1000° Redirect Suggests PS4 Is Indeed The Final Name

THE SIXTH AXIS: Wednesdays are for the PSN Store Update. Everyone knows that. Whatever digitally distributed goodies you’re shelling out for preoccupy all your thoughts. So it’s not really a huge surprise that there hasn’t been much in the way of meaningful, interesting games news today.

On days like this, we have two options. We can either give up trying and just post bits and pieces like Sleeping Dogs and Hitman Absolution being cheap on PC at the moment or Bohemia Interactive making Arma Tactics for Nvidia Tegra things and putting mocap in it. Stuff that would barely warrant a sarcastic line from Tuffcub while he’s filling up Snatch. The other option is to mess about on the internet and uncover something odd, interesting and probably completely irrelevant.

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Unztayble2145d ago

I like the Orbis name. PlayStation Orbis.

SandWitch2145d ago

I don't. Reminds me of Orbit chewing gum.

Root2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Well it was either chewing gum or a new type of mouthwash

Red_Orange_Juice2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

I never.. can't unread

They have two choices,its either PS4 or just PlayStation. I'd like their next game cases to just say PlayStation on the top, also keep current cases, they're small and awesome

Crystallis2145d ago

@ Gynga. HAHAHA too funny!

Army_of_Darkness2145d ago

They should call it playstation 4k.

KangarooSam2145d ago

@Army_of_Darkness: What the hell are they supposed to call the Playstation 4,000? :P

Nevers2144d ago

Ugh,... "Orbis" reminded me of these horrible HORRIBLE drinks.

Army_of_Darkness2144d ago

who cares about that, we'd all be dead by then;-)

zeeshan2144d ago

Hahahah @ Orbit chewing gum! :)

Campy da Camper2144d ago

Can you imagine that chicks voice as you navigate through the menus? "What's this? Dirty images in your photo gallery? Clean them up you naughty boy."

Montrealien2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

Or the drink Orbitz

anyways PS4 is the way to go, hands down. Can't wait!

nintendoland2144d ago

Funny? LOOL that was so shitt

problemchild842144d ago

Awww man i remember those drinks! My science teacher thought they were the coolest thing so she brought some in for the class when they came out.

The drink wasn't very good (had a strange oil-like viscosity) so i hope Sony just sticks with PS4 for the name.

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nirwanda2144d ago

Mmm not sure it works in japan it will be the 'death' of sony.

MYRMIK2144d ago

I'd like the next PlayStation to take the name Orbis!
PlayStation "Orbis": "world" or "cycle" in Latin
PlayStation "Vita": "life" in Latin

But if it goes with PlayStation 4 (sigh), so be it.

BitbyDeath2144d ago

Should have been obvious when Quantic Dream registered the domain

ape0072144d ago

nope it totally sucks, ps4 FTW

FamilyGuy2144d ago

It's gonna be called PS4 rather than Playstation 4


Ritsujun2144d ago

Oh god, you're still in kindergarten aren't you.

Unztayble2144d ago

why do I have to be in kindergarten to like the name playstation orbis? I'll like whatever the hell I want.

TAURUS-5552144d ago

i really hope its PS4.
orbis just doesnt sound nice.

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DarkBlood2145d ago

that pic doesnt look like it can stay flat?

sarshelyam2145d ago

It's just an artists rendition...not at all indicative of what we'll actually see. For the reason you cite alone, this would never be a viable design. Hardware manufacturers like Sony are always going to opt for a dynamic design that allows vertical or horizontal placement of the console.

DarkBlood2144d ago

true,looks nice though, would make me wonder the purpose of it looking like that if it was real

Ritsujun2144d ago

Come on kid, that's not the official design.

DarkBlood2143d ago

Dont start getting pissed at a theory question now.

NastyLeftHook02145d ago

im sure if there was

ther is a 99% chance its going to be called ps4.

why would they change it?


bicfitness2145d ago

I thought that there was some Japanese negative association or superstition related to "4"; hence why SCEJ wouldn't go with '4'. But I could be completely wrong on that. The internet is not always a reliable source for information.

Rai2145d ago

Its not just Japanese, I think its most asian cultures. I think its because the number sounds the like word death. I remember my mom didn't want the number 444 on the license plate because of that. I could be wrong too though

Root2145d ago

True but I don't see why the rest of us have to suffer

Call it something in Japan but market it to the PS4 for the rest of the world.

I'm sure in the gaming industry companies have marketed a game/product in one country but with a different name.

