Top 10 online games by free-to-play earnings - worldwide

Superdata research released yet another report looking at the most popular Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games.

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Software_Lover1507d ago

........... Is there really that much money out there? Wow these numbers are staggering. And they say devs are leaving the PC.

Who wants to team up and create a studio to make a F2P mmo lol.

WeAreLegion1507d ago

Me, actually. I'm working on one. Haha.

hay1507d ago

Who doesn't... Who doesn't...

guitarded771507d ago

Best thing is if you can design a F2P puzzler with a mass addiction. Something like Angry Birds is low maintenance and high profits. MMO's are cool, but definitely high maintenance... but there is also the easy option to add more content over time to keep people addicted.

equal_youth1507d ago

Are you serious?^^ would be great to hear more about it :D

Lord_Sloth1506d ago

Message me with positions still open.

garrettbobbyferguson1506d ago


we're assuming here that the AAA games aren't crap, which isn't usually the case.

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Pandamobile1507d ago

Why do you think the PC gaming revenue is higher than the entire console industry?

sovkhan1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )


Are you kidding yourself????

Pc revenue are merely 1/5 of the whole industry...

Console 3/5 of the pie, so get your numbers straight!!!

And that with pc players number superior to the number of all console players combined.


Did you read Panda's statement??

The post was for him only, never talked about f2p's even if some are coming to the consoles.

kamper1507d ago

sure.. But how many console games are free? The article is about free 2 play games...

Killa781507d ago

Chatting out your bum bum bum...

sovkhan1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )


I'm already aware of this, this is an estimate and even with it , the pc revenue are only 25 billions - real number for for pc 2014 is 20 billions. Total Video game industry is 101 billions!!!

Check up the real numbers provided by my link and browse the net with other known institutions such Idate and CNC, The numbers i've given match these.

But you can believe what you want.

AndrewLB1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

On a global basis, PC games market has surpassed the console gaming sector in terms of revenues, and that is an undeniable fact.

Sovkhan- That number of $101 billion includes console hardware sales and completely skews the comparison since it doesn't include PC hardware in the $20-$25 billion PC segment. If you were to include revenue from gaming PC hardware, that number would be 3-4x larger considering nVidia alone in 2013 had around $5 billion in revenue from selling graphics chips to the third party companies who make the actual cards and sell them in stores. And since most would agree that the actual chips nVidia sell constitute anywhere from 15-30% of the actual retail card's price... the overall revenue from just the cards that utilize nVidia chips probably exceeds $20 billion annually. And keep in mind, AMD's graphics cards are 30% of that market, not to mention all the CPU's and APU's manufactured by both them and Intel. And lets not forget the big business of DIY motherboards, audio cards, PC cases, RAM, cooling, and power supplies which the vast majority are sold to people who use their PC at least part of the time for gaming. Most businesses purchase their computers from companies like Dell, HP, etc and are not built with the quality of components found at places like

HammadTheBeast1507d ago


The revenue is 1/5 of console revenue for games and purchases only. Not including PC parts. Let's remember how much PC gaming builds cost(at least as much as PS4/XBO) and then add it up.

kingduqc1507d ago

Beause PC revenue has surpassed the total console revenue combined as in, it's factual.

sovkhan1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )



If you look at its this way then you are right.

But all the numbers i have through different channels don't count pc hardware as part of video game industry revenue.
While counting consoles hardware...

Maybe because pc is much larger than just it gaming sector? Or is it because of its multiple vendors?
Anyway thanks for the clarification.

Pandamobile1507d ago

PC just has a ridiculous amount of market penetration.

From the most extreme end of the casual side of things, to the most extreme of the hardcore gamers; PC gaming is everywhere. In every country every corner of the developed (and developing!) world, PCs are going to be present. It's not uncommon for even the cheapest of the cheap PCs being sold today to possess some gaming capability. Any machine can play a Flash or browser-based game. Most machines can handle basic 3D graphics like Minecraft and League of Legends type stuff with relative ease.

Long story short, PC gaming is friggin' everywhere. It might not be as "mainstream" as console gaming, but that for the most part is just because of a lack of governing body.

There's a lot of benefit to being an entirely free market. PC is where gaming innovation first takes its roots.

SilentNegotiator1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Exactly; because of an abundance of crap F2P and P2W games.

Pandamobile1506d ago

They may be crap to you, if all you play is AAA console games, but they've got millions and millions of players playing and spending money.

Gotta widen your horizons, dude.

XanderZane1506d ago

It's mostly MMO and MOBA games that make all the money for the PC. Move these games from the equation and it would be even ground.

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lotta1507d ago

What is dungeon fight online and crossfire? Am I missing something lol?

kamper1507d ago

CrossFire is a pay to win Counter-Strike clone. Popular because it's free and runs on anything.

HammadTheBeast1507d ago

Both more popular in Asia than other regions. Crossfire is decently popular in NA, last time I played was few years ago, pretty fun especially with Ghost mode, but really pay-to-win or grind focused.

Soulsaber1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Crossfire has ridiculous prices for VIP guns you could buy to have an advantage over players. You are paying a 100 bucks for one of these weapons and many high ranking players purchase them.

kamper1507d ago

I'm always curious how accurate these articles are since ZoS doesn't have to disclose the money they are making. Unless a shareholder is leaking the info, it's going to be guesswork

Fireseed1507d ago

This graph is actually way outdate as League recently took the top spot

solar1507d ago

yep, ive seen that chart months ago.

AndrewLB1507d ago

Any publicly traded company is required by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to disclose revenue, gross profit, net profit, expenditures, and all other financial data to not only share holders, but to the general public.
There are some privately traded companies that have shares whose purchase is restricted to employees, private partners, and friends/family of the majority owner, where some (but not all) information is made public.
A good example of such a company is Farmers & Merchant's Bank which WAS a privately owned bank here in SoCal that went public in 2008 i believe. Shares now are around $5,800 but prior to going public, each share was not public knowledge and valued at over $300,000 each. I only know this because my good friend is the grandson of the founder and a share holder.

WeAreLegion1507d ago

League being on top doesn't surprise me at all.

I am a little surprised that Maplestory is doing so well though. Good for them!

By this time next year, Hearthstone will probably be higher. That community keeps growing and growing.

Also, I thought War Thunder was more popular than World of Tanks. Ha. I way WAY off. I just don't know anyone who plays WoT.

lotta1507d ago

I think your right. Heathstone is a pretty good game

Magicite1507d ago

Im surprised about Lineage 1.

C_Menz1507d ago

World of Tanks completely outclasseds War Thunder when it comes to size and generating profit.

War Thunder has a slight graphical edge, "realism", and better aerial combat. WoT is the more enjoyable game for most of you like tank/armor combat since it straddles arcade and realism.

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