another year, another awesome Blizzcon! From the upcoming World of Warcraft movie to next years h... | PC

Dexmo developing miniture glove robotic touch gloves

14d ago - There is one particular product which has been kept hidden from the media for awhile and it's sti... | Tech

PlaystationVR Weight Ergonomics

14d ago - The PlayStation VR is set to be released next year in 2016. The first thing that consumers will t... | PS4

Robin Atkin Downes Playing the Main Protagonist in Edge of Nowhere

15d ago - Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain voice actor Robin Atkin Downes confirmed on Twitter that he... | Next-Gen

Sony Asia release exhibition layout at the annual G-Star Korea Exhibtion

15d ago - Sony has just revealed its CGI exhibition layout at the G-star annual Korean exhibition which it... | Tech

The future of wearables in VR

15d ago - Wearable Technology is increasing rapidly with the introduction of Samsung Watches, the Apple Wat... | Tech

See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post

American survey revealed consumer expectations on virtual reality

16d ago - A survey done last month in America has revealed startling results. The survey predicted that the... | Tech

Gamer Habits….. Excuses Excuses

17d ago - There is something else that goes hand in hand with gamer rage and that is excuses. We all use th... | GameCube

Nintendo Focused On Young Talented People Being More Active in Company

20d ago - Splatoon was done by a young team at Nintendo, and it seems this may continue to be a trend for t... | Wii U

Is Nintendo Gearing Up to Dominate 2016?

20d ago - Nintendo has a perfect storm brewing that could spell dominance in all facets of gaming in 2016.... | Wii U

PAX Aus 2015: Show floor roundup

21d ago - An in-depth round up of the exhibitors from the show floor of PAX Australia with gallery and high... | Xbox
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