Spec analysis: Durango vs. Orbis

Digital Foundry on what the recent leaks mean and how the next-gen Xbox and PlayStation compare.

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Walker1651d ago

With a huge per cent advantage!

Dylila1651d ago

i cant wait to have a ps4 in my hands. just like every gen. playstation is about making proper games of high quality.

TheGamerDood1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

"Sony hardware has a surprisingly large 32 ROPs; 32 comes across as overkill, but it could be useful for addressing stereoscopic 1080p for instance, or even 4K"

1080p 60fps shouldn't be a problem then. Nice!

"we're told that the quality of the tools for PS4 has increased exponentially to the point where one highly experienced game-maker we spoke to rates the PlayStation Vita tools as the most impressive he's used"

3rd party devs have no excuses any longer, if you're unable to code for PS4 then it has nothing to do with the hardware and everything to do with your skill set.

Stevo911651d ago

I cant wait to have PS4 and Xbox 720 in my hands.. is what people should be saying

Gamer19821651d ago

DDR5 vs DDR3 for GPU memory is a MASSIVE advantage. People say oh I only use DDR3 on my PC but there graphics card most likely uses DDR5. The bandwith in DDR3 will be a massive bottleneck for devs in the next generation and will lead once again to games being downgraded for both consoles to look on par.. However the exclusives on PS3 will be off the chart thanks to having this bottleneck removed.

JP13691651d ago

If the PS4 really is significantly more powerful than the successor to the 360, I really think third-party games will reflect that. It seems the reason for this happening this gen was the relative ease of development on 360 compared to PS3. If PS4 is developer friendly, then it wouldn't be hard for them to use the extra power to add extra effects and if there's a PC version, maybe even higher resolution and framerate to achieve something closer to parity with that version.
Either way, I buy Playstations because of the exclusives the platform offers. Not having to worry about any Bayonetta or Skyrim fiascos is simply icing on the cake.

InMyOpinion1651d ago

Comparing hardware that has only been speculated about. New low reached.

blackbeld1651d ago

Ps4 will put 720xbox soon out of business.

PS4 is a killing machine!

Ju1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

@Gamer1982 DDR3 in Durango is only half the story, though. I have a hard time seeing 68GB/s + 100GB/s = 170GB/s...the ESRAM is a cache; and never can the peak bandwidth be bigger than the fastest entity in the system - no matter if it runs parallel or not. If you make one read with 68GB/s and another with 100GB/s you still read with a max of 100GB/s - well, but you can move a bit more data - but only if you have a proper data layout which really can benefit from such a "data move". And in that case, it would actually drop down to the slowest transfer (like 68[pool1] + x>68[pool2] needs to wait till you have all data from pool1 loaded...).

Well, all that said, though, MS tries to offset the limits of DDR3 with extra HW to remove dependencies from bandwidth. But it will require some SW tricks to utilize those. Funny, ain't it? Sony tried the same with the PS3. - One significant difference here, however, despite all customization, Orbis is still up to 50% faster...makes you think, huh? 360s EDRAM could level the SPU advantage, but wasn't faster...

MS priority seemed to be the >4GB, it seems while Sony looks like is biting the bullet and goes with what's available. It also looks to me, that AMD did the whole chipset for Sony (this is a SoC incl. CPU and GPU) while MS might have had more internal work done to get those customization in?

The fact is, the PS4 (supposedly) beats the Durango when 4GB are in your budget - by quite a bit. But if devs require more - there will be no other option but to add some streaming to the PS4, while Durango can use the bigger pool. I personally think that 4GB is the better route to go - if you build a console primarily.

I am quite surprised that this time MS went for the excessive customization while Sony streamlined their platform. I think MS had the wrong priorities (but that's just me). 8GB GDRAM might be feasible in some near future which will make all that customization quite obsolete.

And the other fact is, that if AMD packs all that onto a SoC (Sony), that the Orbis might actually be cheaper - with the offset that the 4GB GDRAM might clock at the same price as the 8GB DDR3.

No matter what. We'll see some freaking looking games come next gen. No matter what you'll choose.

BitbyDeath1651d ago

Hitler learns that the PlayStation 4 is more powerful than the XBox 720

JC_Denton1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )


Honestly, I have no desire whatsoever to get a 720. Microsoft outright said that it's going to be less of a game console, and more of a "media-hub", a path that the Xbox has been going down since its start. The only reason I bought an Xbox in the first place was because it was all my friends would ever played. Xbox Live is the reason why I started getting angry at video games. Hopefully the PS4 will continue chugging out new and innovative GAMING experiences, not new peripherals that allow us to play shitty games in cool ways.

user39158001651d ago

Huge percent advantage on what? As the article state, he dont know but speculate on results, the data its too closed together to activate a winner. Well, I know 1 thing for sure N4G is were most drolls come to and seems always 1 way. Comprehension level here its minimal, but to make it simple, they have same cpu, same amount of ram 2ddr3 = 1 ddr5, video cards or gpu are similar, so it all comes down to neat picking, faster does not meant carry more and thats were MS placed their eggs cause they want more functions and the reason they emplaced the 4 move engines. Either way, both consoles are going to rock, but PS4 its focused on raw power on gaming which will lack behind on media/entertainment models, while ms has the availability to resurface due to its flexinility. Either way none of this its oficial, what makes this article good, its how many of you already painted a picture of who will win based on rumours, lol, not to mention that most of you dont understand anything.

