First-Hand with Natal: Why it's a Bigger Deal Than Critics Think

Kikizo writes: "We present to you our info-packed, first-hand, behind closed doors impressions of Xbox 360's stunning new killer app, chat to Kudo Tsunoda and Peter Molyneux, and explain why some of its critics are really missing the point."

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Marceles3357d ago

Honestly by looking at the articles after E3, critics think Natal is a huge deal.

KionicWarlord2223357d ago

Well its been on news several times.

Saigon3357d ago

Until it can prove its not the 360 version of the EyeToy...because seriously people are overating Natal...especially when the EyeToy can do the same damn thing...

KRUSSIDULL3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

360s Eye Toy is already here its called Xbox Live Vision Camera! Natal is something much better than eye toy why cant sony fanboys see this? Natal comes with 2 cameras, multiplie microphones, sensors, and separate proccesor inside.


The Master Chief3357d ago

Xbox Live Vision camera= Eyetoy = FACT

Natal = brand new console technology = Fact

GWAVE3357d ago

If anything, critics think too highly of it, especially since this technology has already been (partially) available since the PS2 Eyetoy, 360 Vision Cam, and PS3 Eye.

Sitdown3357d ago

"especially when the EyeToy can do the same d*** thing." Soooo, why is it not doing the "same d*** thing."

Oddly enough...I keep walking buy my eyetoy...and it doesn't log me on.

But seriously...I have no clue of the potential of the Natal or the eyetoy...but I will say this, in theory two cars can do the "same d*** thing", but I rather be in a Lamborghini than a Neon.

kewlkat0073357d ago

with the new 3D Screens and games....

Imagine if the camera can map a face or take a picture and use that in the game...

Downtown boogey3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

I can imagine 360 SKUs "bundled" with Natal (it'll be a default inclusion from there on out), a price cut is also imminent at SOME point before Natal... Xbox 360 hitting the mainstream with even more momentum than the Wii!

Oh, I just read that... Here's the thing:
The technology Natal utilizes is quite simple (infa-red, cameras (and maybe even something that can measure distance)...) and only the software is somewhat innovative but can be easilly overcome by time. However, Sony's motion controls are FAR from simple! Their accelometers are darn precise and the controllers seem to be aware of eachother (i.e. distance) and all that peripheral tech collaborating with a powerful machine producing somewhat realistic physics was something I wanted from Wii but never got the precision and effectiveness!

JokesOnYou3357d ago

"But seriously...I have no clue of the potential of the Natal or the eyetoy...but I will say this,in theory two cars can do the "same d*** thing", but I rather be in a Lamborghini than a Neon."

-Go easy on the kid. lol


IdleLeeSiuLung3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

Shigeru Miyamoto response to Natal:

"I[author of article] know what he[Shigeru Miyamoto] thinks about Natal because I asked him directly when he came out of the demo. He said he liked it, nodding enthusiastically when I asked him if it was "good". So that's a world exclusive right there, I'm pretty sure."

I'm excited....! Now if we could get Shigeru Miyamoto to create something for Natal that would be awesome.

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dirigiblebill3357d ago

Isn't it? That Milo and Kate thing has me sold.

Imagine conducting a conversation in Mass Effect, and having the other guy respond to your body language. The possibilities are daunting.

Downtown boogey3357d ago

but development time isn't.

KionicWarlord2223357d ago

When ever it is release it will be amazing.

dktxx23357d ago

If you thinks critics are underrating Natal, you are an idiot.

JOLLY13357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

That was a very informative post. Do you care to elaborate?

*Edit* I agree with the randumb (yes, I realize I spelled it incorrectly) disagreers. That wasn't an informative post at all.

Troll-Killer3357d ago "critics", he also means anti-MS/Sony/Nintendo fanboys...not just industry critics.

orakga3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

His post was quite succinct IMO. Many believe that Natal is being overrated by the critics, so his following statement makes perfect sense.

"If you thinks critics are underrating Natal, you are an idiot."
(i.e. "the critics are overrating Natal")

But why is it overrated, you ask? Because although the possibilities are indeed impressive, this is far more blue-sky than most anything that I've seen be announced in this industry over the last two decades. IMO, this is as blue-sky as VR headsets in the late 80s. Yes, marvellous and impressive concept as they both may be. But they also have near-zilch practical potential for the immediate future (next 1-2 years).

I won't downplay Natal's ultimate potential.
But it will take at least a couple of years before you see a full/proper game (and not a tech demo like Ricochet) that uses Natal. And most people will be looking at the next-gen systems by then.

dktxx23357d ago

The media has hyped this thing like its the second coming of Christ. Its been called the future of gaming, the most innovative piece of hardware ever, etc. To say that people aren't truly realizing what Natal can bring is moronic. Most reasonable people have more than hailed natal, they've given it a legendary status. So to say people are basically not giving it enough credit is stupid (I know that sounds ignorant, but come on. Look around).

And I never said it was overrated. I just said that if you think people aren't thinking that natal is a big thing, you are blind and haven't been to any gaming website for about a week.

really duh3357d ago

He's talking about Sony and Nintendo supporters and rabid PS3 fanboys.

He's actually talking about people such as the two guys above me.

"The media has hyped this thing like its the second coming of Christ" because they're impressed by it?

The fanboys are attacking this like its the anti-Christ

dktxx23357d ago

So because fanboys are attacking it we should write a stupid article trying to persuade them to think otherwise? oh my god, I'm stupid! How could I forget that fanboys are reasonable?

Fanboys bash everything opposite their console and praise everything about it. Ignore it. its not going away.

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Atomic Punk3357d ago

I want to play COD with it

TreborRversed3357d ago

I'm very curious as to how it would be used in COD

Downtown boogey3357d ago

solely with Natal but you can combibe the controller WITH the Natal.
You're only limited from using your arms...

Brock Danger3357d ago

Would be the ultimate win. It'd be sweet to have your character's face lip-synching what you say, or being able to issue commands, reload, or change weapons using simple gestures.

in a game like Rainbow six, it'd would be unbelievably awesome to be able to raise your arm, point one finger, and make a circle to have your squad form up on you. Or tap the side of your head to change between different vision modes.