Kamiya: Metal Gear Solid and Monster Hunter are not "World's Famous" Games

Hideki Kamiya, best known for Platinum Studios, Devil May Cry, and Bayonetta, took to twitter to discuss what he would consider "world famous games."

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porkChop1099d ago

Ok, so he says that Super Mario and Dragon Quest are world famous games, but that Zelda, Resident Evil, and Final Fantasy are only borderline. Really? You're saying that Dragon Quest is better known by non-gamers than Zelda and Resident Evil? You don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Blastoise1099d ago

Just don't tell him that on Twitter. He'll probably tell you to f**k off

Timesplitter141099d ago

I'd say the only ones that aren't "world famous" are Dragon Quest and Monster Hunter

Malice-Flare1099d ago

sure Kamiya, when was your last game that shipped 5m units...

DarkOcelet1099d ago

Resident Evil 2 was his only game that shipped 5m units. But that was back in 1998.

seppo911099d ago

Well, he does say that the games he makes aren't world famous either so what's your point?

Muadiib1099d ago

That perhaps he's not qualified to be the judge of what's famous and what's not, clearly he's out of touch either way.

Whitefox7891099d ago

Opinions people!

Kamiya is not the de facto when listing Worlds famous games. He's just throwing his two cents in, how you interrupt what he says is your own problem.

garrettbobbyferguson1099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

Just for those of you who only read headlines.

“To me, what I may considered as “worldwide famous game” is whether or not some ladies from Sugamo knew or maybe heard about that game.”

And a quick check of what Sugamo is; a shopping district for older generations. So basically he's saying world famous titles are those that are known by all, not just those who are in the hobby. And I would agree with him. For example, my mother knows pokemon, and she knows Mario. She doesn't know Halo, nor Metal Gear.

Kyosuke_Sanada1099d ago

Who said you could speak? Get back to creating Devil May Cry 5 or Okami 2!!!!

Frinker1099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

As a feminist, this has made me so fucking angry

Aquacure1099d ago

I'm inclined to agree, however, with Resident Evil there was a number of rereleases. RE2 got ported to N64, RECV got ported to PS2 after it came out on Dreamcast, RE3 found its way onto Dreamcast after it launched on PS, all of the canon games were rereleased again on GC, and as unfortunate as it may be, there's been the big budget, crap all over the franchise movie series. Mario? Well he's just all over the place at any given time anyway. Part of what makes MGS so special is not only its attention to detail, cinematic storytelling, ingenuity (ketchup to escape anyone?) but Kojima never just cranked them out annually and I never felt like "this is just a cash grab" like some other stealth game

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