NeverEnding19891651d ago


I think you're mistaken. Microsoft has never said that the 720 would be more of a media hub. Sony on the other hand said these exact words yesterday:

"SCE official says that the PlayStation 4 will act as more of a home entertainment hub than what we've seen in the past"

JC_Denton1651d ago


Hm, well I could've sworn I heard that from at least 4 or 5 different sources. Oh well. I guess the reason why I won't be buying it will be for my primary reason: Xbox has about 4 exclusive games worth owning, none of which I have any interest in.

MaxXAttaxX1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

That's what I want the most from a gaming console: High focus on gaming.

This is how I wish ALL consoles were like.

nukeitall1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

I think it is funny, because all of this is rumor, but then again this mirrors very much the Xbox 360 vs PS3 spec wars.

On paper, the PS3 has higher bandwidth and supposed superior computing power. In real life, all of that didn't matter because the bottle necks was too costly so any performance gain was really lost.

So the question here isn't what has more raw processing power by the numbers, but what as an overall package provides the most balanced system?

The Xbox 360 and PS3 generation, the bandwidth and latency wasn't as important as the amount of RAM. What is it next generation quantity of RAM or the speed of it?

For that, we won't know for a while after the console has been released.

That said, history has repeatedly shown that the highest spec machine almost always looses. It turns out, the content and features of said console is far more important....

Gaming1011651d ago

I have a feeling this conversation is going nowhere on this forum - people are splitting hairs on hypothetical arguments.

The truth is, specs can be changed just like Ken K said. Once the opposition reveals their specs, all you need to do is figure out a way to match it somehow. Simple as that, and don't think either Sony or Microsoft is going to let the other get away with a massive advantage.

1651d ago
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fermcr1651d ago

Don't care... my console is better the yours.

*grabs popcorn*

FIGHT !!!!!

Jakens1650d ago

I'll get the backwards compatible console first and the other one later. I do hope that one is more powerful than the other. All is fair.

NastyLeftHook01651d ago

yeah it seems the playstation 4 (orbis) is focused mostly on raw games power.

The_Infected1651d ago

Which is exactly what a game console should do. Glad to hear Sony is doing it right. Their 1st party games will be amazing no doubt at all about that. Can't wait until Feb 20th!

greenpowerz1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

Oh god here we go again. More pre launch sony propaganda just like before the PS3 launched.

-Ps3 is more powerful than a super computer.

-PS3 can do 1080p

-Ps3 can do 120 fps

On and on based on mis information and rumors.
Pro sony media and sony are going to allow the sony fanboys to smear the 720 like they did with the 360 and wii u

You can't trust Sony about specs even if the PS4 specs rumors were actually/truely leaked from Sony. Sony is known for telling lies to trick stupid fanboys from buying other consoles and to run negative smear campaigns against mostly MSFT.

I won't believe anything until MSFT releases the specs for 720 and pro unbiased developers reveal the specs of the PS4 without Sony influence. Also multi platform games will be the best proof not linear games with static game design and lack of features.

JP13691651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

Since when is Eurogamer pro-Sony? How is any of this Sony propaganda? Sounds like baseless speculation from someone whose entire argument claims to be against such things.
Remember, these specs are just rumors, there's no need for an Xbox fanboy like you to get all worked up just yet.
P.S. The proof of your lack of logic is contained neatly in one sentence: "I won't believe anything until MSFT releases the specs for 720 and pro unbiased developers reveal the specs of the PS4 without Sony influence."

So, you need a "pro, unbiased deveoper" (whose legitimacy I'm sure will be determined by how their words affect your agenda) yet you are more than willing to accept the word of Microsoft's marketing department. Sound logic there...

Edit: One thing Sony didn't lie about is the fact that they would continue providing an experience unavailable on any other console. The number of both blockbuster and unique exclusives delivered this gen delivers on that promise. A good number of them do so at a fidelity that is also without rival on anything other than PC.

WhatchaTalkinBout1651d ago

bahahaha and your saying microsoft dont tell lies ??? your serious right ?? i think you best do i history lesson on microsoft, see what ya find lots of lies since the company was formed in 1975.. ever company tells white lies and bends the truth, but theres no way you can point the finger at sony when they all do the same !! plus sony never released no specs on any console nor did microsoft. its the media and or moles who make you think what you wanna hear....

NastyLeftHook01651d ago

or no linear sub hd games that are dark and have only flashlight features.