Danielle Beaulieu just made a really awesome cosplay of Ashe from “League of Legends”

I (Robin Ek, TGG) just found out that Danielle Beaulieu dropped some really awesome pictures of her cosplay as Ashe from "League of Legends". Well, I liked Beaulieu's Ashe cosplay so much that I decided to write about the matter.

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TGG_overlord190d ago

I know right? Beaulieu is a 10/10 cosplayer in my book.

ThunderGod_Cid189d ago

I know right.
It's the kind of hotness that SJWs like to pretend don't exist.

Mista2018188d ago

People who keep bringing up SJWs when nobody else mentioned them, are becoming the new SJW.

UCForce189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

I think I need a drink for this. Oh man !

TGG_overlord189d ago

Take one drink for me as well xD

ChrisW189d ago

Meh... Cosplay, even of game characters, is marginally game related. So much so, that it really doesn't deserve approval on this site. If anything, put this crap on Anime Shinbun.

TGG_overlord189d ago

How is a cosplay of a game character related to anything of anime nature? As for the "crap" part, that's your opinion, not mine.

TheOttomatic91189d ago

Don’t bother trying to reason with SJWs Overlord they are mentally ill morons.

EmperorDalek189d ago

@Ottomatic - There was nothing SJW about his comment. This is about disliking YouTube style clickbait as the most popular articles on here.

Let me put it this way...if a girl decided to flash her tits on camera, with a Mario cap on, claiming to be cosplaying as a female Mario... that would have no reason to be considered gaming news. And that's not far off from what this article is.

ocelot07189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

@EmperorDalek If a girl did flash with a Mario cap on then it wouldn't even be submitted here. I honestly just don't get why people get so upset about this sort of stuff. Noting click bate about it at all. Title says someone is dressing up as Ashe from league of legends. I click the link and I see a picture of someone dressing up as Ashe from League Of Legends.

Madmoose189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

Yeah, I tend to agree. Cosplay is so meh. And the funny thing is so many fight to not be objectified and then the first thing they want to do is dress up half naked and call it cosplay. You'll notice that they never really do any cosplay with regular outfits or whatever on. It always has to be sexual or revealing in nature. And yet again, so many complain about negative attention or stereotypes. I guess if I was 11 this kind of thing would be amazing, but now it's like meh. Especially when their hotness and such are vastly overrated a lot of the time. Legit kudos to some of the work on the costumes I suppose though.

lociefer189d ago

So soft porn is ok but saying fuck is not ?!

TGG_overlord189d ago

In what context exactly? As I don't recall saying that.

lociefer189d ago

I know you want clicks , but how about a pair of new eyes instead ?

marloc_x189d ago


..I see no depiction of sex here.

blackblades189d ago

That's n4g for ya "badumchh"

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The story is too old to be commented.