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League of Legends: Ekko Champion Review

11h ago - Ekko, The Boy Who Shattered Time is the newest champion to be released for League of Legends and... | PC

Utd Gaming Presents: The League of Legends Syllabus of Support, Page 1

1d 1h ago - Becoming a true Support main requires a heartbeat. Supports spend their game time making sure tha... | PC

Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

League of Legends 5.10 Bottom Lane Tier List

2d ago - This Tier List helps players pick Champions that best fill the roles of Ranged AD Carry and Suppo... | PC

When Videogame Companies Help Prosecute Their Players

3d ago - Forbes: Last year, Blizzard cooperated with the FBI to get two Diablo III players to plead guilt... | PC

My top 10 favorite League of Legends champs and why they’re better than yours

5d ago - I have compiled a very well thought out list of my ten favorite champs, starting from less loved... | PC

CLG’s New Head Coach Wants to Emulate Traditional Sports Infrastracture

5d ago - From the departure of Scarra as head coach, CLG was left looking for a new one. The community was... | Culture

League of Legends Patch 5.10 brings back Hexakill, buffs utility masteries

6d ago - Riot's latest patch for League of Legends is a pretty good one for the support-inclined, sees Ekk... | PC

League of Legends Ekko Release Date Revealed

6d ago - J Station X: The time-turning assassin is one of the most highly anticipated League of Legends ch... | PC

The First MOBA - Aeon of Strife

7d ago - A look at the first ever MOBA that got the whole genre started. | PC

Cosplay Spotlight: Interview with Seviria Cosplay

8d ago - Considering how popular League of Legends is, it's not at all surprising to see at least a few Lo... | Culture

MOBA Monday: Have We Reached Market Saturation?

8d ago - Currently, it seems like every major publisher wants to get their hands on a MOBA and for good re... | PC

League of Legends ‘Instant-Ban’ System Released in the EU

12d ago - J Station X: In an attempt to fix the game's toxic community, League of Legends has been given a... | PC

Reddit Community Destroy Pro League of Legends Pipe Dream

12d ago - Last Thursday, an absent-minded joke thread turned into a community witch hunt on the /r/Leagueof... | PC

League of Legends fan admits to stalking multiple victims

12d ago - A 17-year old has admitted to 23 charges of extortion, public mischief and criminal harassment, f... | PC

Why Are There So Many Toxic Players in League of Legends?

12d ago - With literally tens of millions of players logging in every single day, there is no question Leag... | PC

New League of Legends player reform system

12d ago - Riot is continuing the crackdown on toxicity with a new player reform system. This new instant fe... | PC

Last Week to Register for Telkom DGL Winter Leg

15d ago - Teams wishing to compete in any of the Telkom DGL titles this Winter leg are required to register... | PC

Ekko Heads to League of Legends PBE; Sandstorm Ekko Skin Revealed

15d ago - J Station X: Riot Games adds new champion Ekko to the League of Legends Public Beta Environment (... | PC

5.9 Patch Notes – Bottom Lane Analysis

15d ago - Five bottom lane Champions have been changed in patch 5.9, and though they are small changes, the... | PC

Reworked Ashe Champion Review

15d ago - Ashe is the latest League of Legends champion to be reworked by Riot Games. Ashe is one of the or... | PC

Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster (PS4) Review

Now - Jae checks out the PS4 version of this HD remaster. | Promoted post

MOBA Monday: Top Paying MOBAs

15d ago - Get a list of the top paying MOBAs for competitive eSports players. Which has the most tournament... | PC

5.9 Bottom Lane Tier List - League of Legends

16d ago - This Tier List helps players pick Champions that best fill the roles of Ranged AD Carry and Suppo... | PC

Ashe Update Heads to Live

19d ago - After Ryze’s well received overhaul last month, Riot began work on another “old-timer.” Since her... | PC

Tencent continues to reign as world's largest games company

20d ago - Chinese gaming giant Tencent has reported profits in excess of $1bn in its first financial quarte... | Industry

Ekko formally introduced to League of Legends

20d ago - Riot makes Ekko's induction into championhood official, details his abilities. | PC
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