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League of Legends – Patch 5.4 rundown

1d 11h ago - Join Scarizard, Smashgizmo and Riot Jag as they discuss Live Gameplay’s change philosophy and div... | PC

Riot catches Flack for Return of Garish Glitch

2d ago - A very unpleasant glitch has returned to the league of legends community quite some time after be... | PC

Bard, the Wandering Caretaker, is LoL’s newest champion

3d ago - League of Legends has a new champion, Bard, who is the game's first official roaming support. The... | PC

New free champion rotation: Braum, Rengar, Varus and more

3d ago - RIOT have announced the latest free champion rotation for League of Legends. This weeks free cham... | PC

Visit CGMagazine: The Culture of Games

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League of Legends – Champion and skin sale: 24.02 – 27.02

3d ago - RIOT have announced this weekends Champion and skin sale for League of Legends. running from toda... | PC

Katarina's Deadly League of Legends Blades Made Real

4d ago - Popular character Katarina gets the Man at Arms treatment and has her beloved weapons made real. | PC

New League of Legends Character

5d ago - Riot has released a small story which is a teaser for the new champion coming to league of legend... | PC

New League of Legends Champion Might be a Bard?

6d ago - In League of Legends' latest champion preview, its implied that the character's name means Bard,... | PC

DJ Sona will have 25% discount once she’s released

6d ago - All you supports out there waiting for possibly one of the greatest skin for Sona, you’re in for... | PC

League of Legends – Last chance to grab some legacy content

7d ago - “Lunar Festivities”, that translates as “Moon Party” to us. RIOT would like to remind League of L... | PC

League of Legends – Champion & Skins Sale 20-23 Feb

7d ago - RIOT have announced this weekends Champion and skin sale for League of Legends. running from toda... | PC

Q&A Offers Dev Insight into League of Legends' Nemesis

9d ago - Riot Game's Play team held a Q&A regarding the new Nemesis gamemode and offered up some insight i... | PC

League of Legends – New free champion rotation

9d ago - RIOT have announced the latest free champion rotation for League of Legends. This weeks free cham... | PC

Did Team 8’s co-owner part ways with the team because he was elo boosting?

9d ago - The former challenger now an LCS team Team 8 announced on their website that “the team has mutual... | PC

Riot Games To Contribute To Artificial Reef

10d ago - Riot Games Oceania will be contributing to the artificial reef project in Australia with a statue... | PC

Team Dignitas boss calls for eSports governing body

15d ago - Team Dignitas boss Michael 'ODEE' O'Dell has told PCR that eSports needs a governing body to trul... | Industry

Dignitas Diary: KiWiKiD on What Pro Gamers Do For Fun

15d ago - All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but what if Jack’s work is play? For professional... | Culture

Interview: Riot Games’ Daniel Ringland and Max ‘Atlus’ Anderson on the Oceanic Pro League

15d ago - Hamish Lindsay: "Riot Games has been taking huge steps in eSports in Oceania, including setting u... | PC

The 2015 Lunar Revel has started for League of Legends

16d ago - League of Legends is celebrating the Year of the Goat with its 2015 Lunar Revel. This event bring... | PC

League of Legends DJ Sona Ultimate Skin Announced

21d ago - League of Legends‘ favourite silent support champion is being given an Ultimate Skin. | PC

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League of Legends - Beta Boards – live now in Europe!

21d ago - European players, RIOT are excited to announce the beta launch of Boards, an enhanced discussion... | PC

League of Legends - Champion and skin sale: 06.02 - 09.02

21d ago - Grab these champions and skins on sale for 50% off for a limited time: Skins: Super Teemo, Apo... | PC

Philippines League of Legends Tournament Holders Forces to Change Rules After LGBT Backlash

22d ago - The Gamer Headlines wrote: IGN has reported that a Philippines eSport organisation has been force... | PC

Riot Announces First League of Legends Oceanic eSports League

22d ago - Oceanic players looking to break into the ever-growing eSports scene for League of Legends will b... | PC

Garena League Of Legends Event Discriminates Vs LGBT Players, Riot Responds

22d ago - Riot Games has responded to South East Asian partner Garena's discriminatory ruling for a local e... | PC
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