Peter Molyneux Demos Milo & Kate At TED

NowGamer: Legendary developer Peter Molyneux has revealed the latest version of the Kinect game Milo & Kate at the TEDglobal event in Oxford...

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siyrobbo2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

and here come the haters, 3.....2.....1........

Obama2900d ago

Milo: Want to play with my wii?
Katie: OK!

SOAD2900d ago

SOAD: Want to repeat a joke you've read a hundred times before?

Obama: I'm one step ahead of you.

wazzim2900d ago ShowReplies(1)
2900d ago
Hacker2900d ago

Microsoft are pushing the boundaries when it comes down to Next level of interaction between AI and finally they may have cracked the once impossible task which scientist have been struggling for years to achieve the perfect AI. Milo will change how we interact with AI and set a stepping stone for the FUTURE. Milo is groundbreaking and only possible on xbox360.

NecrumSlavery2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

Only possible on 360? It's made on a PC dude.

The Lazy One2900d ago

Every console game is made on a PC... Dude.

fooltheman2900d ago

You really think they'd pull that off? hell no
It'll end up as a good well hidden smoke and mirrors

It'll never understand what you're saying... it'll only be programmed to give that impression...

I see this as kinectimals with a person

NecrumSlavery2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

To have the ability to have real conversations with an AI person, you'll need a program and system that can read body language, and a database that's well past the limitations of DVD9. Milo would/could not even know the difference if you were giving a high five or flipping the bird at him. He doesn't understand sarcasm, love, anger, laughter. When you watch the Kinectimals/Milo demos, you can see that the reactions and emotions and gestures of the player font effect the AI at all. When Milo tripped and Skittles fell, both actresess gasped "worried about AI", but the creature/kid ds not acknowledge the concern of the player. No one will have a relationship with a program, Milo is no different than a digital furby.
The only way you get emotion attachment is to put the player in a situation that can grow a relationship. If you found skittles bloody and beaten, and had to save it's life. The stress from the game will force you into an emotional connection. It's only childish fun. Nintendogs/EyePet in MS style.

SOAD2900d ago

If you knew anything about programming, you would know that the DVD-9 has plenty of space for AI code. High definition textures and audio are limited by DVD-9. Behavior code doesn't take up more than a few hundred kilobytes of memory.

Stop spreading FUD.

fooltheman2900d ago

at soad.
If you knew what kind of AI mister molyneux is trying to make. You didn't need to write this message...

It's impossible for technology to recreat a computer being that "understand"
Milo would try to let you believe it understands...but it'll be just programmed AI not a AI that "lives".

SOAD2900d ago

Yeah, I don't believe in true AI, either. But I'm just saying that behavioral code doesn't take nearly as much space as Necrum thinks.

AAACE52900d ago

What you are talking about was possible on the Dreamcast with Seaman. That was 10 years ago! So you really think a game console can't achieve something like this now?

fooltheman2899d ago


Seaman, doesn't understand you ^^ you even saw it work?
Molyneux tries to replicate a "human being" as a game... sorry It's a brilliant idea, but A human being can't be made by technology.

You'll see... it'll end up as minigames with milo, with some chitchat that he'll reply too, but will not understand.

There's a big difference in "understanding" and speaking ^^

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DelbertGrady2900d ago

Nice to see devs like Peter Molyneux trying to push the envelope for interaction. I hope they implement this tech in a Kinect game somehow.

eggbert2900d ago

he said himself its the same tech.

skyward2900d ago

That was debunked by the Kinectimals devs

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