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10 Cancelled Games That Could Have Been Great

1091d ago - There's all sorts of reasons games get scrapped, beyond just being 'not very good'. Developers ca... | PC

Lionhead: "Milo lives on in Fable. He's now a little wizard."

1112d ago - GI - Gary Carr, creative director at UK development studio Lionhead, has revealed that while the... | Xbox 360

Warhammer Fans! Win a Pro-Painted Ghorgon!

Now - Turbo Tape Games is pleased to announce a contest for an exclusive Ghorgon miniature hand-painted by Dave Taylor! | Promoted post

Lionhead: Project Milo existed before "we'd even heard of Kinect"

1117d ago - EuroGamer - Lionhead's Project Milo helped launch Microsoft's vision of Kinect to the world at E3... | Xbox 360

Milo & Kate originally a controller game, scrapped because Lionhead needed money

1118d ago - Milo & Kate, Lionhead’s abandoned Kinect project, was designed “before we’d even heard of Kinect,... | Xbox 360

Peter Molyneux: “Let’s use AI to change the world”

1167d ago - Peter Molyneux says he wants the games industry to “use AI to change the world,” creating stories... | PC

Peter Molyneux's Milo Was "Nearly Finished"

1208d ago - Peter Molyneux recently explained in an interview that Milo, the doomed Kinect title was close to... | Xbox 360

Molyneux: Industry wasn’t ready for Milo’s “concept”

1237d ago - Speaking in one of his last interviews as creative director of Microsoft’s European studios, Pete... | Xbox 360

Peter Molyneux finally reveals the real Milo and Kate – Dimitri?

1518d ago - VGD: "Attentive Lionhead fans may have noticed that Peter Molyneux FINALLY revealed the mysteriou... | Xbox 360

Lionhead Working On Unannounced Kinect Project

1539d ago - NowGamer: Fable III studio Lionhead is developing an unannounced Kinect title, which could be one... | Xbox 360

Lionhead Working On Multiple Kinect Ideas

1573d ago - NowGamer: During Lionhead's recent creative day over half of the 35 presentations for new game id... | Xbox 360

Stunning Milo and Kate demo, running on Xbox 360

1595d ago - Lionhead's new sculpting tool can render "billions" of polygons | Xbox 360

The stunning world of Milo & Kate: 62 screens from GDC demo

1596d ago - Lionhead's dormant Milo & Kate Kinect game boasts billions of polygons, thanks to a new proprieta... | Xbox 360

Was project Milo ‘cancelled’ because it’s secretly in development for next gen Xbox?

1597d ago - From the article at The GDC featured a new video of the much debated and mysteriou... | Xbox 360

Rumor: Project Milo Still Alive with Storyboards

1604d ago - Project Milo, from Fable III developer Lionhead, was one of the most promising tech demos back in... | Xbox 360

In Pictures: The lost world of Milo

1605d ago - Lionhead built an adventure around the project, new images suggest. Develop has been handed st... | Xbox 360

CVG:- Milo & Kate: Seven-minute video shows new gameplay

1616d ago - New stuff includes Milo being scared by a deer, playing basketball with the player, finding a pai... | Xbox 360

5 Funny Kinect Videos, Including an Awesome Milo Parody

1634d ago - Some call Kinect the next leap in technology, others believe it is a gimmick that will fade away.... | Xbox 360

Top 10 Kinect Games We'd Like To See

1644d ago - Dealspwn lists the ten most mouth-watering, exciting games yet to be announced on Kinect that we'... | Xbox 360

2011: Our Gaming Predictions - NowGamer

1670d ago - NowGamer takes a COMICAL look at the gaming year ahead - "In 2010, Molyneux revealed that Milo’s... | Wii

Is it? Isn't it? No, Milo & Kate Is Definitely Not A Real Game

1733d ago - Well, this has taken a while. Milo & Kate’s been up in the air for ages, unveiled alongside Kinec... | Xbox 360


Now - Legends of Gaming Live will take over the whole of Alexandra Palace, from the 4th - 6th September 2015. Packed with exhibitors showcasing the lates... | Promoted post

Cliff Bleszinski describes Milo as a mix between Heavy Rain and Pixar

1748d ago - Epic Games’ Cliff Bleszinski describes Milo as a mix between Heavy Rain and Pixar. | Xbox 360

Molyneux demos Milo to Epic Games

1748d ago - Videogamer: "Epic Games makes big budget action games - Gears of War, Unreal Tournament - for the... | Xbox 360

Project Milo Cancellation Further Highlighting Kinect Concerns

1769d ago - Pedophiles around the world are mourning the rumored cancellation of Lionhead Studios’ overly amb... | Xbox 360

DVG Daily September 24th: Star Wars MMO, Devil May Cry, Blu ray Going Extinct?

1772d ago - From, "Milo tech news, The “Edgy” Devil May Cry, Star Wars: Clone wars... | PC

World 3 (Philippines based podcast) Season 2 Episode 11: Tokyo Game Show 2010

1773d ago - It’s a spectacular World 3 x Back2Gaming episode once again, where special guests Vincent Haoson... | Arcade
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