E3 2009: More on Natal and Milo

June 3, 2009 - We've come across a few more tidbits about Project Natal and Milo. If you're wondering if it's real, you can read IGN's hands-on impressions of Natal, which we posted on Monday night. But here's some other goodies.

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Sonyslave33480d ago

It real playstation fans so now can yall stop saying it fake. lol i bet that ps3 fanboy site is feeling stupid calling Milo fake.

KionicWarlord2223480d ago

Wouldn't you think this isnt possible at first? Its a natural reaction . Still amazed that ms came up with this .

Rigmaster3480d ago

Uh, it was someone in the gaming media who reported the Microsoft demo was faked...

sniper-squeak3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

...with 3D games/glasses, that would be literally amazing.

EDIT: @ disagree's; wat's wrong with 3D and Natal? Microsoft have just invented something inovative for the gaming industry!

Raf1k13480d ago

Natal isn't an invention. It's existing technology that's been applied to work with the X360 and video games just like the Sony motion controller

jcgamer3480d ago

I laugh when gamers on this site SAY that they want something fresh and different...they say, "why does everything have to be shooter this / FPS that!!" when something fresh and different comes along, they put their guard up...this is definitely the highlight of the MS conference, and I look forward to seeing it progress...

sniper-squeak3480d ago

I knew someone would say that, and hence, I mentioned "...for the gaming industry"

Jinxstar3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

I don't think it's fake... Just not all that impressive myself. Seaman on the Dreamcast was similar in concept and as soon as you asked something outside of "Simple commands" it didn't know what to do. Try asking milo what he thinks about existentialism or economics or anything and he'll probably seize up and change the subject. The idea and concept is cool but the AI is scripted. The only real reason I am skeptical is because they showed a video and not a live demo... I am sure it's real and behind closed doors with an NDA and other things it's probably quite impressive but it's not new. Not really something I would play on any system and it is gimmicky. The idea of 3d with head tracking is cool and the video they showed with the "Potential" behind Natal was cool too but truthfully so was the video they put out years ago for "Surface" and we all know what happened there... Nothing.

Look guys disagree all you want. I am a sony fanboy but their(sony's) motion control to me is just as gimmicky and I wont be buying those rods unless they turn out to have really good games... However I'll probably just be thinking "This feels like a wii"... This whole push to become the next wii is just lame imo and i can't remember who said it earlier but it was somehting along the lines of "Wasn't the 360 supposed to be the hardcore gamers platform" all the companies are selling out. it's old and milo looks like something I would never play. it's an uber tomogachi.

Rigmaster3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

"I don't think it's fake... Just not all that impressive myself."

It's a cute little strawman to try to setup and knock down that there are 'fans of another console trying to deny the awesomeness' by people trying to hype this as anything other than just another motion control tech demo in a sea of similar tech demos that have been shown many times before.

No release date.
No games announced.
No games playable on the show floor.

Nothing but vaporware.

The fact that Microsoft had virtually nothing else to hype from their conference other than a motion control tech demo is the only reason anyone is bothering to talk about this stuff.


And, sorry, it wasn't fans of another console claiming anything. It was a game journalist who saw someone supposedly faking the Milo demo.

I did not murder him3480d ago

He also said Halo is coming to PS3 ;)

I did not murder him3480d ago

Capcom on G4's E3 live coverage just announced that Lost Planet 2 is launching on 360 this year. List for PS3 was not mentioned almost like Capcom just decided to put this on ps3 two days ago

cyberwaffles3480d ago

but this is just mind blowing. i love advanced AI and i'm so glad seeing it in fruition in gaming. i always dreamed of cars having AI like this and i can't believe we're so close to having AI this intelligent already. i still think sony's motion controller is better and true 1:1 movement tracking, but natal will get even better and this AI is already blowing my mind away.

el zorro3480d ago

In my opinion Natal shows more potential than anything else shown at E3. It literally blew me away.

Eddie201013480d ago

I have no doubt that it works, My doubt is that anyone will want to play air games. A person playing two demos in 5 to 6 minutes, demos that don't look that fun to begin with, does not impress me. To me, all I could see from the demos was full body control, which I think is just a small improvement. They have not showed nor have I read or heard any talk of 3 dimensional control with Natal. So all in all it is an improvement on the Eye Toy, which we saw how well Eye Toys air games went over with the public.

