Microsoft Promises Milo is the Next Step

GT: Peter Molyneux's Milo is the project that caused tons of controversy since it was shown last year because while many believed it was a revolutionary achievement the demonstration was labeled as Smoke & Mirrors and that technology like that was still far, far away. Milo has been hiding since then and almost nothing has been said on how the project is progressing.

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cyborg69713117d ago

Next step in what direction? It's creepy and it should be named HAL9000. Sorry Dave I can't open the pod bay door, oh I mean DVD9 door. This is not a step forward but rather laterally.

kaveti66163117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

The best way to fake Artificial Intelligence is to give the subject millions of lines of dialogue, a multitude of behaviors and facial expressions, and a proper way of channeling the right dialog and expression in response to human interaction.

Microsoft is right about this being the next step, but it's not the next step in genuine AI. It's just the next step in the illusory nature of gaming. The visuals in video games are a trick, and so Milo will also be a trick.

fox023117d ago

I can't wait to get my hands no Milo

That came out wrong.

-Alpha3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

Milo is a demonstration. It's the next step in simulating communications between humans and AI. It's really neat, as creepy as it may be. Why so militant over it? Yeah, it's like Hal, but that's what many people would like to see become reality and Milo seems to be experimenting in that. It has to be utilized well by developers and what exactly they will do with it remains to be seen.

I know there is talk of Fable utilizing the recognition patterns that Milo demonstrated and it's actually quite astonishing to see in action. Milo extends the gameplay ability to voice recognition and it's a notable step forward for the way motion control is going.

I don't understand why people are expecting Milo to be an actual game or something. The concept is what you are supposed to understand. Imagine playing Fallout and talking to Wastelanders in the same sense. Again, we as gamers have a limited knowledge on what's happening but developers are always tinkering around and are open minded to the concepts. Perhaps, instead of bashing it just because it scares you you should try to understand the concept.

Wrathman3117d ago

for all you guys that dont have an xbox.a few weeks ago a video from lionhead appeared on the was about fable the video you could see people actually working with milo im guessin they are workin on it at some level.

but i dont know where they could take this freaky milo thing.its odd to say the least.oh wait..lets say im playin tiger woods.milo could be my could get club advice etc..but when you screw up you can blame milo and smack him around.then drown him in the lake.


jjohan353116d ago

Other than the creepiness of becoming friends with an imaginary little boy (pedophilia), I don't see the big deal about Milo. It looks like quicktime sequences, although the cues and input are a little more complicated but not revolutionary.

IaMs123116d ago

Haha Fox that was hilarious

3116d ago
Mc Fadge3116d ago

The letters of HAL are all one letter after the letters of IBM

MrMacabre3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )


Edit: @above you mean one letter before right? well spotted though, spoooooooky.

DaTruth3116d ago

In pedophilic methadone!

3116d ago
Inside_out3116d ago

Milo will be available at launch...been reported many places...It's top secret right now, probably be more info at E3 in June...First thing I would do is punch Milo in the face and see what gonna be very interesting...

PirateThom3116d ago

Milo isn't any kind of HAL-9000-esque AI though, there's no learning or adaption here. It responds to set stimulus that has been pre-programmed. You know those online bots you can ask questions too? Same deal, at first it starts off logically but AI like this will always trip up, be it through repetition or just nonsense.

Milo is the next step, the next step after "Hey You, Pikachu" or "Seaman" and we all know the resounding successes they were.

Masta_fro3116d ago

they promise like we actually want this next step...

sid4gamerfreak3116d ago

"Microsoft Promises Milo is the Next Step"

Thats it, no project natal for me...

R2D23116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

can you please tell why thats the first thing that pop into your heads? Pedo's can go to h3ll for what they are doing but even if a pedo does get his hands on Natal - dont you think it would be safer for them to play with a virtual boy than a real one.

AAACE53116d ago

I am actually looking forward to this. MS has the Milo project and Sony has the Eyepet project.

Next gen is for new experiences and for innovation to come alive. I believe alot of people were stupid enough to think next gen just meant new graphics.

