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Top 5: Most Popular League of Legends Champions Today

13h ago - Piling on over 120 champions gives League players a massive variety in selection, yet some champi... | PC

League of Legends' Amumu Receives Depressing Music Video

1d 14h ago - The Curse of the Sad Mummy is more than just a ranged attack. It's also the name of a League of L... | PC

Real Time Gaming Network (RTGN): The future ESPN of gaming?

1d 15h ago - As a spectator sport, video games are most assuredly here to stay. Traditional gaming media compa... | PC

Be Wary, Some Game Installers Could Contain Malware

4d ago - Installers Contain Malware! Folks at fixthisgame was shocked to find League Of Legends are amongs... | PC

Visit CGMagazine: The Culture of Games

Now - CGM is for the mature audience of comics and games that wants more out of their media than just a review score. | Promoted post

Malware Infects Asian Distributor of League of Legends and Path of Exile

6d ago - Recently a security conference in Taiwan called Hacks in Taiwan uncovered a malware infestation o... | PC

Piglet has visa issues, Team Liquid going to use KeithMcbrief

6d ago - Steve “Liquid112″ Arhancet tweeted that Fenix is on his way but he isn’t sure if Piglet will make... | PC

World famous football club now has an e-sports team

6d ago - Besiktas JK, well-known Turkish football team announced that it is opening their e-sports team fo... | PC

Get a unique icon by not dodging in Nemesis Draft

6d ago - Riot’s newest game mode which is already out on PBE, is Nemesis Draft which is basically your nem... | PC

League of Legends’ 2015 Season is Officially Open

6d ago - With the 2015 League of Legends season now officially underway, we are now back into the swing of... | PC

How to be the perfect jerk in LoL’s Nemesis Draft

7d ago - League of Legends’ new mode lets you pick your opponent’s champs for them, so who can troll hardest? | PC

League of Legends - Worlds 2015 to be held in Europe

7d ago - After sharing a memorable 2014 Championship with truly incredible esports fans in Taipei, Singapo... | PC

League of Legends - Champion and skin sale: 20.01 - 23.01

7d ago - Grab these champions and skins on sale for 50% off for a limited time: Skins: Gladiator Draven... | PC

League of Legends: Champion Rotation Jan 20

8d ago - League of Legends free champion rotation for this week are: Ashe, Azir, Fiddlesticks, Gnar, Lias... | PC

Are Cutting Edge Graphics a Double-Edged Sword?

8d ago - With development costs higher than ever and games like Minecraft and League of Legends proving th... | Industry

To Punish Bad Behavior or Reward Good Behavior? That Is the Question

9d ago - Should game design incorporate punishment of bad player behaviours or reward good player behaviou... | PC

Riot: League of Legends player reporting does work, but "lacks direct feedback"

9d ago - Player reporting in League of Legends isn’t strong on closure. You might tell on a teammate for a... | PC

League of Legends to dump statue of in-game character in ocean

9d ago - MWEB GameZone Writes: "League of Legends are arguably doing their most outrageous promotion campa... | PC

League of Legends Ocean Week challenge starts this week

9d ago - MMGN: League of Legends' Ocean Week challenge for Australia and New Zealand kicks off on January... | PC

The Most Played Games Of December 2014

11d ago - The most played games of December 2014 have been released and League of Legends and World of Warc... | Culture

League of Legends Champion Update: Tristana

11d ago - League of Legends has unveiled their most recent champion update, for Tristana, everyone’s favour... | PC

The New Nintendo 3DS XL Is Here

Now - Is the system worth your hard earned money? | Promoted post

Front Towards Gamer Radio 250: They All Oink in the End

12d ago - The big “TWO-FIVE-ZERO” and fortunately, the whole gang shows up for the momentous occasion! Four... | PC

League of Legends "Nemesis Draft" live on PBE; pick champions for the enemy team

12d ago - A brand new League of Legends game mode has hit the Public Beta Environment servers, called “Neme... | PC

The Sole Reason Smite is Better than League of Legends

12d ago - Comparing two MOBA's is like putting a running toaster in a bath tub full of water. You know the... | PC

Is gaming a sport?

12d ago - Rise of the Cyber Athlete presenter OJ Borg explains why the BBC is taking eSports seriously. | PC

10 Gaming Resources That Change How You Play for the Better

12d ago - GamesRadar - In a perfect world, video games would be self-contained packages that provide everyt... | Culture
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