Sony's approach is a much better idea, you have true one to one 3 dimensional control that is more tactile and realistic, and from the looks of there impressive demonstration, is extremely accurate.

Sitdown3480d ago

They also say......its a just a gimmick for casual gamers.

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Sonyslave33480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

lol wii&ps3 fanboys still having a hard time believing this is real.

gambare3480d ago

yeah... a pedophile dedicated game, I can't believe it.

UnwanteDreamz3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

I believe it will be real in like 2 or 3 years. I also believe this will not be used for real games but instead casual stuff. I have said it before so excuse me but how am I gonna put a couple of hours in a game if I have to be on my feet? I actually have a job and would rather not spend my relax time hoping around in my living room.

Some people realize that this will not change hardcore gaming because no one wants to sink 10 hrs into a game that requires them to be on their feet for most of that time. I think the interface for the 360 will be cool but this will not replace controlers or change the way people play online FPS and a slew of other hardcore games.

joevfx3480d ago

first its obviose this is a tech demo. its extremely cool and honestly a bit hard to believe. But can you imagine if they implemented this in a game like Oblivion or Mass effect!! Like you just talking to the characters and not picking predifined sentences!! i know that would be insane to do but it would be amazing.

360_Rules3480d ago

Is the future. I think this is going to be sooner then two years and also you PS3 fanboys are jumping for joy for the PS3 glow dildo. Hahahahahahahahah

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Sonyslave33480d ago

IGN knows something we don't but any way i want a DBZ-Bleach-Naruto game when this tech release.

really duh3480d ago

Yep saying it was fake when it was said to be real during the conference was desperate. Dude said it would be running on the floor and I'm sure everybody will ne repoting on it in the coming days I could hear the cheers during the G4 coverage.

gambare3480d ago

I have seen reactions like that, usually at comedy shows when someone say a bad joke then comes the hired laughing man, just like this, someone had to say "it's fake"

really duh3480d ago

Nope just thunderous cheers of excitement. Keep telling yourself that if it comforting for you.

gambare3480d ago

uh? I'm just confirming what you are saying, there was a word that it was fake, don't be such a fanboy.

UnwanteDreamz3480d ago

Dude that is all he is. Really duh you have been all about Natal since it dropped because that is the best MS brought and it is farther off than you think. You guys that think natal will change gaming forever are being fooled.

Go home and get out your 360 controler. Now stand in front of your TV and play your favorite game for one hour without sitting down. BS this is the future. The system interface was nice but you guys are crazy to think hardcore gamers want to have to move more than they already do to get a kill in a FPS. I have sunk over 200 hrs this year playing games. I would not spend that kind of time flailing my arms or hopping around. Natal is for the casuals and no amount of you screaming different will change that

really duh3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

No one cares how PS3 fanboys feel about it so why spam up every article about it?

There isn't any PS3 only news on this site? go somewhere please.
Isn't there some E3 news on PSN you can watch?

UnwanteDreamz3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

Wait I have no where near the ignores you have cause the only one spamming is you fool. You are a kid and I recognize your style. You wont argue with my point cause I'm right. Just dismiss it because mentally you can not hang with me son.

el zorro3480d ago

No, UnwanteDreamz, the reason you don't have so many ignores is because you are a Sony fan in a Sony fanboy dominated site. If you say good things about the 360, or anything negative about the PS3 you tend to get lots of disagrees and ignores.

So your statement proves nothing. If this site was dominated by 360 fanboys, you would probably be the one with few bubbles and lots of ignores.

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Sonyslave33480d ago

Man i hope Bioshock 3 use Natal

UnwanteDreamz3480d ago

You want to spend 10hrs on your feet? You guys must be children.....motion controls are not for hardcore games.

Foxgod3480d ago

in 2015 hardcore gamers will be people that like to move.
And people that dont move will be going back to the 70ies, where their only entertainment was pot and pizza.

airheadluffy3480d ago

i really dont want games using full motion control. i mean how would you play bioshock without a controller. how would you shoot or even move. the bottom line is that you will need a controller to play certain games. but thats just me. im not a fan of using motion controls cause sometimes i just want to sit on a couch and play my games.

maniacmayhem3480d ago

You must be a fat sunovab!tch if you can't stand up and play a damn game. Remember ye ol arcade scene?

I remember standing for hours just playing street fighter or kof.

I have no problems with standing on my own two feet, its why god gave me legs.

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