Sony has been developing PlayStation 4 since August 2010

Sony has been developing the "next generation PlayStation" since August 2010, according to the online CV of an ex-SCEA R&D director.

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SandWitch2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

That's normal, Sony already had NGP prototypes in 2009 (or even earlier)

dafegamer2121d ago

lol why the disagrees you comment is pure fact

guitarded772121d ago

@ dafegamer

Either GynGa has formed a fan base like everyone who has been here long enough, or a random disagree clan has shown up to the topic. Those are usually the excuses for disagrees with true comments.

On Topic: I don't see how anyone could be surprised by this. Engineers spend years developing prototype after prototype and spend millions on R&D. When a finished product hits the store shelves, it is the culmination of much work with many skeletons of hardware, options and features lost or honed in the development process. Anyone who thinks Sony, MS or Nintendo just throw together some hardware and write some software for it are morons.

MAiKU2121d ago

Having only a concept on the planning board is considered to be part of the "developing process."

It probably took them that first year or a little longer to come up with a direction to go with.

hotrider122121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

from guitarded
Anyone who thinks Sony, MS or Nintendo just throw together some hardware and write some software for it are morons

I hate to disagree bro. but was not the 360 thrown together back in 2006 without QUALITY ASSURANCE checking hardware first?? was their not RROD,E74,GPU chip overheating, melting games,loud 747 airplane fan noise, EJECT TRAY problems anyone who think that did not happen is a moron.

zeeshan2121d ago

Actually to be honest, I am surprised by this. I'd always thought PS4 would have been in development right from the launch of PS3. This stuff takes time, experimenting with new ideas, seeing what's the best way to get the price right and still have a powerful machine, get feedback from studios around the globe, a lot of pre-alpha brain storming and what not.

MaxXAttaxX2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

At least, that's what we read on the internetz.

So this could be true.

That's what the PS3 was for....maybe

BitbyDeath2121d ago

Thinking and developing are two different things.
Ken Kutaragi who is currently working on the PS4 announced back in 2007 that he had a vision for the PS4, PS5 & PS6.

Visions of course change over time as does the technology.

guitarded772121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

@ hotrider12

You don't have to be sorry for disagreeing with me, friendly discussion and debate makes us all more aware. I understand your point with the hardware failures in the early 360's. But to think MS just threw together the 360 without investing millions of dollars and thousands of man hours is naive.

Even with a huge investment of time and money, oversight still exists. There are plenty of examples of engineering and software disasters due to oversight and while it's not necessarily a disaster, the original chipset in the first generation of XBOX 360's was an oversight which may or may not have been caught before production began.

Fact is, the big 3 invest an amazing amount of time and money each generation. Some hardware, software and features from this gen are evolutions of tech from previous generations, some are completely new. These companies have offices with electronic and software engineers where people are constantly looking into what the next piece of hardware will be.

SilentNegotiator2121d ago

Hardware always gets planned/developed for several years. This news isn't remotely surprising.

r1sh122120d ago

Im sure sony will have been exploring ps4 options when the ps3 got released.
Any company the size of Sony will be doing the same.

miyamoto2120d ago

Don't worry the PS4 will do native 1080p, 2K and 4K tech developed by Sony that will put the Retina Displays to good use.

Gaming1012120d ago

lol who gives a crap about what internet fanboy trolls think anyway? Agree or disagree all you want you, it means nothing - don't get worked up over some unemployed loser in their underwear hitting a disagree button on every comment he sees.

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Lior2121d ago

He's wrong ngp began development in 2009 so why does it say 2010

TheBigShamona2121d ago

I remember the leaked prototype ngp image that was a sliding version similar to the pspgo. I also remember reading that, that version had overheating issues so it was Changed to its current design:)

sikbeta2121d ago

Tell me is coming next year plz! I need new consoles, next needs to start in 2013...

ziggurcat2121d ago

it's likely going to be a 2014 release. no announcement at E3 this year is more or less a confirmation of that.

Mintyrebel2121d ago

@Ziggurkat I agree I think they will release probably holiday 2014 but I think they will be announced E3 2013 to build some Hype.

ArtificiallyYours2121d ago

The fact N4G cannot filter repetitive information is laughable at best. This is hardly news for sure.

Maddens Raiders2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

PS4. Sounds so good, although I must say I'm loving the hell out of the PS3 right about now.

xursz2121d ago

Wondering why you got disagrees. PS3 hate crew must be in town today.

Tonester9252121d ago

Do people just want a PS4 so they can have PC graphics? That's kind of selfish.

RevXM2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

I guess you dont realise that every new generation of consoles have not only have had better graphics but have made gameplay and other stuff change also.

When people uppgraded from P1 to Ps2, do you think they didt just for graphics? or from ps2 to ps3?

This KZ2 interview is about a lot of stuff both eyecandy and directly gameplay related stuff.
Kz2 IMO best fps this gen. Crazy beastly visuals, awesome AI, awesome physics, awesome Gameplay and feel. I love the atmosphere and the little touches everywhere. And that stuff is thanks to the skill of the developer and resources they get. The same stuff obviously couldnt be done on Ps2 and thats why I look forward to ps4!

Just better looking games arent enough, but thats more of a Developer issue if better visuals are the only thing they can pull off with wastly more powerful hardware. No that would be boring in the long run.

Also if the next consoles couldnt do better than current PC games technically Id be really sad lol. Current high end PC hardware is so much more capable than what shows in current games.

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Ken222121d ago

Give me give me now >:O!!!!!

bwazy2121d ago

For all those games that don't exist for it :P

garos822121d ago

of course they have just as xbox is doing and nintendo with wii u. people think that developing a console is as "easy" as developing a game. surely the console has so many factors and trials and test etc before its released. leaving it till the last minute to develop is rather foolish imo

miyamoto2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

My Body is Ready!
Bring It On, Sony!
Bring It On!

"If you can build a better machine and it's going to come out a little bit later," he continued, "that's better than rushing something to market that's going to run out of gas for the long term."

....hmn I wonder what console he is talking about...

JellyJelly2121d ago

Probably one of the other consoles that has been outselling them all this gen.

stuna12121d ago

There has only been 1 console out selling them this gen! Unless of course the US does = the world!?

OT: Whenever the ps4 does come out, I'm sure it will continue to offer me what I have come to expect from a sony product.

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Nelson M2121d ago

I'll test it for you anytime

akaakaaka2121d ago

well they should let me test it I broke 3 playstions 3 in 3 years, if it last on me it means they did a good job lol XD just like the slim ps3 !

Rockefellow2121d ago

Lucky you. I've only had one "fat" PS3 break on me, but two Slims.