Agent_00_Revan2145d ago

Yes but I think it's them that the #8 is very lucky. So if Sony keeps going, PS8 will Kill.

hazardman2145d ago

The internet is a never ending source of information. You just have to make sure the info your getting is from reliable sites. After doing some research right now I can tell you the system will not be called PS4. The Japanese skip 4 as it sounds to similar to death and the 9 because it to familiar with the word suffer. This superstition is not only in Japan but other Asian countries aswell and its called Tetraphobia. Take it easy.

Saigon2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Does any one recall the super famicom?

Either way I understand if they change the name as long as the PlayStation Title is still applied, similar to PlayStation vita. I think, from one speculative rumor its going to be called the PlayStation Omni

dark-hollow2145d ago

"PlayStation death!"

If I was Japanese I would have no problem with the "4". Its badass!

girevik2145d ago

So does that mean we will have even more "PlayStation is dead!" articles? =p

TotalHitman2145d ago

The Japanese pronounce 4 as shi. The word death in Japanese is also pronounced as shi. That's why they're superstitious about it.

It doesn't matter though as they pronounce PlayStation 2,3 as it's said in English. So, I would assume they'll pronounce PlayStation 4 as four instead of shi.

EeJLP-2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

Wow.. this Sony/Japan superstitious of the #4 BS still hasn't ended??

Gran Turismo 4 ring a bell??
See many more examples:

"and the 9 because it to familiar with the word suffer"

Then why in the ____ would they specifically make a PS9 'teaser' commercial if they were so afraid of 9?

memots2144d ago

Call it the Playstation Tentacle

Japanese would be happy at least

cee7732144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

Resident evil 4
Street fighter 4
Super street fighter 4
Super street fighter 4 arcade edition

Shall I go on with this 4 is evil in japan nonsense lol

rainslacker2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

It's just a superstition, similar to the number 13 in many English speaking countries. The majority of the population doesn't avoid the number like the plague any more than we avoid the number 13. Might make for some casual jokes or what not, but rarely does it have any real effect.

kayoss2144d ago

That might be true... but games like resident evil 4, street fighter 4, monster hunter 4, persona 4, final fantasy 4, etc... all have the number 4 in it.

The Great Melon2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

These chinese 四 (4, sì) is nearly homophonous with 死 (death, sǐ) also.

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Baka-akaB2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

yeah a change only makes sense in the minds of those among the "press" that decided the ps3 was a failure .

Did Sony screw up initially ? yeah but the ps3 was still a success and the brand definitively still strong .

Cam9772145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Playstation Vita.
The PS1 was referred to as the "Playstation" at the time until it was succeeded by the PS2. With regards to the PSP, that followed the style of the PS1 so it seems funny that the Vita wasn't named the "PSP2." See my point?

TronEOL2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

I think the reason they didn't name it PSP2 is because they released "PSP-2000/3000". They probably didn't want people to confuse the Vita with another version of the PSP. And if I remember correctly, they actually called them by the number on the box.

The Vita is named as such as to avoid confusion.


Your comparison:
PlayStation 2
PS2 Slimline
PlayStation 3
PS3 (Slim)
PS3 (Superslim)

psyxon2144d ago

Vita = life = a new breed of handheld.

nirwanda2144d ago

@influxity it seems ironic as it may well be the last handheld sony will release.

Dread2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

I am psychic

I called it

no one suspected it, but I stood alone against the currents.

Playstation 4, I told you so./s


In fact, I am going to take a chance and say that the next one (if there are more gens of consoles after this one) will be called:

Playstation 5,

I said it first

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2144d ago

Playstation 5??? o.o

I never would of guessed (,_, )

C0MPUT3R2145d ago

PS4 markets itself.
SONY would be total morons to not call it PS4.

mike32UK2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

Could not agree more. Sony would be foolish to name the next playstation "orbis". General consumers will only see it as an incremental upgrade, like a playstation 3.5, going to playstation 4 solidifies everything straight away without having to give any explanation. One of the main reason i feel that the wiiU hasn't been selling as well as they expected. wii2 would have been better. But lets face it wii is a stupid name they should have scrapped it altogether!

On a lighter note BRING ON PS4 & NEXTBOX!

mi_titan272144d ago

i agree with the wii statement, i know of several people that think Wii U is just a controller add-on for the wii.

Sheikh Yerbouti2144d ago

Whatever Sony calls it, people will call it the PS4.

psyxon2144d ago

So wrong. "Playstation" markets itself. That's like saying the Vita won't sell because it doesn't follow the naming trend of the PSP. People buy "Playstation", they don't buy numbers.

mike32UK2144d ago

Playstation markets itself yes, to loyalists. But to the average customer, like i said they will just see it as an incremental upgrade, especially not worthy of spending £300-£400 on.

DonFreezer2144d ago

PS4 markets itself in Japan.Since in countries where people play games are not fanboys PS4 doesn't market anything.

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