Lizard Squad takes down Twitch, League of Legends

GameZone: "Notorious hacker group Lizard Squad has struck again, this time taking down video game streaming website and popular online game League of Legends."

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DarkOcelet1426d ago

That is so stupid , why ruin something everybody is enjoying , i hope a real hacker get your ip and send it to the feds .

Sy_Wolf1426d ago

HA! (bubs to you good sir)

not_UKRsoldier1426d ago

1: I'm sure the FBI has the best hackers in the world.

2: What is the chance that any of those IP addresses are real and not proxies? I'd say very low...

mikeslemonade1426d ago

That's good. People shouldn't be playing leage of legends anyway lol

HugoDrax1426d ago

Oh Snap lol "Mess with the best! Die like the rest"

levian1425d ago

So this is the guy actually doing it? Then what's it matter that he reveled the IPs of the people claiming to do it?

I honestly don't care WHO is claiming to do it. Just stop that shit. You're not helping anybody, you're just harming everyone involved.

Man, at least Anonymous had somewhat of a cause. These assholes are just trolls with some spare time trying to piss off as many people as they can.

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Blaze9291426d ago

Maaaan can Lizard Squad take down my college network? That would be greatly appreciated - for the next 4 months.

SilentNegotiator1425d ago

...why would that be appreciated?

not_UKRsoldier1425d ago

Silent - Um, I imagine that was a joke about him not being able to do classes or homework if the network is down..

ovnipc1426d ago

Do harm to who deserves, not just people who like to play a game or watch other s play.
Mike you are none to tell people what they should play.

Magicite1425d ago

just to think that some lizard squad can take down so big servers...

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Catoplepas1426d ago ShowReplies(2)
lifesanrpg1426d ago

How is it that NO ONE can find these guys?

DLConspiracy1426d ago

Oh they know who they are. It's just a matter of time.

morganfell1426d ago

Just be aware that they may already have an idea who they are but since they are probably living in the US, Canada, or Great Britain and are likely in high school, law enforcement may be taking their time gathering more information and preparing a better case so that once charges are brought it will be more difficult to wriggle out of said indictment.

One of the worse things that happens is prosecutors rush to charge before the case is more airtight. All it really means is the higher these clowns fly the more painful the fall when they auger into the ground.

-Foxtrot1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

In a world where an average, everyday man or woman can track their iPhone themselves if they've lost it and our Governments can't even find some sad, low life "hackers". The same people who can't even find a plane that goes missing with 227 people on board ¬¬

jdktech20101426d ago

I'm with morgan, I bet they know exactly who they are.

The biggest mistake they made was supposedly being responsible for the bomb threat. Homeland security takes that crap really serious, which they should.

THat's when they pretty much sealed their fate as not being a small investigation.

psuedo1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

Yea it's sad when people loose their mind.

Gotta keep your mind tight, and sharp.

Anyways. Maybe it's the government facilitating the attacks just like they facilitated 9/11. To put us into a certain mindframe to advance their agendas. Todays agenda. Well who knows. Maybe control the internet, maybe to make people think hacking is a bigger problem than it is. Ya know the government isn't all sunshine and roses, and aren't for your interest.

Jrmy841425d ago

Really, conspiracy theories already come on. I agree our government used 9/11 to advance their own agenda, well namely the Bush administration did. All the facts came out about those lies already.

JeffGUNZ1425d ago

Yeah, that's the Governments plan. Take down the servers for League of Legends. Brilliant, you solved the case. You really don't believe that nonsense, do you?

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JetsFool35001426d ago

Because those are game networks everybody can just switch games but when psn went down you can't play any game online at all

Kavorklestein1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

FINALLY someone who understands the difference.
Plus LOL is F2P- People actually PAY for PSN.

And yes, Xbox live had issues too, but it was nowhere near as bad, in fact some people speculate that ONLY diablo 3 players were having issues. No one I have spoken to or friends were having any issues, and some of my friends were even PLAYING diablo 3 on the Xbox one. And that may be in part due to BLIZZARD being attacked, but one thing is for sure: When very few people have a issue, or the issue is only with a specific game, it will ALWAYS be insignificant compared to an entire service shutting down for most of the the day like PSN did.

Neixus1426d ago

Well you pay 15$ a momth to play WoW, Diablo is always online.

Your argument is invalid

SilentNegotiator1425d ago

It doesn't matter how sophisticated your DDos protection is if the attack is large enough.

Kavorklestein1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

People CAN just switch games on a PC, and when diablo, WOW were affected, then oh well- it's just one game, not a computer's ENTIRE online infrastructure.

League of Legends is free to play, so NOBODY should be as upset as people affected by Activision/Blizzard, and even MORE so- the people who were unable to USE PSN COMPLETELY for a whole damn day.

YOUR point is the invalid one.

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FlameBaitGod1425d ago

When lol goes down nobody panics LOL!!!!!! ? You obvsly don't visit the forums,

ScorpiusX1426d ago

How come no Steam attacks , come on now they are guilty like them other companies. They have their fair share of screwing people over.

thaimasker1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

Prob the same reason why microsoft hasn't gone down or ea. Good security. Steam or none of these companies should be attacked. It prevents paying costumers from playing games or watching streams and doesn't solve anything other than getting delinquents in jail and wasting everyones time.

ScorpiusX1426d ago

Was trying to determine , if they pick at random or screw with those that have caused them issue of sorts or they are not that good.

SilentNegotiator1425d ago

"Prob the same reason why microsoft hasn't gone down or ea. Good security"

Except XBL was crippled by the much for that theory.

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