Milo: It's Amazing. And Crap

There’s been a lot of to-ings and fro-ings with Milo after the past few weeks; was it just a video? Does it work? Is it going to be a game at all (‘No’ – Aaron Greenberg, ‘Yes’ - Peter Molyneux, ‘Maybe’ – Aaron Greenberg, ‘No’ – the BBC”), culminating in yesterday’s apparently big reveal at TEDGlobal of exactly how far the product’s come. But perhaps people have got a little bit too lost in the media intrigue and overblown Molyneux rhetoric to actually stop and think... what are we actually dealing with here? Is Milo and Kate amazing, or is it crap? Is it perhaps, like most things, a healthy mixture of both? It’s counter-arguments time...

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Nicaragua3072d ago

Im in the crap camp.

Actually i dont just think its crap - i think its weird and bordering on unhealthy to want to have a virtual boy as your freind who lives in the tv.

xztence3072d ago

It's certainly interesting at first sight but I have to agree.
It's a pointless tech demo with the purpose of impressing audiences
but fails badly.
I don't get where Molyneux wants to go with this.

3072d ago
COINTELPRO3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

The Milo tech demo has potential to be pedobear approved. They just need to merge Rapelay gameplay mechanics with Kinect and we got ourselves a winner.

Cevapi883072d ago

did Moleynuex forget that people have these things called REAL friends that you can talk to

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ravinash3072d ago

people do realise that Kate is the person standing outside the game, she doesn't come with it.

fastrez3072d ago

Kate is the name of Milo's dog. Was revealed at the UK Develop conference today. Google it.

ravinash3072d ago

Is it...opps.
Well i didn't get to see the whole demo I guess.

I must have completely missed Kate then.

NecrumSlavery3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

If Clair were to show Milo her boobs, how would he react?

duplissi3072d ago

he might rise to the occasion

hassi943072d ago

HA! +Bubbles @Duplissi

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dhammalama3072d ago

At least the demonstration shown in the preview image. That girl is standing and waving her hand way to close for the Kinect camera to be picking up her movements.

Specification say something like 1.3m - 3.something for the range, she's at 6 inches with her hand when she's playing in the water. And I'm sure you've all noticed that when a person on tv is looking at the camera, they appear to be looking at you no matter where you stand in the room, that means if Milo is looking at her, he should be looking at us too.

Fireseed3072d ago

Yeah it's totally weird right what kind of console would ever make a virtual friend?

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Mike134nl3072d ago

The tech and the possibilities are great, but common you are playing and talking too an interactive boy. However in the hands of bioware I can see a few good things happening in the far future.

Feckles3072d ago

Love the tech, cannot wait to be able to hold a conversation with an artificial game character. But this is really in its infancy, right? And will devs really be able to spend the time and money to create many, many characters that would be needed to populate an RPG, for example?

fooltheman3072d ago

I do think that what you want is impossible...hence what everyone things milo does is already impossible..

you can't make a human being on a disc

ChickeyCantor3072d ago

"you can't make a human being on a disc"

Its called A.I.

It just depends on how well its written. It will take time to create a complex A.I. that matches human intelligence. But not impossible.

fooltheman3072d ago

You just don't get it do you...
It's not possible to recreate ourselfs on a disk...

someone who can thinks like us?
who understands and talks like a normal being?

You underestimate our capacities mister...
Our harddrive there above have almost unlimited GB's of data available... that's why we can learn... Our eyes have pictures of more than 100 megapixels... Our vocabulary is gigantic

I'm not even gonna repeat neuropsychology to make my point clear

ChickeyCantor3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

All im gonna say is that you are just ignorant. It makes you cute =).
Cause you pretend technology isn't evolving as well.

Btw ever heard of SIMULATIONS? Just because they wont be like humans are, doesn't mean you can't simulate it.

Perhaps not in our time, but impossible, if thats the case why not talk about how everything came to be...I mean really.

Never say never.

Have a good one.

exnihilonihilfit3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

"You can't make a human being on a DVD"


fooltheman3071d ago

but a simulation is not a real AI, and even then a simulation? How would it work then? A simulation of a human being, that just sounds ... well sorry gonna happen.
A real AI is not possible, not now ^^

It'll be smoke and mirrors. Like the showing from a couple days ago, the program says what you need to do..."cheer him up"
That is just making you do things, but Milo is already programmed to react in a certain way...
So it gives you an illusion...
If you would say to Milo; " hmm your hair is filthy", he would be cheered up.

And for people who do not believe me, look at the article it says you needed to do that.

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Alos883072d ago

I'm still confused as to whether this will be an actual game or just a tech demo.

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