Stunning Milo and Kate demo, running on Xbox 360

Lionhead's new sculpting tool can render "billions" of polygons

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captain-obvious2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

this vid is old
and has been posted before

Active Reload2795d ago

Looks to me it's similar to the id tech 5 engine Rage is using, as far as the Mega texturing goes...

hay2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

I hope this tech demo doesn't end like the "mere tech demo" Milo and Kate. It sure looks nice. Lighting is incredible.

inveni02795d ago

I'm not sure what their trick is, but if you go to the boat (about 1:17), the back section in red is very angular and the red seems to be a tarp of some sort. It made me wonder why there are no cloth effects. Is it possible to render any cloth physics (or physics of ANY kind) using their technique? Secondly, is their mesh technique possible on other platforms, like the PC? Why haven't we seen something like this with the PC?

Something just doesn't seem right, so I'm holding my reaction for some game footage using this technique.

Finally, how is this a Milo and Kate demo? I didn't see Milo anywhere. Though I could see how this would work for that type of "game".

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mattfong2795d ago

That's an amazing looking tech demo on 360.

SignifiedSix2795d ago

Agreed! Lets just hope they can pull something off like the Milo tech demo! It would sell like hot cakes lol.

ownallconsoles2794d ago

I'm a pedophile and I approve SignifiedSix's comment /s

We don't need Milo, we need games!

upturned22795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

you think PS3 users want to interact with little boys?

lol jk

but seriously, you think PS3 users are jealous about this "new and exciting" technology that the PS3 doesn't have?

it's sad for sure. you think they're saying to themselves,"Yeah, but we got all the good games..blahblahblah blah blah blah."

pity the fools who think that. this technology doesn't make the 360 better. it CLEARLY means the 360 needs new gidgets and gadgets to survive against the PS3 which is meant to last this generation from 9-10 years.

TeaRunner2795d ago

seems to me your spending too much time thinking about what other people may think.
it's a nice tech demo. get over it.

upturned22795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

not other people. just that jackass. he shouldn't worry about the disagrees. doesnt everybody know that the "agree/disagree" function is there solely to let people know there are "fanboys" around? Who cares, no one was saying anything anyway. they have lives, i dont and neither does signifiedsix. i cant get over it, this is my life, wise man who makes great observations.


never did i knock on how clean the visuals are, or say such a gadget won't do any good. that tech demo is for you, Mr. TeaRunner and pedophiles alike who call it a "nice" tech demo. tech demos are superficial, dude.

thank you, have a good morning jog. the kids are on spring break over here so there shouldn't be any waiting around at bus stops to snatch one that looks just like Milo. just giving the heads up so you don't waste all of your time.

-Alpha2795d ago

The setting is gorgeous.

a08andan2795d ago

I agree, but as there is absolutely no interaction or physics, as far as I can see, games will not look nearly as good as this demo does. But again, it looks incredible and I can't wait til games look like this :)

Christopher2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

I think the artistic design is fine, but I don't see anything technically awe inspiring. Especially considering it's a static world demo.

***The water was moving and interacting with the pier .... so wasn't static. ***

It's static since the action is a pre-programmed action and not a reflection of real-world physics, meaning external interaction. There is no wind, otherwise the plants would also move, but they don't. And the water's ripple effect was as if something has been dropped in the water, not in a wave effect you'd see from the wind. Even the lighting is static considering that nothing affects it. There is absolutely no external element to each item, only the static programmed visual elements.

a08andan2795d ago

Ye precisely my point^^

NukaCola2795d ago

I think it looks a little claymation-like, and before anyone hates on me, I just want to say I think that is very cool. It's British and has that Wallace and Gromit feel that is very intriging. I would love to see something 3D like that had the stop motion animation feel to it.

FinalSpartan2795d ago

The water was moving and interacting with the pier .... so wasn't static.

Videos was here 100 times haha but still amazing and potential for xbox with this engine and its games will be great.

-Alpha2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

Well, yeah the artstyle was what I meant. I love the cartoony feel, and the tranquil, child-friendly gardens. Feels very calm

I think it looks good technically too. At least, there isn't anything wrong with it.

Christopher2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

I didn't mean to say that it wasn't nice looking, but that would be about all I could say for it. It showed nothing other than you can make a nice looking environment in the engine, but that doesn't mean anything other than the ability to make nice movies if you can't implement physics, global lighting, and dynamic particle effects.

If you've ever seen a few of the Crytek demos, they also looked great. But, more importantly they showed off the physics and AI capabilities with the engine combined with fully realized lighting systems.

IMHO, any demo intending to market a game engine needs to include more than just static environments. Even the Crytek demos I've mentioned don't represent actual in-game graphics since the game becomes a balance of limited hardware combined with graphics and gameplay, but they at least give you a better idea of what one would expect in a fully released game compared to a demo that is the digital equivalent to a still life painting.

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Sh0ckWav32795d ago

i really dont see what you guys see here, this dont look impressive at all..

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