League of Legends Pros Banned after Using Racial Slurs in Chat

8CN: A pair of professional League of Legends players have received lengthy bans from competitive play due to "toxic behavior," "verbal abuse," and "offensive language." The ban comes down from the esports coordinator for Riot Games, meaning that both Alfonso "Mithy" Aguirre Rodriguez and Erlend "Nukeduck" Holm will be suspended from the League Championship Series and Challenger Series for the rest of 2014.

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GiantEnemyCrab1506d ago

Forget banning them, just make them say this offensive stuff to the person's face. That would be a lesson not soon forgotten.

Septic1505d ago

The language used was absolutely vile. I'd love to see someone say that to me in real life. Bloody keyboard warriors.

Utalkin2me1505d ago

If you wasn't so far away i would. Just to prove a point.

Septic1505d ago


Are u talkin 2 me? ARE YOU TALKIN 2 ME?

Lol, by all means, anyone is free to try it. Saying it out of malice is one thing, saying it just as an experiment (assuming that I know what you're doing already) is another.

DarthZoolu1505d ago


Then I would start fighting you just to prove a point, and every drop of blood that hits the ground would help my point.

LogicStomper1505d ago


A punch to the face is just a punch.

See, I can damage control as well.

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Ocsta1505d ago

His glasses would end up in his rectum.

JsonHenry1505d ago

For some reason I always find it funny that the word police will ban people for saying some things that are not nice but fine with other things.

Tell the kid to be professional and grow up and get back to playing.

Sticks and stones and all that jazz..

DarthZoolu1505d ago

I love how people think words don't have consequences. Talk to me that way in person and see if the constitution will stop this ass whipping you about to get.

JsonHenry1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

You need thicker skin if it is that easy to upset you enough to make you assault someone. You're either very immature or very insecure.

And no, you wouldn't. Because my 2nd amendment says you'd be dead before you realized it. Something you might want to try and remember before assaulting someone. It might just safe your life. Hot heads like yourself die every day for not thinking ahead.

DarthZoolu1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )


No I'm black and angry! Run up on me and say some racist shit and thats your ass period. Also if got a gun you better pull it quick because I keep a Glock 21 on me at all times. Cats like you die every day for thinking any rules matter when we in the streets. I've beat down and pistol whipped enough people for any single person to get the same, and snitches get shot so you will be lying in the street till a cop comes so you will be on the ground for a while and .45 wounds are serious.

JsonHenry1505d ago

Oh, I didn't realize you were a troll or else I would have never responded in the first place. Pretty funny stuff though. Thanks for the laugh playa'!

DarthZoolu1505d ago

Not gonna post a link to my record. Bitch

thricetold1505d ago


Not to butt in, but you don't think they sold you the last gun do you? Surprises me that people think they are the only ones walking around with a concealed weapon.

Don't know where you guys live, but it's LEGAL to carry concealed weapons with a permit in a lot of the US states and it would behoove many to remember that before playing the tough tony role with anyone.


Let it go dude, you'll just get yourself banned.not worth it.

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SpideySpeakz1506d ago

LoL controversy?... typical.

KinjoTakemura1505d ago

Too many of these "pro" gamers are pretentious a**holes. Some of them need to be stomped on a few times.

KonsoruMasuta1505d ago

These guys take it way too seriously.

DarthZoolu1505d ago

Yall don't take it seriously enough. If its ok do it in public. Because say some shit like that to me and I'm swinging off top!

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