The sad thing is that this gen hasn't really evolved much! Before you get mad think about it... Most of the popular titles out are shooters! As much as I liked Uncharted 2 and it's greatness, in the end it is still just a shooting game with a great story!

Very little "REAL" innovation has occured this gen beyond games like Flower, Pixeljunk Eden, etc.

Another bad thing is more random titles are dying off because the industry is under the impression that people only want shooter games like CoD, Halo and Killzone. So we need to embrace new titles like these. Have you noticed fighting, racing and platform games don't rack up sales like they used to? It's not because those games suck, it's because more people are buying shooters! Having online multiplayer makes them more attractive as well. I bet if you look over the last few years most of the games you have been really excited about were shooters. And alot of other games got put on the back burner.

Not downing shooter games, cause I love em. But just stating we need to be open minded to new experiences because they could possibly take us somewhere better than what we already know!

Christopher3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

I'm not into EyePet and I'm not into Milo. I can interact with people in real life perfectly fine, I don't look to interact with programmed persons unless it's in a normal video game, not just a standalone software item that allows me to send notes and talk to a digital boy.

Honestly, I want to hear less about Milo and a heck of a lot more about how Natal can be utilized to improve how I game right now.

Raz3116d ago

Interaction between the virtual world and the real one is growing. We're not too far off from the whole "Computer: Tea, Earl Grey, Hot" era.

Milo is just another stepping stone in the interactivity arena. Too bad Microsoft tried to sneak it onto the market before it was ready - you'd think they'd have learned THAT lesson by now.

Morgue3116d ago

Instead of Natal they should have called it NAMBLA..

pixelsword3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

Bear-boy lovin':

VigkVagk3101d ago

should see a rise in sales of the microsoft xbox 360 now!

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AlexeiBorodin3117d ago

The question is, can you actually disturb Milo? If you start talking to him about the ravages of war and quite how awful Lily Allen's music is will he understand? If you show him footage of some bloke getting his foot chopped off will he shiver in a corner and scream?

Not realistic enough if you ask me.

NateNater3117d ago

That's asking a bit much. Isn't it?

AlexeiBorodin3117d ago

well Milo promises much, so I will ask of it what it promises, 360 degrees! Would be odd if Milo was numb to all the horror in the world yet full of joy and wonderment at pools of fishes!

Sgt_Slaughter3116d ago

Well, hopefully we won't have "Well BAM, there it is" with Milo flipin out in the backround

Raz3116d ago

I suppose it isn't too much to ask to have a virtual person you can actually drive insane...of course, it makes me wonder seriously about the mental state of the person who'd want to do that in the first place...

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PandemicPrawn03117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

I have no idea how Milo can work as a game.

Microsoft however has been quite big on a NUI (Natural User Interface) for some time now. Could it be possible for Milo and his hubworld to be some kind of interactive dashboard?

Redempteur3116d ago

as a game i still don't know

At best milo will be a next-gen tamagoshi ..
no way to have a good AI , given the number of subjects they can't use . but my true question is ..what's the point of milo ?

if you can command you console by talking to milo , that would be awesome .but i'm not sure if this is what they intend to do with it

PeptoBismol3117d ago

Peter Molyneux = Pedophile

Wrathman3116d ago

look at all the dumb droids in gaylords seem to forget that you have HOME installed on your ps3.and last i checked..its a pedo heaven.and you talk about this milo!!LMFAO.

facts are this..if you have been on home..99% chance you have been groomed by some pedo to some degree.

simply HOME is a catholic church and your a choir boy

Das_Bastardion3116d ago

Someone should rip off your fingers from your fvcking hands Dead Space Style.

Disgusting and inferior Xbot

blasian3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

they could atleast of made a girl character but even M$ knows they like little boys just like the bots

avengers19783116d ago

Why is Milo interesting? I don't see it, I don't think talking to a virtual child would be fun at all. If I want to have a conversation with someone then I have real friends.
Why is it that Milo, one time admited by MS to be nothing but a tech demo, is even being talked about?
Is this the type of thing that the bots want from Natal?
Gamers that want to use Natal for(Reach, or Gears 3)=Sad and out of luck.

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ELite_Ghost3116d ago

making more virtual friends instead of real friends :D