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H1Z1 and PlanetSide 2 Provide PS4 Owners with Exciting Options

29d ago - Hardcore Gamer: PlayStation 4 owners have some exciting online titles coming their way. | PS4

H1Z1 Gameplay Video At Skewed and Reviewed

42d ago - As part of their PAX Prime 2014 coverage, Joseph at Skewed and Reviewed played H1Z1 and was greet... | PC

Big changes made to H1Z1's gameplay

42d ago - GameZone: "Apparently, a lot has changed in H1Z1 since I last played it at SOE Live in August. Th... | PC

PAX 14: H1Z1 and It’s Humanity, Or Lack Thereof

46d ago - Lore Hound writes: "You’re dropped into a world that’s unassuming desire is to see you dead. Civi... | PC

Getting started in Archeage

Now - Quick overview from Curse on everything you need to get going in Archeage. | Promoted post

New Console MMOs\Multiplayers Announced Since June 2014

49d ago - The Crew (Announced for Xbox 360 in August) One of the most awaited racing-game of 2014 is The... | PS4

H1Z1 Live Stream Features Sixty Minutes Of Gameplay; New Build Includes IEDs And Air-Dropped Jeeps

53d ago - iDigitalTimes - "Now that everyone on the H1Z1 dev team has presumably settled back into their no... | PC

H1Z1 dev team talks Airdrops, wildlife, and Early Access

60d ago - Sony Online Entertainment is working hard to get H1Z1 ready for Early Access. Shacknews had a cha... | PC

H1Z1 SOE Live 2014 Interview

62d ago - AT SOE Live 2014, Sony Online Entertainment developers Adam Clegg and Tom Shank discuss what's ne... | PC

H1Z1 coming to PS4 after PC release

63d ago - GameZone: "H1Z1 will be coming to PS4 after the PC version is released, SOE president John Smedle... | PC

H1Z1 Airdrops feature revealed - Chaos will commence

64d ago - Airdrops has been revealed as the latest feature in H1Z1 by SOE during SOE Live in Vegas this wee... | Dev

When you can expect H1Z1 early access

65d ago - GameZone: "Since H1Z1 has been announced two questions have surrounded it: if it'll be coming to... | PC

H1Z1 Preview: H to the 1Z1 | GameZone

66d ago - GameZone: "When H1Z1 launches in early access, it won't be perfect. I hope anyone familiar with t... | PC

H1Z1 Officially Announced For The PS4, Over An Hour Of New Footage

66d ago - MP1st - Though SOE has stated multiple times already that they were planning on bringing it to th... | PC

7 PS4 Games That You Might Not Know Are Under Development

72d ago - Luke Harding of Brash Games writes "Here are seven Playstation 4 Games that you might not know ar... | PS4

New H1Z1 screenshots show off Romero's Supermarket

74d ago - GameZone: "The location was briefly teased a few weeks ago, though at the time it was still very... | PC

Corpse eating ravens will make surviving H1Z1 even more difficult

75d ago - GameZone: "The birds in H1Z1 can now eat, making your survival in SOE's upcoming post-apocalyptic... | PC

10 Upcoming Free To Play PS4 Games Releasing in 2014/2015

76d ago - Recently, many critics raised a big question on Sony's PlayStation 4 line-up for Holiday Season 2... | PS4

Female characters a 'top priority' for H1Z1 devs

76d ago - GameZone: "Sony Art Director Mat Broome has shed some light on the development and creation of va... | PC

H1Z1 Will Have Female Characters Added To Early Access

78d ago - SOE's lead character director Matt Broome reveals that females will be in H1Z1 and also describes... | PC

H1Z1 Early Access release date nears for PC version, but no PS4 launch this year

78d ago - When asked about the release of the PS4 version, Clegg's response ough to break the hearts of Pla... | PC

Get paid to review products

Now - Join the finest minds in consumer research and change the world one product at a time. Share your unique opinion and get paid for it! Participation... | Promoted post

H1Z1 Interview: Dynamic Weather, Forgelight Engine, Micro-transactions And More

83d ago - H1Z1 is an upcoming survival horror zombie MMO video game under development at Sony Online Entert... | PC

H1Z1 Dev Details Dynamic Environments, Weather

89d ago - Senior Designer Jimmy Whisenhunt and Graphics Programmer Ryan Favale chat with Bloody Disgusting... | PC

New H1Z1 Screenshots And Developer Spotlight Trailer Released By SOE

91d ago - iDigitalTimes.com - "While many fans would likely have preferred to see some new H1Z1 gameplay fo... | PC

PS4/PC Sandbox Game H1Z1 In-Game GIF Shows "Dark Stormy Night & Zombie Horde", Delivers The Horror?

95d ago - Sony Online Entertainment is currently working on a survival horror sandbox title for PC and Play... | PC

Take a look at H1Z1's dynamic weather

101d ago - SOE recently unveiled a batch of images on Twitter, featuring the dynamic weath for the upcoming... | PC
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